Punters Club – Bob

Written by Motts on March 2 2018

Short, sharp & sweet for Bob this week:

Flemington Race 7

#5 Muraaqeb

$27.50 EW @ 29/6 (PP’d)

Meanwhile, Pogue Mahone is also up for us after getting a nice collect last week. He’s gone back to the well with an AFLW/NBA multi:

AFLW: Adelaide into the Bulldogs

NBA: 76ers into the Jazz into the Clippers.

$30 @ 5.42

Happy birthday Bob and good luck to us all!


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6 thoughts on “Punters Club – Bob”

  1. Bob came and went very quickly (and not very profitably) this time around.

    Pogue, on the other hand, will be back next week after winning us a whopping $162.46!! Fantastic stuff!

    We’ll bank $102.46 and give him $60 to mess around with. Joining him will be Hawker.


    1. Happy the Bulldogs got home. I actually meant for them to be 2 separate multis like last week.

      Bad luck on the roughie Bob,.


  2. Yeah, it was my mistake. In a rush again, but the given the result, I’m sure Bob Ross would call it “a happy little accident”



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