Poll – Westhoff vs Heeney

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 13 2018

Brody is having trouble finishing off his forward line and has asked us for help in the Polling Station.  If you had the choice between Justin Westhoff (PTA) & Isaac Heeney (SYD) over the last seven weeks of the season, who would you bring into your side?

Who takes your final FWD spot out of these two guys?

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9 thoughts on “Poll – Westhoff vs Heeney”

  1. Gotta go Hoff. Port have a nice run home, and who knows how Heeney is going to play after concussion.


  2. I have got both but if I had to choose, I’d go Westhoff (just).

    – I like their easy run home and am sure Port have their eyes set on being minor premiers.
    – His versatility to play around the grounds (DPP eligibility!)
    – He is very durable and injury free
    – Averages approx. 14-15km’s per game which means he’s always a great chance to be around the footy.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!


    1. Agreed. Have and should have both. If I had to choose I’d also go Westhoff just, for the above reasons and Heeney’s unknown concussion factor.


  3. Has to be the Hoff if picking up one this week. Just don’t watch his live scores, it’s frustrating as hell!


  4. Looking at maybe going Buddy to the Hoff? Not sure if give Buddy one more week v Nth Melb see if he has a big game, or swap to the Hoff before Buddy drops another large sum of cash? It’s a bit of a luxury trade I guess.

    T/U – Do it
    T/D – Keep Buddy, hope he bags 10!



  5. Got both but Hoff has cost me a fortune…..smashed 3 tvs when he has missed from 20 metres out directly in front !!!!



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