Rate My Fantasy Premier League Team

Written by MJ on August 6 2014

The English Premier League kicks off in just 10 days and it coincides relatively well with the SuperCoach off-season for all those that still need their Fantasy sport fix over the summer.

There are plenty of knowledgeable coaches here, so post your team for some pointers if you’re needing some confirmation on your selections.


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73 thoughts on “Rate My Fantasy Premier League Team”

  1. Team so far:
    Zabaleta Koscielny Jagielka Vlaar
    Hazard Mirallas Eriksen Silva
    Remy Rooney

    Strongly considering L.de Jong and Zarate. Both can really find the back of the net and should have strong JS.


  2. Some funny team names in the league. Lol. Motts is Fat??!

    How is this for a team?

    Foster (Krul)
    Shaw Caulker Debuchy (Wisdom, Bruce)
    Sanchez, Mata, Hazard, Siggy (Albrighton)
    Diego Costa, Rooney, Bojan



  3. Team at the moment:

    Manone Krul
    Davies Vlar N Taylor Cameron Mariappa
    Sanchez Hazard Ramsey Sigurdson Albrighton
    Rooney Giroud Dzeko

    Wanted RVP but he will apparently be unlikely to play first games and dont want that much sitting on bench. Was going to wait and see with Sanchez but I think his price will sky rocket so if he takes off then will be harder to fit in. Went cheap in defence to have a strong mid/forward line.
    Any thoughts please?


  4. Manone Krul
    Shaw Johnson Debuchy Ward Jones
    Silva Hazard Eriksen Albrighton Ward-Prowse
    Sturridge Giroud Remy


  5. I’m not sure if Manome will play as Sunderland have signed Pantilimon.

    Every year I pick loads of new signings, convinced that they’re going to score a ton of points and every year they flop so this year I’m playing it safer to start off with.

    Guzan Schmeichel

    Evans Caulker Terry Azpilicueta Chester

    Sterling Albrighton Hazard Sigurdsson Eriksen

    Rooney Bony Lambert


  6. De Gea (Schmeichel)
    Baines Caulker Cresswell Kompany (Vlaar)
    Tadic Eriksen Herrera Sanchez (Ward-Prowse)
    Lukaku Giroud (Campbell)



  7. De Gea
    Fonte, Trippier, Debuchy
    Schurrie, De Jong, Sanchez, Tadic, Fabregas
    Dzeko, Zarate
    Subs: Guzan, Jenkinson (now at WH), Viaar, Naismith
    3 million in the bank
    May look at Aussie Jason Davidson who signed for West Brom today


  8. It’s not really worth spending too much on your goal keeper as you don’t get that much value for picking the most expensive keepers. IMO you’re better off picking a cheaper option (Begovic, Guzan, Speroni) who’ll play every week and make a lot of saves as that’s where you make the most points.


  9. Changes daily but here’s how it stands at the moment.

    Pantilimon (gamble) , Krul
    Shaw, Luis, Clyne, Wisdom, Van Aanholt
    Sanchez, Hazard, Sigurdson, Davis, Townsend (gamble)
    Rooney, Diego Costa, Bojan.

    99mil spent

    I had also planned on starting with RVP but he’s out for the first few games.


  10. Hi!

    Lots of RMTs. Best part of the season; the frantic guessing and reworking of teams, over and over and over….

    All advice and predictions comes with the Craggy Island Parochial House Guarantee: All advice and predictions wrong or your money back! Oh, and don’t send money since it will just end up resting in Ted’s account anyway.

    I tried something different this season and picked the best cheap/midprice options for every position and then used the left over money to upgrade to premiums, rather than the other way around. Liked doing that a lot better.

    Here is my team at the moment, I am really torn about having Cotsa and Sanchez. Expensive players new to the Premier League, I do not like them Sam I am, no I do not. But I may try them anyway. They are not so high priced that they have no upside. If they were I would not take them for sure. If they choke, it will be easy to trade them one for one on other players I like. If they do well and I do not have them, I might have a very hard time bringing them into my team. I’d either have to leave a *lot* of cash unspent or use two transfers, and neither of those are good options. So I am gritting my teeth and used most of my spare cash to get them in.

    Aside from them, I am trying very hard to have all nailed on players with PL experience. I am avoiding teams who start with tough fixtures and favoring teams with good fixtures. I am also avoiding teams in some form of disarray. Right now I have no spare cash but I am sure to change so I do before the season starts. I expect defensive changes as JS becomes clearer and very likely Arnautovic to be replaced, either up or down. I have no cheap midfield guy now, and may not depending on who ends up available and nailed on. That all said:

    Begovic (Krul)
    B Davies, N Taylor, Ward, Cameron, Rosenior
    Sanchez, Mata, Sigurdsson, Snodgrass, Arnautovic
    Rooney, Remy, Costa


  11. De Gea (Krul)
    Cameron, Ward, Debuchy, Wisdom, Bruce
    Rooney, Giroud, Bojan.

    I feel I should swap out De Gea for a Man U defender and get Begovic, can Man U’s 352 keep clean sheets? Have a feeling (and we saw) quick players like Sterling just cut through far too easily.


