Punters Club – Bob & Mutley

Written by Motts on November 20 2015

Bob’s up this week and as usual he’s gone with a roughie. 

Ascot R7 The Winterbottom Stakes

  • #6 Rommel – $25 EW @ BT

Joining him is Mutley who is being proxied by Schwarzwalder & Deano this time around with both focusing on their respective strengths. 

Schwarzwalder is on the soccer:

Multi 1- $20 @ 6.79

  • Wolfsburg (GER) 1.61
  • Bayern Munich (GER)1.25
  • Everton (ENG)1.50
  • Arsenal (ENG)1.50
  • Valencia (SPA) 1.50

Multi 2 – $5 @ 28.80

  • Liverpool 4.80
  • Stoke City 6.00

And Deano is on the nags

Ascot R8 The Railway Stakes 

  • #2 Messene – $25 WIN @ BT

Our only other punter this week is the incredibly successful Davo. He’s going for glory this week in the NBA:

Chicago to beat Golden State – $50 @ 4.20

Good luck to all!!


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24 thoughts on “Punters Club – Bob & Mutley”

  1. Good luck Bob sticking true to your previous punting form on a roughie at 33-1!

    Best of luck Schwarzy with the soccer multis and Deano with your Roughie in the Railway. Also hope you can continue your winning form Davo.

    Motts a bit of clarification needed though on Deanos bet is it just the win $25 or $25EW which would exceed Mutleys stake. Not that it worries me as you could just cover it with winnings in the kitty of PC7.


  2. Rommel and Messene…….dare I say it…..those are some ballsy moves 😉 Hope they pay off. I’ll be in the stadium watching Stuttgart play against Augsburg tomorrow. Would put them in a multi but can never back them with any confidence these days. Good luck fellas!


  3. So the wrap up from this weekend was:
    Bob – $0 (Didn’t see the race, was Rommel ever in it?)
    Davo – $0 (close with 2 minutes to go and then GSW rained down 3’s)
    Deano – (close but) $0
    Schwarzy – $144 (on the EPL – just as Mutley would want it 🙂

    Great work Schwarzwalder! We’ll bank $94 of that and you’ll be back next week with a fiddy. Joining you will be Raj.


  4. Motts how about a quick bank update for PC7 when you get a chance?

    Reckon we are closing in on the magical 2 grand. Gives a bit of incentive to the remaining punters to get us there or Schwarzy might just try to get us there with a long shot soccer multi this week.


  5. Motts after the success of Schwarzy and near miss of Deano I reckon we should punt Walkabouts stake halving between 2 punters again.

    With the Australian Open golf on this week I would nominate you Motts as you like a punt on the Golf. Also you returned a profit with your stake in PC7 so have earned the right. Then the other punter you have in mind could possibly take the other stake.

    Then Motts if you don’t want throw your hat in the ring then Matteo who from memory also returned a small profit in PC7 , and the Multi man himself Yiorgi would also be good substitutes IMO.


  6. Just saw your email Motts. Sorry have been away so haven’t been on here much. I’ll send it through when I get your details



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