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Written by Motts on February 12 2016

sodes is up this week. Here’s what he likes:

Moonee Valley tonight R5 

No 10 Certain Elle

$20 @ Best Tote

Caulfield R7 

No 4 Lucky Hussler

$30 WIN @ 4.20

Caulfield R9

No9 Azkadellia

$30 WIN @ 3.50

Also, after a big Euro soccer win last week, Yiorgi’s joining him. He’s on:

Multi 1 

  • Lazio – Italy (already won)
  • Galatasaray – Turkey
  • Villarreal – Spain
  • Chelsea – England

$50 @ 9.02

Multi 2 

  • AC Milan – Italy
  • Estoril – Portugal
  • Eibar – Spain

$50 @

Multi 3 

  • Celtic – Scotland
  • PSG – France
  • Real Madrid – Spain
  • Bayern Munich – Germany
  • Western Sydney – Australia

$53 @

Good luck to us all!

After a query from one of our members last week I’m just going to set out how we deal with winnings:

  • To get another crack at it, you must win more than double the initial stake ($80 in PC7).
  • For those returning the following week, we will bank double the initial stake ($160 in PC7) and give you the rest back to punt with to a maximum of double the initial stake ($160 in PC7). Anything over that we’ll bank.
  • If your returns are anything less than double your inital stake, we’ll simply bank them and you’re done.
  • Any returns by returning punters will be treated at my discretion ie I determine how much we bank and how much we return for the punters to go around the subsequent week with again.

So to illustrate, last week Yiorgi cleared $313.20 for us (well done again mate!). We banked $160.20 (2 x $80 + change) which left $153. That amount was less than $160 so that’s what he’s punting with this week.

Does anyone have any questions?


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19 thoughts on “Punters Club – sodes”

  1. Lucky Hussler comes second and returns $30 through a Will Hill promotion. Azkadelia runs a brave race but just couldn’t put her nose in front. With Certain Ellie returning $48.20 that means unless sodes wants to put the $30 return on something, that he’s banked $78.20. Not too dusty at all! I’ll let you make the call sodes, anything you like the look of?

    Up next week is Deano.


  2. Yiorgi scores again!

    Multi 2 just got up earning the PC $283.50!

    We’ll bank $123.50 and give him $160 to go around with again.

    Keep up the great work, mate!


  3. Rough weekend, and thought it was going to be rougher when Galatasary did us over in multi 1, but multi 2 came through! 😀

    Well done Sodes, another good week for the PC!


  4. Great result for the PC again Yiorgi!

    I think you might be on the verge of something big for the PC with Mottsy backing you with the PC well in the black. It is a very early call , but hoping you can become our first 4 figure winner.
    We have to give some credit to the Captain Motts leading the way with his selections of the punters he is putting up early in PC8.


  5. I won’t go there Motts!

    We all know what happened when I did.
    So , hopefully Burls does to you what Deano did to me.

    All I will say it would be an understatement Burls is due having Bageled it up in the whole PCs history.



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