Pracky Match – Coll vs Melb FEB2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 22 2019

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I managed to make my way down to Olympic Park this morning and watched the Pies vs Demons practice match.

Brayshaw was impressive early gathering disposals and clearances early in the game. As the game went on he still found a bit of the ball but he was caught with the ball a few times.

Gawn was BOG giving the Dees mids 1st use as well as winning the ball around the ground. Gawn did give away 3FA in ruck contests. It was close to an 80/20 split with Preuss when sharing ruck duties. Gawn spent time on the bench and up forward when Preuss spent his 5 minutes of the Qtr in the ruck.

My early thoughts are that Gawn is just as good a R1 option as Grundy and possibly still worth slotting in at R2.

I think Preuss with get a crack at the start of the season up forward as he is big bodied impressive aerial threat that kicked 2 goals today with one on an angle from long range.

Gawn might actually even spend more time on the ground as he could be rested forward at times rather than on the bench.

I got to the ground early and watched Grundy join the Rehab group and he played in a 4 player Match simulation. Grundy finished off with run thru’s up and down the ground with Wells and then ran a couple of laps. Grundy is still not fully fit with his toe injury hampering his pre-season and was labouring a bit hunched over and taking in deep breaths during Match-Sim , run thru’s and laps when trailing Wells.

It is for this reason that I think Grundy could start the season slower than Gawn and be rested longer on the bench than last year or even up forward more. Therefore, Grundy’s price might be the first out of the two key rucks to fall.

Only a few rookies took to the field. Marty Hore was the most impressive and moved the ball forward well with his left foot.
Hore positions himself well in body contests and hit contests hard to make some good spoils.

Isaac Quaynor only took to the field in the 2nd half and has pace to burn making space marking a couple of times and used his few kicks well hitting teammates on the chest.
Quaynor is a work in progress though as he was brushed off too easily on the half back flank which resulted in the Demons moving the ball forward and kicking a goal. Quaynor is not renowned for his tackling averaging under 2 a game in the TAC and is small and light framed.
Quaynor still needs to adapt to the speed of the game at AFL level. At his inflated price I do not think he is a SuperCoach starting option unless he shows more in the JLT. Quaynor is also unlikely to get a game in Round 1 and if he does he might struggle to hold his spot.

Tom Sparrow $117,300 Mid also only played in the 2nd half showing a bit hitting the contests hard and kicked a nice goal on angle from 35-40 metres out in the last Qtr.

For the record Melbourne won by 4 goals – 11.6.72 to 7.6.48.
Jamie Elliott kicked the first 2 goals of the game from marks on the lead. Beams also kicked 2 goals with one a ripper left foot snap sharking the ball from the ruck contest and another long range goal from the Half Forward Flank.

Darcy Moore @$239k is a high priced rookie or cheap mid pricer who a few coaches are keen on . Moore went down early
in the 1st Qtr with a corkie to the hip and iced it on the bench. When he came back on in the 2nd Qtr. after the injury scare he did not attack a couple of contests lacking confidence. As the Quarter went on he gained in confidence and made a good spoil on Gawn in the Fwd line and then took the kick in and followed up on the wing with a mark.
It was the 3rd Quarter when Moore came into his own gathering at least 8 disposals with a couple of intercept contested marks but he did let himself down kicking the ball out on the full twice.  (Moore sat out most of the last qtr).
I still think it is a ballsy move to start Moore in your starting line up with his injury history with him going down 4 times early in games last year.


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11 thoughts on “Pracky Match – Coll vs Melb FEB2019”

    1. Hadn’t considered D Moore until a fortnight ago but he hasn’t left my D4 spot since.

      D Moore:
      Across his career he has averaged 77.24 SC points when he records 10 or more disposals and 5 or more marks in a game and across the past 2 seasons he has recorded a 80.92 avg when both the aforementioned stats occurred.

      59% TOG in 2018 and when his TOG equalled or exceeded 59% he averaged 69 from 4 (low of 34 and a high of 91) and averaged 80.67 from 3 when TOG equalled or exceeded 80%.

      From prospectus: “Moore spent 86% game time as a forward in his first 3 seasons, but that changed last year, spending 64% of his time in defence. In his final 3 matches he played purely as a defender and the signs are there that he could be a valuable interceptor. In his 2 full games not affected by injury, he had 18 intercept possessions, 9 intercept marks and 20 spoils- all elite numbers”.


  1. Great write up DA. Much appreciated mate. I was actually hoping that Gawn had a stinker, so that the decision to not start him would be easier. May have to restructure and get the big man in the team! Decisions, decisions!


  2. Thanks Daniel Riches.

    It will be interesting to see over the JLT series just what workloads Gawn and Preuss have when sharing ruck duties around the ground.
    Gawn moved well today and beat Max Lynch up until 3 Qtr. time and later Roughead when he was moved into the ruck in the last Qtr. after he was outgunned on the last line by Preuss.

    Gawn was still not at his very best, not marking everything he got his hands too but that is to be expected in his first hit out of the year. Gawn still took marks around the ground and even linked up in handball chains around the ground and thru the middle.

    Gawn at nearly 700k is expensive , however, he is a proven uber premium and is a set and forget barring injury.


    1. Thanks for the info mate. Still can’t decide on my ruck structure. Spending less makes my other lines look prettier, but still doesn’t feel right.
      Sticking with Grundy for now, but for the first time all year, starting to have some small doubts on him.
      Grundy at R1 at this stage for me and will be paired with either Gawn, Goldy or Longer.
      Hope your planning is going well DA and thanks again.


  3. That report on Grundy is a concern, and difficult to gauge. Gawn is a lock always has been!
    Great stuff, two relevant supercoach teams appreicate it- you do not get to see much or even hear much down in Hobart. Except for a few Kanagroos players bobbing up around the place from time to time


  4. Was hoping to read a bit more on beams in there lighting it up, bummer!
    might have to finally cross him off my wishlist
    Fantastic game review though DA 🙂


    1. I was at the game, beams just cruised around, got plenty of it, I can’t see him playing a full game and getting less that 25 touches! Not to mention he kicked 2 outstanding snags, one a snap on his non preferred from about 35 out on and angle and the other a running 50 meter goal, guys an absolute gun. It’s just weather we think he will be an uber premium, and as a collingwood supporter with our depth in the mids Ill be waiting and not picking any of them in my enitial team and bringing in the correct one at the right time mid season


  5. Admin,
    Why are my posts not popping up here in the comments??
    is there a reason for this have i been blocked or something…



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