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Written by Motts on December 12 2014

Here’s Andy B’s bets. They all went on yesterday (apologies for not updating this post faster) and because Adelaide lost last night the only one that’s still alive is #2. Ouch.

He’s still got $10 to play with. Plus the Group Bets he’s managing for the club this time round.

C’mon AB, pull something out of your hat mate!

1/ $ 10 on multi of Adelaide, Glory, Pheonix & Victory to all win

2/ Flemington R4 #2 Miss Maggiebeel $5 EW at 3/1.37.

3/ $ 5 on each of the following double bets with Adelaide United to win tonight being the first leg and then the second leg being the following horses to place at the Longines HK Sprint at Shatin on Saturday (race 5):-

3A/ Adel Utd win into Horse # 1 – Lucky 8 to place
3B/ Adel Utd win into Horse # 2 – Spalato to place
3C/ Adel Utd win into Horse # 5 – Buffering to place
3D/ Adel Utd win into Horse # 6 – Lord Gordon Byron


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26 thoughts on “Punters Club – Andy B”

  1. Miss Maggiebeel at $2.70 now so we have a good chance with that one, my only other bet for the day is Phantom Brew so hoping for the best Andy B.


  2. Jumped on the Aussies to draw this test at about $3.50. I know you guys have money on them To win so sorry I hope I don’t put the mock as on you.


  3. Short and sweet this week:
    Munich 1.35
    Dortmund 1.65
    Schalke 1.83
    Maybe couple them together with Matteo’s tips in EPL (Chelsea and Man City). Good luck!!


  4. Apologies for the shocking bets lads – Adelaide well stuffed me up, but other bets not much better. At least Australia got up for the group bet. When i was out & about on friday, just prior to the 1st Indian wicket on the day the radio said Aus were paying $ 6 for the win. Fancied them at $3.50 to win friday morning before play started but Motts had started his busy friday on the course!


  5. Looks like a good call by you Motts not backing Australia with dropped catches and bowlers going down. I know you fancied the draw with rain expected at sometime in the test match , but India are in this up to their ears.


  6. Hey guys didn’t know where to post this:

    Hey guys, thought I’d share some info I’ve gathered of some West Coast players during the preseason. Having been to a couple training sessions and talking to a few friends that work with in the clubs here is the info I’ve gathered. I’m going to keep it simple and only talk about a few Supercoach relevant players. Any questions on other players just ask.

    Liam Duggan
    Picked up with pick 11 in the draft, is said to be the safest pick in the draft, surprise surprise that the eagles pick safe. He was picked for his elite kicking, ability to find the ball and his exceptional leadership skills. He has mostly been played of half back with runs through the middle. I can tell you he has been training purely with the midfield group at this stage and Simpson is impressed with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is named round 1. Having said that I’d be wary of picking him, as we have a lot of young midfielders like Sheed who he will be competing with so he could find himself in and out of the team.

    Murray Newman
    Remember this guy? Spent the majority of last season behind bars before being released a few months back. He has not put a foot wrong since he’s been back and has been training the house down. Like Duggan he is training purely Midfield (was recruited as a fwd/Mid). Newman has just about doubled in size! In fact in an interview with Simpson he said that if anything Newman was “Too Big!” Is the coaches favourite and will play next year. Currently has a small injury but will be ready to resume training after Christmas. Newman will be cheap, very cheap. I’d put him on you watchlist for mid year as he will need time in the WAFL to get back into footy as he hasn’t played a competitive game in just under 2 years. Also please note he is still a rookie.

    Beau Waters
    Ok so everyone knows Waters, will be extremely cheap and a lock in 99% of teams. He was ready to go for the last game of the season but was no chance of being risked. He is fully fit now, my only concern is that he may play round 1 in the WAFL after not playing AFL for a year.

    Scott Lycett
    Depending on price Kreuzer and Lueberger will be locked into most teams next year. Not in mine! Have a look at a recent photo of Lycett and you’ll see why! Not only has he bulked up but he’s increased his pace as well. I’m going on record now as saying that Lycett will be as good if not better than one of the greatest eagles to ever play the game, Dean Cox. Looking for a POD? Lock in Lycett.

    Mark LeCras
    Is training the house down, but I’m warning you all now Do Not Pick Mark LeCras! He’s too inconsistent, to injury prone and just not worth the risk. He will smash the nab cup games and I’m sure he will feature in a few teams because of it, but save yourselves the trades and headaches of picking him.



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