Rate My Team – Team 1

Written by Motts on February 22 2010

Al’s team
backs – Goodwin, Hodge, Bower, Kennelly, Greenwood, Schoenmakers, T.Hunt
bench – Silvagni, Thompson

Mids -Swan, J Selwood, Vince, Cooney, Anthony, Martin
bench – L.Jetta, Cunnington

Rucks – Sandilands, Kreuzer
Bench – Warnock, Trengove

Forwards – Riewoldt, Pavlich, Petrie, Franklin, Tippett, Yarran, Rohan
Bench – Dennis-Lane, Podsaidly

Overall I don’t think Al’s done too bad a job here – I’d give this effort a 7.5/10. His (I’m assuming Al is a bloke) weak spot is obviously in defence but he has plenty of captain options, he has very little value sitting idly on his bench and he has a number of players that can play at 2 positions (Dual Position Players [DPP’s]) to give him flexibility. What he doesn’t have are more players that are low on value due to poor form and/or injury that should act as cash cows. Blokes like Ladson and J Hunt down the back, McVeigh and R Palmer in the guts, Hille and Charman in the ruck and M Williams and S Rusling up front (although I do admit to being more than a little put off Rusling when I had him in my team a couple of years ago and then he went down for the year in R1) .

Defence – Goodwin costs $554k and lost 3 games to a knee injury last year. Another year in his legs ain’t gonna make ‘em any bouncier. Seems risky to me but the guy did prove me wrong last year. Bower shouldered an extra load last year with the loss of Jamo and Waite – their return could affect his stats. Greenwood stepped up towards the end of last year but his scores were never mindblowing. If he’s used in a tagging capacity again this year that is likely to continue. Schoenmakers averaged 37 in 13 games last year, I don’t know if anything has happened that will drastically affect that number. To give an onfield spot to a guy like Taylor Hunt who hasn’t played a game before is always risky. Especially when he didn’t even make the Top 10 draft picks! Are you sure you didn’t mean to pick Josh? Bench players should always be pretty cheap to maximise the value you have onfield but they should also be blokes that are likely to get games and with any luck they’ll score nicely for you and go up in value. Thompson (and I’m assuming you mean Luke from Adelaide not Scott from the Kangas) is still very young and didn’t even get a run in the NAB Cup game against Port the other day. I think you could find a better option.

Mids – What you’ve saved in defence you’ve spent in the midfield. You’re paying top dollar for Swan but if he can continue racking up 123 points a game for you you’ll be happy and your captain decision is virtually made for you every week. I’ve toyed with putting Vince in my middle but at the back of my mind is the nagging question of how he’s going to handle a premium tag on a weekly basis now he’s shown himself to be the #1 guy in the Crows midfield. Anthony’s lazy 38 touches on Sunday suggest he won’t be suffering the Year 2 blues and I think Martin is a good option for the 6th onfield spot (but you won’t be alone making that decision). Jetta looked the goods against the Blues but the hot spot on Cunnington’s foot is a worry. Keep an eye on the injury lists right up until the first bounce. The best site we’ve found to do this is Injury Update which is under the Official Sites at the top of our front page.

Rucks – I’m really surprised Kreuzer isn’t listed as a dual position player given the likelihood of him being used as a CHF this year. Nevertheless, I like what you’ve got here. Trengove, as a DPP, is a nice 4th option. Let’s hope they play him.

Forwards – There’s some slight weakness here too but certainly not from Riewoldt, Pavlich and Franklin – all 3 are proven guns who will be worth what you’ve paid for them. I like Tippy – think he’s due for a breakout year – but if you’ve got him as a DPP in your forward line why do you also need Petrie? If you’re after another DPP and like the Roos spend the extra 15k and grab Harvey. Yarran showed he can play the other night but is still a bit of a risk and Rohan as your 7th forward is a risk that I think is totally acceptable. On your bench TDL didn’t have a great night on Saturday (17) but still managed a goal and I think a few people will be punting on Podsaidly – especially after Duck’s Shhhhhhhh article on him.

Next team up tomorrow is Ben’s team. Until then, what do you think? Did I get it right?


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4 thoughts on “Rate My Team – Team 1”

  1. I liked your comments on this list, and really thought it was well assessed (can’t wait to see the critic on mine).
    Having seen this assessment, I think I’ll be making some changes to my team – but not until later today).



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