R19 Progress Scores

Written by MJ on July 29 2016

It’s the last round before the real stuff begins, the finals series in our leagues. Last chance to put in a good showing to grab that elusive top 4 or top 8 spot whatever the case may be. How are you going in R19? (Some big scores coming up!!).

Score / No of Players / Captain


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13 thoughts on “R19 Progress Scores”

  1. 373 / 2 / Danger

    Nice to get the VC/C out of the way early, thanks Pat. Had the E on Libba and was laughing at QT, then swearing not long after.


  2. Busy two days has potentially put me at risk for taking Danger’s VC score due to the following: –

    Sam Grimley is listed as one of the 3 emergencies. Normally not a problem, however Essendon VFL team got the bye, so you would imagine they would have took all 3 emergencies to Adelaide.
    I did not see the orange on Grimley & had planned to put him on field with Gawn emergency. Only issue is that if Gawn plays first as R3 emergency & Grimley is then elevated into the team not only can i no longer utilise Danger’s VC score, but i’ll be stuck with Grimley (or Naismith who i can switch with if early notification made) playing as R2 and thus miss out on Gawn.
    All totally my fault due to bad planning from relaxing & taking weekend off getting ready for next week’s top 4 battles. Thought it worthwhile mentioning incase anyone may have the same issues & not realised it yet!


    1. Does anyone know if Sam Grimley has NOT travelled with Essendon.

      Other option to ensure i can take Danger’s score is to take Libba’s 72 over playing Petrecca. It would also mean i will 100% be able to take Gawn’s score if Grimley is a late IN.

      TU: Put Trengove on field as C to take Libba’s 72 & Dangers’ VC of 144

      TD: Roll dice with Petrecca over Libba & hope to god Grimley does not play.


  3. I need some help guys. I’m 76 points behind with laird and Jacobs to play, my opp has petracca and Franklin. I need to win to make top 4. I have the vc on danger. Do I?

    T/u leave as is and pray my two boys can get me home.

    T/d put the c on Gawn and watch him get a double ton.


    1. Tough one. Petracca and Franklin are both quite capable of producing a 60-70 score in which case it will be game on. Gawn is probably 20% to beat Danger’s score and maybe 12% to go 175+

      I’d probably hold but chances are a 76 point deficit will be a tad too much for Lairdy and Sauce to reel in. Marginal call IMO but I suppose if you pull it off with a Maxy special you will be a hero!


  4. 1560 / 15 / Danger.

    Laird, Collins, Parker, Sloane, Hanners, Petracca, and Naismith.

    I still have 4 trades and $481.500.00 in the Bank after downgrading Barlow to Naismith this week,

    I was going to wait for Dollhouse .But Stef Martin out, kinda forced my hand.

    Anyone know how many weeks Libba likely to miss?

    I had planned to keep him at M9 but may need to trade him if he’s out for more than 2 weeks.



  5. 1853, 15, Danger

    had libba as emergency and barlow on field, after libba got injured pulled the trigger on barlow to sloane.
    still have Gawn, Sloane, Parker, Hanners, Buddy, Laird & Hams to play.
    I feel like port are going to make or break me in the finals, whenever port play well I get a big score due to wines, gray and wingard.



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