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Written by Motts on August 14 2015

The good news I have for blokes in the PC is this:

$500 was donated to the club this week by a benefactor who didn’t wish to be named. 

Rather than just take the money I told the mysterious benefactor, let’s call him Mr X, to have some fun with it. He’s going to put the money on some bets this weekend and we’ll bank whatever comes in as a result. 

Here’s what he’s on:

Rosehill R5 No1 Vancouver $200.00 WIN @ Best Tote +5%

Brownlow Medal

  • Fyfe $200 @ 1.70
  • Priddis $50 @ 8
  • Goldstien $50 @ 5

Good luck to all of us and thanks again for your generosity, X. 


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11 thoughts on “Punters Club – Mr X”

  1. Geez Motts, didn’t realised we had such good and generous benefactors to this website…BIG CLAP to you Mr X!

    Surely Mr X has a Mrs Y that you can talk to? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Dodged a bullet Mr.X( Sodes) with Fyfe getting off tonight to keep that bet alive.

    On my present Brownlow analysis I think Dangerfield is the only real danger to the 3 players you backed.



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