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Written by Motts on April 30 2018

Tuesday ‘Bool Multi

Warrnambool Race 2

#2 Doom ‘n’ Boom the PLACE


Warrnambool Race 8

#2 Tradesman the WIN.

$15 @ 3.85

Wednesday at The ‘Bool

A Weir Multi

Race 3 #3 Big Bad Baz W into

Race 9 #3 Lucky For All W into

Race 10 #7 Think Babe W

$10 @ 9.49

A Nother Multi

Race 3 #3 Big Bad Baz W into

Race 9 #3 Lucky For All W into

Race 10 #3 Nacar W

$5 @ 28.05

AFL Multi

Dogs to win

Swans to win

Tigers at the line -36.5pts

Demons to win

Pies at the line -18.5pts

$15 @ 6.76

AFL Multi 2

1st leg Dylan Shiel 25+ $1.45

2nd leg Gibbs 30+ $2.25

3rd leg Lyons 25+ $1.45

4th leg for more value Hawks -10.5pts.

$15 @ 9.08

Meanwhile, Andy B is back with $30 to invest and has pointed us at the EPL:

  • West Brom – Win – $10 @ 7.50
  • Stoke – Win – $10 @ 2.60
  • Southhampton – Win – $10 @ 2.50

Good luck to us all!


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20 thoughts on “Punters Club – TDA”

  1. Just to be clear i have been quite lazy with the Bool Multi.

    Nick Quinn tipped both of them on Twitter as his 2 bets for tomorrow and i just whacked them in a Multi.

    Quinny’s Tips were Race 2 #2 Doom ‘n’ Boom Each Way and Race 8 #2 Tradesman The Win.


  2. Good to hear Mate.

    Have just sent Motts a couple of small 3 leg Multi’s on Weir trained Runners tomorrow.

    The remaining $30 i will put on a Footy Multi and have a crack at a Haysie Most Disposals Multi.


  3. The 1st 2 legs are home in today’s Weir Multi’s so i think we get a small collect for the one with the Scratching and now need Think Babe in the last to get the 3 leg Multi. Think Babe currently @ odds of $2.50.


  4. Motts has just let me know from his busy work schedule that we got back $14.36 for the 2 leg Multi.
    Not grear but we got a run for our money and our stake back for the Day.


  5. Shiel and the Hawks get the job done , but the absolute spud Lyons lets us down only gathering 11 possies.

    Lyons was an after thought after we could not throw Hurley 25+ in with the Hawks in a Multi. Really no excuses just a poor pick as it was out of Lyons and McLean 25+ who was a $1.91 so better odds and inexplicably horribly went the wrong way. We still would have needed Gibbs though.

    Hopefully , the Swans win tonight to keep Multi 3 alive tomorrow after the Dogs snuck home to clinch the 1st leg of the 5 leg Multi.


    1. Cheers Mutts, decent $75 collect. How good has West Brom been since they got rid of the spud Pardew! May need to ride them again next week for another win!
      Gutted I didn’t back myself in with the Brighton win against Man U as well. My team Newcastle also turned the Manure over, all is not well there.


      1. You were a bit stiff with Southampton too down to 10 men and Everton only equalized in the 96th minute!


  6. Well Done Andy B with a nice Roughie in the Soccer. That is what makes the Punters Club a success when punters can back up the next week with another win.

    Bloody Swans cost us an interest today with my last Multi.


  7. $14.36 collect for TDA – better than a poke in the eye.

    $75 collect for Andy B. Well done mate! We’ll bank $35 and give you $40 next week.

    Joining AB will be Walkabout.



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