223 thoughts on “Rate My Team (January #3)”

  1. Had a few goes, but really liking this one.

    Stewart, Dawson, Docherty, Williamson, Bianco, Gould (McQuillan/McGinness)

    Fyfe, Cripps, Danger, Bont, Rowell, Cockatoo, Pickett, Hutcheson, (Roberton/Hibberd/Mahony)

    Grundy, Gawn (Comden)

    Whitfield, Walters, Dusty, Heeney, D Smith, S Hill (Rankin/Budarick)

    Only 14 keepers to start but reckon Rowell, Cockatoo, Pickett, and Hutcheson will be prominent cash cows. All other rookies up for grabs. Byes are 23/16/21, and there are 14 dpp’s. Heavy on fwds and only 13k itb.


    1. I have a very similar structure so I give it a big thumbs up.
      I hope Wighty, it’s a case of “Great Minds Think Alike” and not “Fools never differ”


    2. Heavy on the FWDs is not a bad structure this year as FWD are lite on.

      We know there will be rookie and mid price MIDs that improve or start with a great average. This leaves trade options later on as is DEF with much more options.


      1. Mature age rookie plays for GWS. Forward/Mid. The theory being they got him to play him as a role player up forward. Hill’s has the talent but lacked a calm head at times.

        Hutchesson (double s)


  2. DEF:
    Williams, Sicily, Docherty, Roberton, Williamson, McLennan (Cottrell, Gould)

    Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Dunkley, Oliver, Valente, Shipley, Pickett (McHenry, Bytel, Hibberd)


    Whitfield, Dusty, Steven, Hill, Cockatoo, Rankine (D. Cameron, King)

    $67k remaining.

    D2 is either Sicily (upside) or Daniel (consistency).
    I really want to fit Danger into the midfield, but will come at the expense of either Cripps or Dunkley.
    I’m omitting Rowell at this point in time, as he’s so expensive. Aside from Walsh last year, when has a $200k rookie lived up to the 80ish average needed for the price tag?


    1. Solid side, no wrong choices at this stage of the preseason. I can’t bring myself to start Whit with his durability issues. Hopefully pick him up cheaper later. Also not convinced Williams will see as much midfield minutes as last season unless GWS are running with the same medical staff.


      1. And when Whitfield Throws up 130+ game you will feel sick. You know he will get injured, but I will burn 2 trades for him. He is worth it.

        Good Luck.


  3. $4,600 remaining.


    James Sicily $509,500
    Dan Houston $484,800
    Sam Docherty $436,100
    Hayden Young $180,300
    Brandon Starcevich $147,700
    Trent Bianco $117,300

    Trent Rivers [E] $117,300
    Will Gould $117,300


    Jack Macrae $668,900
    Josh Kelly $637,700
    Patrick Cripps [V] $635,900
    Josh Dunkley $632,400
    Clayton Oliver $593,900
    Matthew Rowell $207,300
    Ned McHenry $123,900
    Marlion Pickett $123,900

    Sam Simpson $123,900
    Deven Robertson $117,300
    Jackson Mead $117,300


    Brodie Grundy [C] $705,900
    Charlie Comben $117,300

    Max Gawn [E] $697,100


    Lachie Whitfield $604,100
    Dustin Martin $543,000
    Isaac Heeney $510,700
    Stephen Hill $190,600
    Sam Flanders $162,300
    Lachlan Hosie $123,900

    Izak Rankine [E] $123,900
    Max King $123,900

    Questions on F5 and slight change with switching Neale to Jelly, with greater risk/reward and more cash for rookie picks at D5/F5.


  4. Love to hear some feedback.
    Not sure if im heading in the right direction or not.

    J.Lloyd, Z.Williams, C.Daniel
    S.Hill, B.Starcevich, W.Gould
    (M.Cottrell, T.Bianco)

    L.Neale, N.Fyfe, P.Cripps, A.Treloar
    M.Bontempelli, M.Rowell, N.McHenry, M.Pickett
    (D.Robertson, T.Rivers, M.Hibberd)

    B.Grundy, M.Gawn (C.Comben)

    L.Whitfield, D.Martin, D.Smith
    E.Smith, I.Rankine, D.Williams
    (J.Worell, B.Close)

    $37,800 left in bank.



