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Written by Motts on December 5 2017

Yiorgi’s getting in early this week with some Euro Cups action. Here’s his first bet:

Euro Cups Multi

  • Steau Bucharest EL
  • Marseille EL
  • Villareal EL
  • Real Madrid CL
  • Sevilla CL
  • Liverpool CL
  • Barcelona CL

$5 @ 10.21

Ok, after the mid-week failure, the only way to redeem ourselves is to get back on the multis. Check out these beauties!

Multi 1 

  • Glentoran (Nth Ireland)
  • PSG (France)
  • Sturm Graz (Austria)
  • Panionios (Greece)

$20 to win $57.74

Multi 2 

  • Rangers (Scotland)
  • Valencia (Spain)
  • Udinese (Italy)
  • Monaco (France)
  • Galatasaray (Turkey)

$20 to win $110.51

Multi 3

  • Tottenham (EPL)
  • Real Sociedad (Spain)
  • Leipzig (Germany)
  • Genk (Belgium)
  • AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands)

$10 to win $54.30

Just quietly, thank God Yiorgi tells me which countries these matches are in because I would be fajita’d otherwise.

Good luck to us all!


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16 thoughts on “Punters Club – Yiorgakis”

  1. Multi 1 is a winner except the Irish match is postponed due to snow so returns will be less. Multi 2 just needs Udinese to win. Fingers crossed! Unfortunately multi 3 failed.


  2. You have got nerves or balls of steel Yiorgi passing on the $1150 pay out , but a touch of unders about it so great you are going for all out glory for the biggest ever win for the PC….

    In Yiorgi we trust! Go you good thing!


  3. Yeah it is Mutts i miss read it and the payout offered was $57 then calculated it by 20 as did not read the bet payout properly. Motts or Yiorgi could have straightened me up earlier , but they might not have read the post.
    . Sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up with that big stuff up as i have been flat out this wwekend.


    1. No its not been changed i noticed it when the post went up, as i initially thought “those odds are ridiculous” but then i re read it.


  4. Sorry for the confusion guys. Yes, I changed it and will move forward going with the new way. Reason being that William Hill don’t show me the odds of bets when I go to Pending Bets. Just what I stand to win. So if I don’t write down the odds for the post when putting the bet on, I’ve then got to go back and do some calculations. It’s not that much time but it’s a bit of a pain so I’ll just publish it like this from now on.

    Anyway…… Udinese got up so Yiorgi has kicked us off in style. Total collect was $151.77. We’ll bank $101.77 and give him $50 to go around with this week. Well done mate!

    Joining him will be Mutley!



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