Pre-Marsh Team Reveal – Catta

Written by Huttabito on February 20 2020

We asked him if he had any words and he responded “A picture says a thousand words” – so, what is the communities thoughts?

Given 18/22 of the on field players are the same as mine, I think it ain’t a bad effort – obviously room for improvement in the other 4 players 😉


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6 thoughts on “Pre-Marsh Team Reveal – Catta”

  1. This seems to be the most popular structure, looks good to me, you’ve got the one different mid to me, actually if you changed Martin to Ceglar, Fyfe to JKelly & Doc to Houston we are pretty much the same.


  2. I can’t remember the last team I saw with 6 Freo players, expecting big things from them?
    Also much the same structure as me too, although considering whether Stephens and Bonar are worth downgrading and upgrading Smith to Heeney/Greenwood.


    1. Cheers SlickMick

      Yes 6 seems at least 1 maybe 2 too many, rookies are all subject to change. Valente, Pina & Sturt all only 50/50 at this stage until the Marsh series runs

      I rate Stephens, Bonar’s role is one I’ll keep an eye on as well. Smith is a lock for mine, will get plenty of mid time & being a dpp adds flexibility too. Greenwood big body & at a new club, just don’t see GC being a large SC scoring team hindering Greenwood along the way. Love Heeney but interrupted preseason with his hand issue, had him in previous years & has frustrated me to say the least

      Good luck for 2020 🙂



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