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Written by Motts on November 12 2015

Bonsai is up this week and not only has he provided his bets in the easiest format of anyone I get bets from, he’s also written his own preamble. Take it away champ…

This week I’ve decided to take our PC on a journey across our great country, NZ & the US. On the itinerary are test cricket, horse racing, A-League soccer and NFL. We begin our week in WA to catch the 2nd cricket test and end up in the US for a bit of NFL actions. Here goes…

2nd Cricket Test: Australia v New Zealand
Australia – most wickets (1st innings): Mitchell Starc


New Zealand – most wickets (1st innings): Trent Boult

$10.00 @ 8.93

A-League Soccer: Week 6 Multi

  • Wellington Phoenix vs Adelaide United – Total Goals – Under 3
  • Melbourne City vs Western Sydney Wanderers – Melbourne City WIN
  • Newcastle Jets vs Central Coast Mariners – Over/Under – Under 1.5 Goals

$7.50 @ 20.70

NFL: Week 10 Multi

  • Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers – Packers line (-11.5)
  • Chicago Bears @ St Louis Rams – Rams line (-7.5)
  • Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos – Broncos line (-5.5)
  • New England Patriots @ New York Giants – Patriots line (-7.5)
  • Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks – Seahawk WIN H2H
  • Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals – Bengals line (-10.5) 

$7.50 @ 42.72 (Hail Mary!)

Sandown: Place Multi

  • R2 – 3 Tiz My View PLACE
  • R3 – 8 Java PLACE
  • R4 – 10 Harada Bay PLACE

$5.00 @ Div (UNI)

Ascot: Quaddie

  • R5 – 1,2,4
  • R6 – 2,4,6,7
  • R7 – 1,3,6,7
  • R8 – 3,5,6,8,10

$20.00 buys 8.33%

After having a win yesterday, Bonsai will also generously donate 100% of the winnings from the following quaddie:

Sandown: Quaddie 

  • R6 – 1,3,5,8
  • R7 – 2,3,4,12
  • R8 – 1,3,6
  • R9 – 3,5,9,13

$20 buys 10.41%

You’re a champion, Bonsai! Thank you!

We’ve also got sodes with a pineapple and Davo with a greenback returning after our biggest single week win ever. I’ll add their bets to the post as they come in. 

Davo‘s first bet is an NBA multi:

  • Cleveland
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Oklahoma City

$50 @ 2.45

For his second bet he’s having another shot at covering himself in glory with a quaddie at Sandown:

  • R6- 3,5,6,8,12,17
  • R7- 1,2,4,6,10,12
  • R8- 1,2,3,5,7,8
  • R9- 1,2,3,5,9,15

$50 buys 3.86%

sodes is back again and without any promotions of note through Will Hill he’s punting without a safety net. Here’s what he likes:

Race 5, #6 Rising Romance – $25 Win @ BT

Race 8, #5 De Little Engine – $25 Win @ BT

We’ve got a ton of bets on this week, guys. Here’s hoping they ALL come in!


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23 thoughts on “Punters Club – Bonsai”

  1. Well if anyone can get the quaddie tomorrow then I’ll be in constant awe of your punting prowess. Looks bloody tricky.
    If Under The Louvre can’t win Race3 then he’ll go on the list. Last chance for him. Plot The Course EW in the sixth. Promising galloper.
    Good luck guys!


  2. For winning one of my Star Stable leagues I was given a whole lot of dough to punt with this afternoon with the winnings to be shared amongst all the league’s participants.

    Here are my bets for the day (in no specific order):

    MR1 #7 MISSROCK – $10 WIN @ 2.80

    MR7 #6 PATCH ADAMS – $25 EW @ 9.00/3.00

    AR3 #3 PEPPER THE PIN – $20 WIN @ 3.40

    QR2 #2 SECRET SAGA – $20 WIN @ 2.35

    QR7 #1 THAT’S A GOOD IDEA – $20 WIN @ 2.30

    SR9 #13 DUCA VALENTINOIS – $20 WIN @ 2.80

    MR3 BOXED TRI 1,2,3,4,8,11 – $30 BUYS 25%

    MR5 BOXED TRI 2,4,5,6,7 – $30 BUYS 50%

    MELBOURNE QUADDIE 5,6,7,9 / 1,2,4,6,10,12,15 / 1,2,3,5,6,7 / 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10,13,15,18 – $100 BUYS 5.95%

    SYDNEY QUADDIE 4,6,7,11,12 / 3,4,6 / 1,3,9,10 / 1,6,13,14 – $50 BUYS 20.83%


  3. Well done Bonsai a $7 winner in the last. A quaddie is a quaddie. Thanks and good to see your genoristy pay off.

    Also good stuff Davo today backing up with your winning multi on the NBA.

    Sodes one of greatest back up runs in the Punters Club comes to an end. I will raise a glass to that. Good stuff enjoyed following your run.


  4. And the PC keeps rolling along nicely, well done guys! You’re on a roll, Davo! Too bad for sodes, was quite a ride while it lasted…….


  5. With neither the Packers nor the Rams looking likely to cover the line late in the 4th quarter of both their games I’m going to go out on a limb and call Bonsai’s Hail Mary NFL bet done and dusted.

    So our results on the weekend were:
    Davo – $122.50 collect
    Bonsai – $32 collect
    sodes – no collect

    We thank sodes for his efforts over the last few weeks that has seen him add $264 to the coffers – great job mate! Bonsai, thank you again for your generous offer on the Sandown quaddie and good job getting a return on the Ascot quaddie. And Davo, your run continues buddy. We’ll bank $72.50 of that and give you a pineapple next week to go around with again.

    I received an email from our old mate Mutley over the weekend apologising for his lack of interaction on the site lately. Everything’s ok with him – life has just been getting in the way of things over the last few months. He won’t be taking his bet this time around so I’m throwing it open to the club: what do we want to do with his stake this time around? Do we bank his $50 or punt it on something? If the latter, in the spirit of Mutley’s soccer-loving ways, I’d like to propose giving the cash to Schwarzwalder to punt with on European football. Let me know your thoughts by way of reply.

    Up this week will be Bob who hails from WA and I’m sure will want to have a crack at some of the G1 racing at Ascot on Saturday.

    Have a great week!


  6. Motts we should definitely give Schwarzy a crack on the soccer.

    I just wonder if you should give half of the stake to Deano as well being a good mate of Mutleys on the site with plenty of banter between the 2 of them over the last couple of years. Also Deano was the most successful punter in PC6 and resides in WA where the big races are this week.

    Hope to see you see back on the site next year Mutts.


  7. Ok, thanks guys! I’ll try and flush out a winner for the weekend then. Good idea with Deano taking the other half. And great to hear that Mutley is ok…..see you back here soon, mate!



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