  12. From my local Newcastle newspaper in the UK:- Ben Arfa lost his favoured number ten to Siem De Jong, whose foot injury is not serious enough to rule him out of contention for the season opener against Manchester City.
    May still give De Jong a miss on the basis of this & playing Man City first up.


  13. New improved team. Better 1st XI, 0.5Mil in the bank.

    De Gea
    Sagna, Debuchy, Jose Enrique, Trippier
    Schurrie, Sanchez (C), Fabregas, Tadic
    Rooney, Diego Costa (VC)
    Subs: Guzan, Tiote, Viaar, Zamora

    Any Liverpool fans got thoughts on Enrique? Was injured last year, should start this year? Same with Man City fans with Sagna, is he likely to be in starting team or did he just go there for payday & as cover?


  14. I need something to keep my fantasy football twitch busy over the summer, so I’m giving this a go. This team is a combo of my little bit of knowledge of the EPL, the players who I remember from the world cup and advice from you guys.

    GK – Howard (VC), (Krul)
    D – Shaw, Terry, Mertesacher*, Ward, (Vlaar)
    M – Sanchez, Sidwell, Gerrard (C), de Jong*, (Albrighton*)
    F – Rooney, Remy, (Lambert)

    * Players with an injury cloud
    I’ll keep an eye on the doubtful players, but what do you guys think?


  15. Mannone
    Rodwell (PA’s smokey)/Mata/Fábregas/Barkley/Sánchez
    Diego Costa/Rooney
    Krul, Chambers, Viaar, Bojan.


  16. Begovich (Gilks)
    Ward, Chester, Wisdom (Bartley, Moore)
    Mata, Ramsay, Fabregas, Coutinho (Albrighton)
    Rooney, Diego Costa, Lukaku


  17. Made a few changes to my team:

    Guzan (Schmeichlel)
    Caulker Evans Terry (Cameron Chester)
    Hazard Sterling Sigurdsson Eriksen (Albrighton)
    Bojan Rooney Costa

    Taking a bit of a risk with Costa and Bojan as they’re unproven in the Premier League but they’ve both had a good pre-season and scored a fair few goals so I’m going to take a punt. Hazard is a must-have as he’s now on penalty taking duties.


  18. I am sure to change the defense around Friday night after learning more about who is or is not playing, but here is what I have at the moment.

    Begovic (Krul)
    N Taylor, Ward, Van Aanholt , Ferdinand, Chester
    Mata, Ramsey, Erickson, Sigurdsson, Snodgrass,
    Rooney, Costa, Jovetic

    I do not like having only one playing keeper and Krul covers Begovic’s awful week 3.

    Costa and Jovetic could both end up needing to go but there are many exit strategies for both. I expect to end up with Bony before too long unless both of them do well.

    And I already edited this once but am feeling more and more like this is final, unless we learn something new before the deadline, which we probably will….


  19. Here is the team as it currently stands (changes on a daily basis at the moment). Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    De Gea (Gilks)
    Filipe Luis, Debuchy, Ward, Van Aanholt, Wisdom
    Fabregas, Mata, Ramsey, Henderson, Sigurdsson
    Rooney, Costa, Bojan

    Tossing up between De Gea and Begovic
    Want a Chelsea defender so thinking if not Luis then Cahill but its 6.0 vs 6.5
    Not sure on Henderson. Who are better options at <6 Snodgrass?


  20. Fox Sports News in UK reporting that Luke Shaw of Man Utd will be out for 4 weeks with a hamstring. It means we don’t start with Shaw in our squads, but does mean that we could lock in alternative Man Utd defenders with a bit more certainty.


  21. Rate please!

    De gea (krul)
    Cahill, Davies, debuchy (wisdom, duff)
    Hazard, silva, mata, snoddy, shelvey
    Rooney, giroud (wickham)



  22. RMT

    Begovic (Gilks)
    Terry, Jones, Chester (Hutton, Moore)
    Cesc, Ramsey, Mata, Sig (Mutch)
    Rooney, Costa, Jovetic

    Any comments welcome – cheers.


  23. I have created a SCT FPL Head to Head League – League reference 328550-207723

    Get joining up and we play each other similar to SC league format.


  24. Final team with a million to hopefully upgrade Sissoko to De Jong end of month: –
    De Gea
    Debuchy, Jose Enrique, Trippier
    Fabregas, Sanchez, Schurrie, Sigurdsson, Sissoko
    Rooney, Diego Costa
    Subs of Guzan, Van Aanholt, Viaar, Zamora


  25. Think I have finally settled on this squad with half a million left in the bank:

    Begovic (Krul)
    Baines, Terry, Debuchy, Isla, Van Aanholt
    Ramsey, Sterling, Sigurdsson, Sidwell, Brady
    Sturridge, Rooney, Bojan

    Any advice accepted!



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