Poll: Trades Remaining

Written by The Salamander on July 21 2021

Lisa wants to know how many trades you’ve all got left… and I’m sure a lot of other people do as well.

Before making any this week, how many trades do you have left?

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And how many trades do you expect to make this week?

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How are you preparing for the end-of-season carnage? Let us know in the comments below!


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6 thoughts on “Poll: Trades Remaining”

  1. I’m in my private league’s top four and can’t drop out.

    I have 5 trades. I have Dusty but have ample coverage.

    I may make one trade to free up some money to go double BANG! in the first week of finals.


    1. Same position but with 4 trades.

      But is better to free up cash and burn a trade (TU)?

      Or better to save the trade (TD)?


  2. Probably need to burn two as I have RoMo and Highmore who won’t play, and Jelly and Whitfield may not come up.

    Looking at one up one down with Durham for Highmore and rated but iffy potential scorer such as JDG or Tomahawk for Poulter or Treacy as I have to make a couple of crucial leagues and I’m hanging in eighth spot.

    Will leave a few spare trades for if I make the finals (locked in about 4 and hanging 7-9 in another three).


  3. Huh……Found it…….my favorite……..

    trade /treid/ : exchange (something) for something else, typically as a commercial transaction; “They trade Mudshark Livers for fish oil”…….anyone else feel that they’ve done the same LOL……


  4. 8 trades yet and timing my full premo for league finals as my rank is not so good this year around 33k. Going to bring in two gun mids and a Dusty replacement using 4 trades and leave 4 for after the first league final. Should finish top 4 in my main league.

    Thinking Berry out for Guthrie Dusty out for Bolton then Highmore and Waterman out for Durham (shaky JS) and Bont.

    Thumbs Up for Bolton
    Thumbs Down for Heeney (extra 4ok insurance against price rises/falls)



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