R19 Progress Scores

Written by MJ on July 28 2017

Your last round of league games for 2017 is underway! How are you going? We’d love to hear your progress across the weekend.

Score / No of Players / Captain



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15 thoughts on “R19 Progress Scores”

  1. 115 / 2 premos / Danger
    Notwithstanding the rubbish from Buddy and an injured JPK my DPP loophole
    Hardwick going down means I probably have to trade Goldy to stay alive in must win league game. My expectations are low.


  2. 50 – 1 -Danger

    Not a great start. With 1 player a late out and the other with the VC on him carrying an injury and losing 38k in the process.
    Kennedy will probably need to be traded next week as well as you don’t play injured players in finals so i see no difference with SC finals.


  3. 1070 / 12 / Danger

    I surprised I managed to psych myself up to check my team as it has been that bad

    Star/s: Neale
    Duds: basically everyone else that has played

    If you need me I will be contemplating life and whether I should continue supercoach


    1. I know the feel Nato. Didn’t check my score at all in the 3rd bye week as I knew I was in for a shocker until I read it here unknowingly with TDA (or maybe Macca?) stating it. Not good.


  4. 1168/13/ Dangerfield

    Only 21 players due to G Ablett, M Priddis, J Lloyd and T Goldstein missing.

    4 players over 83 ( S Docherty, P Dangerfield, T Lynch and N Fyfe) with J Kennedy, H Shaw, K Simpson, J Selwood and L Franklin scoring under 70.

    Cannot wait to use my last trade next week and finally forget about this awful season.


  5. 1249 / 13 / Danger

    If I’d been more organised with my trade plans I’d have gone Danger into Crouch but didn’t have my ducks in a row until yesterday so went JPK into Danger. Rookie error!!!

    Taking Yeo off my never again list and belatedly bringing him in. He’ll score 40 today and it’ll be all my fault. Sorry everyone!


  6. All I’m going to say is that it’s a very low number. I’m not sure I want to know what my ranking is this week.



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