Rare Gems – Round 6

Written by The Salamander on April 22 2021

LEGEND: Player Name (Other Position) (Club, Price, Average, Ownership)



Daniel Rich (BRL, $532,800, 106, 2.4%)

Known as a bit of a burnman in SuperCoach for a couple of years, Rich has been consistently good in recent seasons, but never seems to find himself in many teams. The Lions love to get the ball in his hands so they can make use of his booming left-foot kick. As a side-note, it’s worth remembering that Champion Data awards an ‘effective kick’ stat for kicks that go 40+ metres to even numbers or better for the team, regardless of the outcome at the other end, which gives players like Rich who tend to kick long a built-in advantage as far as SuperCoach scoring is concerned.

Burnman no more…


Jarryd Lyons (BRL, $613,500, 117, 1.2%)

Further up the field in the Lions’ outfit is Lyons, who consistently racks up big numbers and big scores, whilst flying completely under the radar. Perhaps a little expensive as an early upgrade target, but he’s durable, having not missed a game since crossing to Brisbane from Gold Coast, and has averaged 114 from his bye round of 2019 to present. And, fittingly, Lyons plays for the Lions. Is there a more appropriately named player in the AFL?


Shane Mumford (GWS, $420,700, 130, 0.4%)

Much to the horror and frustration of Matthew Flynn owners, Mumford came back into the GWS side two weeks ago, and has been playing well – even scoring 125 against Brodie Grundy.

For most coaches, I would strongly advise against bringing him in: the last time he averaged triple figures was 2015, and the last time he played 20+ games was in 2017. But if you’re stuck with something like, say, Flynn at R2, Meek at R3, and not enough cash to turn one of them into someone like Grundy, then turning Meek into Mumford would ensure that it’s almost certain one of your R2 or R3 will play each week. This would also work as a straight swap from the injured Tom Hickey, too, provided you also have Flynn at R3. Again, that’s not a path I’d advise people to go down under most circumstances, but if you’re out of options, it’s better than copping doughnuts.


Nick Hind (ESS, $412,200, 91, 2%)

With a SuperCoach-friendly role running off half-back, Hind has rewarded those who took a punt on him as a mid-priced option, with his only poor-ish score (77 in Round 1) coming off the back of sub-par disposal efficiency (61 percent by foot) and 5 clangers, rather than him not finding the football (25 disposals, 18 kicks, 6 marks). He’s been fairly consistent since, scoring 98, 85, 93, and 102 from Round 2 to present.


Got any rare gems (or common duds) in your team? Let us know in the comments below.


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15 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 6”

  1. Aliir Aliir!!! Took a punt on this guy at $321k and he’s starting to bring in triple figures. Best D5 option in my entire SC career!


    1. Good call. Hes always been a great player, it was only a matter of time that he’d become supercoach relevant. High $500’s by the years end?


    2. Well done Cocoa. Its great when you pick a smokey (no racial bias intended) and they pay off. It sort of lets you feel like you’re their manager and you own ’em. I felt like that last year with Brayshaw from rd. 1. Mind you, we also tend to forget really quickly about all the ones that didn’t pay off over the years, like Petrappa, (more than once and got him this year as well) Smith, (more than once) Heeney (more than once) Tall Forwards, (many occasions) Cash Cow rucks, (last 3 years, and probably next year as well) Listening to the breakout candidate gossip – Instigating breakout gossip (GUILTY). But hey, isn’t it fun! Looking forward to seeing Alir Alir crack the 500k. When he does mate put another post on all written in capitals, because you’ll deserve it, Snarfy.


  2. Sam Docherty has been very consistent so far with an average of 99.
    His lowest score is 85 and has cracked the ton twice.


  3. Real thankful for taking that punt on Hind! I’ve mentioned him quite a bit but never really sucked anyone else in to stick him in their team.
    Another player im looking at is Duncan as he makes me team pretty much every year due to his consistency. With Danger out for another 2 months, that should probably help his output.


  4. I can then also mention Brodie Smith, he had a shocking 2 round start scoring 73 and 52 but his last 3 rounds have been a 114.3 Rd avg. With Laird to the mid he has taken a fair bit of his role in defence and improved his scoring.


  5. Love it! At the start of the week i started looking into daniel rich. Definitely impressed with his numbers so far but can he keep it up all year?
    And for a little extra cash id be better off getting in luke ryan right?


    1. “That was one of the bonuses out of the team we picked today, Griff (Logue) was able to come in.. And that just allowed us to free Luke (Ryan) up to play Luke’s normal role” – Quote

      Sounds like if Logue stays healthy then Ryan scores well.


  6. Bailey Dale may have exposed his potential last week.
    Ran and distributed well off hb in the absence of Daniel.
    The guy has a beautiful long kick..



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