Punters Club – PC11 Wrap Up

Written by Motts on July 31 2017

PC11 finished over the weekend and it wasn’t a great round for us – we turned $1,416 into $1,192.

By the length of the Flemington straight, our best two punters were Andy B and Bonsai returning $379 and $347 respectively. A remarkable 15 of our 22 punters produced a nil return.

That means we’ll have $50 each to punt with in PC12 and a healthy $92 in the bank for group bets.

The call now goes out for anyone who wants to join or leave the Club. Either email me (motts at supercoachtalk dot com) or leave a comment below. The joining fee this time around is $54.19.

As the biggest winner in PC11, we’ll throw the ball to Andy B to kick us off in PC12. Get your bets to me by Friday night please mate.


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2 thoughts on “Punters Club – PC11 Wrap Up”

  1. Great job running the PC again Motts!

    I reckon Dusty now paying $1.50 for the Brownlow is bank interest for a Group bet with Dangers suspension if Dusty doesn’t get suspended as well.



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