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Written by Motts on November 25 2015

Raj is travelling this week so Duck has grabbed the reins. Here’s what he likes:

NBA Games 25/11 multi

  • Boston @ Atlanta – Boston to win into
  • LA Clippers @ Denver – LA Clippers to win

$15 @ 2.88


Manchester United to beat Leicester

$15 @ 2.30

Cricket – Australia v New Zealand 3rd Test

Most runs in the match – David Warner

$20 @ 4.75


Mr Y has also sent through his bet for Walkabout.

  • Cyrus to win X-Factor (he won last night) into
  • India to beat South Africa in their next test match into
  • Jordan Speith to win the Australian Open into
  • Australia to beat New Zealand in the 3rd test

$10 @ 10.85

My bet for Walkabout is a multi too:

  • Spieth to beat Chalmers in Round 1 of the Aus Open
  • Boston to beat Philly in the NBA
  • The Clippers to beat Utah in the NBA
  • Green Bay to beat Chicago in the NFL
  • Aussies to have the highest opening partnership in the 1st innings of the 3rd test against the Kiwis. 

$10 @ 4.56

Davo’s bet for Walkabout is:

Marc Leishmann -4 (handicap bet) to win the Australian Open

$10 @ 9.00

Matteo’s on the soccer:

1) Premier League/A League Multi

  • Liverpool, 
  • Man City, 
  • Arsenal & 
  • Melbourne City all to win 

$5 @ 6.24

2) Europa League Multi

  • Lazio, 
  • Monaco, 
  • Liverpool & 
  • Vilareal all to win

$5 @ 8.37

Yiorgakis’ bet for Walkabout is also a soccer multi:

  • Melbourne Victory, A-league
  • Man City, EPL
  • Panionios, Greece
  • Genoa, Italy
  • PSV, Netherlands all to win

$10 @ 11.35

Schwarzwalder is back for Mutley. Here’s his bets:

Bundesliga Multi 

  • Hamburg 3.20 &
  • Wolfsburg 2.25

$25 @ $7.20

English Premier League Multi 

  • Everton 2.50 &
  • Stoke City 2.40

$25 @ $6


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15 thoughts on “Punters Club – Duck”

  1. Good luck Duck and all the Walkabout punters except for Motts.

    After nominating Motts to have a punt on the golf he then gets a golf leg in his multi , but threw in a $1.16 pop into his multi the LA Clippers that went down by 11 pts to the Utah Jazz.

    Mr.Y looks like he has the 2nd leg with India likely to win inside 3 days on a minefield. Could be wrong but do question backing short priced Favourites in a 128 man field in the Golf even if Speith is No 1 in the world.


  2. Some big games in the Soccer for the Punters Club in the morning.

    Schwarzy needing Wolfsburg to get up to back up and get another multi.

    Yiorgi needing Genoa and PSV to win for a nice odds multi.

    Good luck guys!


  3. Tough week for the punters club is an understatement. We had $150 bets going over the weekend and not one of them paid. Here’s hoping Big Sexy can get a return for us this week!



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