Punters Club – Bob (Take 2)

Written by Motts on November 8 2017

Short, sharp and sweet for Bob.

Flemington Race 1

#3 Run Naan

$25 EW @ 18/3.90

Good luck to us all!


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15 thoughts on “Punters Club – Bob (Take 2)”

    1. Yeah I price pumped it from 26/1. 🙂

      Here’s what the Best Bets has to say about it:
      “Ran well in Tassie Oaks behind fillies (e.g Wheal Leisure 3rd) who would all be highly regarded in this race. Respect.”

      I like it’s record too: Last 15: 5213254F412

      Its an Emergency so its going to need some scratchings to make the field.


  1. Hey guys i know this is not the forum for this but dont know where to ask this question
    Are you guys doing anything for BBL fantasy

    i have a leauge and if anyone interested code is 638650

    Sorry to put this here Motts if you need to remove feel free and put where i should have asked this question


  2. Outstanding by Bob. When he gets ‘em, he REALLY gets ‘em. $547.50 return of which we’ll bank a very healthy $447.50 and give him $100 to have a crack with at Sandown. Joining him will be Bansai!


  3. Fantastic result for the Club helped by Mottsy’s Price Pump!

    Motts would i be right in saying that win yesterday from Bob puts the PC slighrly ahead this time around?
    With how many punters still have a crack?



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