R21 Progress Scores

Written by MJ on August 21 2015

This is it. The penultimate round of league action is here. How are your boys faring? Are they standing up when the chips are down or crumpling under the pressure cooker atmosphere?

Score / No of Players / Captain


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17 thoughts on “R21 Progress Scores”

  1. With Hodge and Lewis’s score, that hands Catta an unassailable lead in our prelim…damn; over before it even began


  2. Playing my uncle in the prelim in my work league not sure about captain
    We only have 7 unique players
    VC Hannebery or jpk C Dangerfield
    VC Dangerfield C Fyfe

    He has put Dangerfield as VC with goldy as C


  3. Have Fyfe as Captain after a disappointing VC showing from Swan. I’m concerned though about the talk of Fyfe going forward tomorrow. Considering rolling the dice on Rocky tonight. Only other real options left are Priddis, Mundy, and Goldy.

    T/U – Fyfe
    T/D – Rockliff


  4. Who should win from here?

    Team A: Fyfe, Goldstien, TMac, Bontempelli, Murphy + 101 point and captain selection (currently has Fyfe as captain).
    Team B: Goldstein, C Salem (with no cover), J Grant, Macrae, Wallis, Priddis and captain selection (currently has Goldstein as captain).

    T/U: Team A
    T/D: Team B


  5. 1971 / 17 Sloane

    Gotta be happy when Mckernan scores 136 and Smith tons up. Nailed captain with Jacobs , and Rocky going well tonight.

    Look like winning 5 major prelims easily and 1 minor.

    However will bow out in LOEC 4 trailing by 41 pts having A.Pearce up against his Dahlhouse.

    Well done John!


  6. 1874/17/Dangerfield

    Bontempelli, Fyfe, Goldstein, Priddis & McDonald to play….hoping for around 2450. Will win 6/10 leagues, 3 will go down to the wire & 1 looks like I’ll be going down by around 50-75 points!

    Had the chance to put McKernan on the field by swapping Read back to the rucks…..but I thought 70 from Lambert would cover what McKernan could do…until BANG 136 lol


  7. 2049 / 18 / Rocky

    Only Goldy, Fyfe, Wallis + one of Higgins or Yeo to go (as taking Smith as Emerg).

    Playing the great MJ in the cash league & he is only marginally in front after having McKernan as forward emergency. It is currently 2049 / 18 / Rocky as Captain played for me v 1851 / 17 / Fyfe not played for him. He has Neale, Fyfe’s C score, Cripps & T.McDonald to go.

    Thumbs UP:- Play Higgins v Freo (bench Yeo v Dogs)

    Thumbs DOWN: Play Yeo v Dogs (bench Higgins v Freo).

    Has anyone got any info on Higgins? How did he look last week & has there been any news this week on any issues with injury / his knee that he knocked 2 weeks ago?


  8. Thoughts?
    Opponent had Danger as C. I still have the C to use and thinking of Fyfe or Goldy. Opponent has both players so I will score X2 plus the other.

    Fyfe/Goldy (C), R Murphy, Simpson, Nic Nat
    Fyfe/Goldy, Yeo + 170points

    T/U: Fyfe
    T/D: Goldy
    Comments: Priddis or Dahlhaus


  9. Main team 2199/19/Danger (stuffed up jpk vc). Got Priddis Bont Dahl playing. Might miss my highest score of the year due to the vc stuff up.

    Not a bad round out of Kreuzer or McKernan, who came in for Titch. Pretty good round with 5 players not named…..

    Technical 2000/19/Jpk. Got Bont, Priddis Yeo to go. Cruelled by injuries, had to take A Pearce and H Goddard this week.



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