Rare Gems – Round 8

Written by The Salamander on May 6 2021

LEGEND: Player Name (Other Position) (Club, Price, Average, Ownership)


Christian Salem (MEL, $542,700, 106, 2%)

Unlikely to be a popular trade-in target at the moment due to May and Daniel’s current cheapness, but those who started Salem have been rewarded so far. His scoring has been a little up and down – ranging from 73 at the low end to 163 at the other – but all but two of his scores this year have been over 90, and all but three have been over 100.


David Mundy (FRE, $605,800, 117, 2.2%)

Turning 36 in July, Mundy continues to defy age. 117 is a much higher average than he’s posted in the last few years, so it remains to be seen to what extent he can keep this up, but anyone who does bring him in can do so in the knowledge that he has barely missed a game in the last decade.

He’s still got it…


Scott Lycett (PTA, $494,800, 94, 1.9%)

With a breakeven of 141, Lycett is likely to get even cheaper before he gets more expensive. He faces Grundy in Round 10, Gawn in Round 16, and Grundy again in Round 19, but otherwise has a fairy good draw as far as direct ruck match-ups go, so there are definitely worse options you could look at if you’re in need of a budget ruck.


Harry McKay (CAR, $432,000, 93, 1.9%)

Key forwards are always going to have good weeks and bad weeks. The next two weeks notwithstanding, the Blues have a fairly soft draw in the back half of the year, so coaches can expect more good weeks than bad from here on out.


Got any rare gems in your team? Or perhaps eyeing one off? Let us know in the comments below!


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21 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 8”

  1. DEF
    Houli (1%, Avg 100, $469k)

    Lyons (2%, Avg 116, $606k)
    Miller (1%, Avg 111, $579k)


  2. I’m thinking of bringing either Lyons or Guthrie in this week. Is Guthrie going to keep this form up? But then I think I’m better off going Brayshaw and saving money. But will he average as much as the top mids?
    Lyons TU
    Guthrie TD
    Comment Brayshaw


      1. I started with Lyons and picked up Brayshaw last week. Lyons’ consistency is his strength. Very low standard deviation. Brayshaw’s price was too good to ignore last week but buyer beware he seems to have a stinker in him now and then when he cops ‘attention’.


  3. My only sub 10% PODS are McCreary & Stringer.

    Really do love Lyons, super underrated IMO, just started with too many rd 13 bye mids and haven’t be able to bring him in.


  4. Currently Steven May is a POD with only 0.8% ownership. After this round I wonder what ownership level becomes

    In players I own that are under 5% ownership are Duncan, Hind, May and Brodie Smith. Averages of 117.8, 88.6, 87.2 with a 7 and 88.4.


    1. Heeney’s not rare enough for these parts. He’s in 6.1% of teams. Plus he’s definitely more of a rock and less of a gem at the moment.


  5. Take out Salems worst and he ave 111.7
    Take out Salems best and he ave 96

    looking at his history and the stats that got him the 167 and doubt that he will ave 95 for r.o.y

    He doesn’t play tigers (167) or Freo (73) again but he does play against GWS(92) & Cats(77) again. Also last weeks 104 was against the Roos and the average for players in his role against the roos is over 120, when May goes big Salem sucks.


  6. McKay 432k ave 93.3
    2 x sub 60
    2 x 130+
    plus a 69, 98, 99

    Better option than Bolton?

    Bolton 479k ave 91.7
    1 x sub 30
    1 x 120+
    2 x 110
    plus 85, 88, 99

    Bolton is 47k extra for 1.6 points p/round less

    I wouldn’t take either but if you had to get one of them it would be McKay, anybody who plays an onball role in a premiership team but can’t score 30 on the MCG against the swans has spud like tendancies



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