Polls: Trade Or Hold

Written by The Salamander on June 30 2021

Recently re-signed Carlton co-captain Patrick Cripps (MID, $446,400) has been playing very injured this season, and his SuperCoach output has suffered for it (though he did manage a 133 as recently as Round 11). For those who have held him for this long, is it time to move him on?

What should those who still have Cripps do with him?

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Meanwhile, Jack Bowes (DEF, $391,000) averaged 104 in his first 8 games, but has since posted scores of 45, 75, 61, and 71. Is it time for owners to cut their losses, or will he bounce back?

What about Bowes?

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Finally, Isaac Heeney (FWD, $365,600) has scored 55, 42, and 57 in his last three outings; prior to that, he scored 110, 86, and 128. Should his coaches move him on before Finals roll around, or is there enough upside there to warrant holding on to him?


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Who’s on your team’s chopping block this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “Polls: Trade Or Hold”

  1. Adam Cerra? Avgs 93 if you take out injury affected score and I only have 4 trades left so may be good to pick him for me as a M8. TU/TD.


    1. Got Cripps and Cerra as my M7/M8. Hoping they give me hope at some stage, but will try to upgrade at least one if I make finals and have cash/trades spare. But holding for now.


  2. Bowes owner here and currently have Highmore on my bench. Should I trade Bowes and swing Highmore to D6 in order to get Danger this week and Grundy next week?

    Doing all of this will leave me with 2 trades and only Highmore left to upgrade. Cheers

    TU: Trade Bowes
    TD: Hold Bowes



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