Punters Club – Andy B

Written by Motts on March 23 2018

Multi #1

Either team to win <15.5

Ess v Crows

St-kilda v Bris

Port v Freo

GC v North

$13.75 @ 79.96

Multi #2

Either team to win <15.5

Hawks v Pies

GWS v Dogs

Melb v Cats

WC v Sydney

$13.75 @ 54.53

Multi #3

Ess v Crows under 200.5

St Kilda v Lions under 197.5

Port v Freo under 183.5

$13.75 @ 6.86

Multi #4

GWS v Dogs over 175.5

Cats v Dees over 178.5

WC v Syd over 176.5

$13.75 @ 6.86


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19 thoughts on “Punters Club – Andy B”

  1. Leg #1 of multi #4 now secured with GWS v Dogs. Hopefully Dees v Cats carry on kicking goals for fun (70 points in 1st qtr).


    1. Leg #2 (Dees v Cats) now over the line in Multi #4. Let’s hope for a high scoring shootout in the west Coast v Swans game.


        1. Thanks mate. Hope all is well in Manchester. City are going well. Good luck for the SC season, you got a decent team?


          1. A couple of corrective trades and i’ll be ok, just one or two gambles too many. 🙂

            2214 this week, i have all the right rookies, i’m pretty happy!

            How about you?


  2. As Andy B correctly pointed out, it WAS a $188.62 collect and it IS fantastic to have footy back. We’ll bank $108.62 and give him $80 to go around with again this week.

    Joining him will be Raj. And Hawker still has a $20 bet after one of his nags got scratched last week.



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