Polls: Dusty Replacements

Written by The Salamander on July 20 2021

The question on more than two thirds of SuperCoaches’ minds this week is “who should I replace Dustin Martin with?”

First, the cheap options ($460K and under) – 3 choices

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For the more expensive options, I’ve left Josh Dunkley out, as he’s in quarantine for two weeks, and Jack Ziebell, because he’s in over 60 percent of teams. My apologies if I’ve left out anyone else.

And, for those with money, some more expensive options – again, three choices.

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Who are you replacing him with? And what sort of budget have you got to work with? Let us know in the comments below!



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29 thoughts on “Polls: Dusty Replacements”

    1. Surely with Martin done that means Bolton’s role has to become more prominent? He’s really the only mid/fwd Richmond have that can blow a game open in the same way Martin does with really damaging possessions out of the middle.


  1. I’ve wanted Hall all season – now is the time.
    It was going to happen last week, but Crippa was an out.
    I have Danger, Zorko and Dale.


  2. What about Matthew Kennedy from Carlton as medium priced option? His 5-round average is 93.6 and is a DPP.


    1. Seriously considering this one myself purely for DPP as it allows me to run a three man loop of Kennedy / Sidey / Bramble.

      Low CP and DE% led to his two 70ish scores in last 5


  3. Can see Buddy going massive at least once on the way home. Can also see him rolling out a 40 too….

    I’d get Hall if I could afford him


    1. I’d grab Bud if I didn’t think the chance of him getting rested at some stage wasn’t so high.


  4. No trades for me this week will move Dusty to bench and cover with a rookie. I have 4 trades left and can not miss finals save trades for finals


    1. If Dusty was out for a week or two that might be a good plan. But he’s gone for the season meaning you have to trade him out sometime. I’ve only got 4 trades too but it’s Dusty to Zorko for me.


  5. For me its between Shai and Dale.

    T/U Shai – based on his discount price and the opportunity to provide the midfield/forward threat the Tigers need since Dusty is out.

    T/D Dale – based purely on his ability to stay on the field every week. Bonus: kickouts.


  6. Thanks for the Poll..

    Bolton and Marshall will be the popular options.

    Bolton should get Dusty’s role, this role comes with a fair amount of attention too.
    Can Bolton step up, with the pressure of playing for a contract. ?

    If I had a R/F loop at R3 I would probably prefer Marshall. He’s more of a proven scorer. If Ryder were to miss a week or 2 he could go really big too.

    Oh also……

    Tarryn Tomas worth a mention, ( sorry Abs ) in only 0.8% of teams.

    $432 800 F ….3 round ave 96

    If you have seen any of Norths games lately, he certainly passes the eye test.

    I’m already running JZ and Hall forward. ( as well as Danger, Hawk and Dale.)

    The only things putting me off are the Forward only status and, It just seems a little North heavy with 3 North Forwards. .I know they all play different roles, maybe someone can talk me around ?

    If didn’t have / couldn’t afford Hall. I would go there for sure.

    I still might as nearly everyone else I can afford ( I have $460K but want to have some Bank) has some sort of issue.

    Thanks Sal … also Bolton is $420 800. Listed at $407k above .



      1. As John Longmire said, “It’s a shitstorm”

        ( after being told that his players have to isolate.)


  7. 740k for 2 forwards… not ideal however need to think outside the square;

    Shai Bolton & Nick Blakey?


  8. I’m looking at Thomas and Kennedy for my last two fwds. Buddy is the other one seriously taking my attention.


  9. I have had my best year with a current OA ranking of 214. I was 147 OA after Rd 8
    My forwards have been a disaster. I had Dunkley, Danger and Butters early, then Heeney, Phillips, Rozee, Langford .
    Started Rowell and Neale both long term injuries. B

    Players I wont be going near next year;
    Rozee, Heeney, Dusty, Whitfield, J Kelly both injury prone.

    So, Dusty to either Dale, Bolton or Hawkins for me.

    Must haves next year
    Steele, Walsh, McCrae, Merrett, Miller, Bont, Oliver,Stewart


  10. Only have $450k and current FWD line: Ziebell, Hind, Greene, Dusty, Bolton, Sidey (Parker, Briggs)
    To me the best options are Kennedy or Thomas
    TU – Kennedy
    TD – Thomas



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