    1. Like this structure a lot.
      It’s just my personal (not very objective) opinion that Treloar has most likely topped out his scoring potential. Boy does he turn the footy over. I think at his price level, I would prefer Clayton Oliver (as much as I can’t stand the Dees), who should continue to be on the way up on his career trajectory.
      I admit I haven’t spent much time looking into bye structures yet, so that would have to be the primary motivation for me considering going Treloar over Clayton.

      Interested to hear what others think of Treloar from a purely SC perspective. He is great to watch, but as a former owner, I couldn’t go another season checking his stats and seeing he’s had 37 touches and 101 points again.


      1. TheRealBozzo,

        Thank you.
        I was about to request a vote, but as Dr Hook used to say,
        “you’ve answered all my prayers”.
        Oliver it is.

        ps Remember how he surprised people when he first got his mid role at mid price. Watch preseason games closely.


      2. thanks for the feedback,
        to be honest I completely agree,
        Treloar and Bont have been the two I have rotated in and out of my mid a lot.
        those two spots could end up to someone else completely. iv tossed up trying to get Macrae or Dunkly in somehow in stead of Bont or Treloar.

        but glad to hear the rest of the team is pretty good.


  5. With the official team picker out now I thought I would have a crack at my first team of the season.

    I’ve decided to go pure guns and rookies but have no ideas about rookies yet.

    Def: Lloyd, Stewart, Docherty, Williamson, Bianco, Gould (Cottrell, McLennan)

    Mid: Fyfe, Cripps, Dunkley, Titch, Danger, Valente, Shipley, Pickett (McHenry, Bytel, Hibberd)

    Ruck: Gawn, Grundy (Comben)

    Fwd: Whitfield, Dusty, Heeney, Cockatoo, Rankine, Budarick (Cameron, King)

    This leaves 96k to upgrade rookies once it becomes clear on which ones to get and I can also downgrade Lloyd/Heeney to Crisp/Greenwood who I think are also good options.


  6. Greetings everybody.

    Here we go…

    Backs – Houston Sicily Docherty Roberton Hill Gould (Starcevich Rivers)

    MIds – Macrae Dunkley Oliver Coniglio Dangerfield Pickett Rowell Hibberd (Philp Budarik McHenry)

    Rucks – Grundy Goldstein (Comben)

    Forwards – Whitfield Greenwood Steven Smith Bonar Rankine (Flanders King)

    Backs – With the likes of Docherty Roberton and Hill so underpriced I am will in to take a bit more risk in picking Houston (training in the mids) and Sicily (the recruitment of Frost should help). Gould will b very popular pick and I think Starcevich will get a game early. I also looked at Young (Freo) and Williamson.

    Mids – the 5 premos pretty much speak for themselves and some well priced. I particularly like Dunkleys ceiling. There are 3 obvious rookies in Rowell Hibberd & PIckett. Carlton taking Philp with pick 20 is telling me to risk him. McHenry must be a big chance in a new look Adelaide team . Picked Budarik as I wanted a cheap DPP that might play early.

    Rucks – Big fan of Goldy and he is as fit as ever and even dropped a few kilos over summer. Watch Goldys first quarter last year against PA if you need convincing. Not sure why people are tending to chose Grundy over Gawn but I am too!! If Preuss happens to play in the same team as Gawn, Maxy tends to play a kick behind play and take contested intercept marks – great for SC

    Forwards – Whitfield is a no brainer. Greenwood should be great value as will be Steven & Smith if the have full pre-seasons. Bonar is just ready to. Rankine is a worthwhile risk. King will play. I rued not getting Larkey as bench cover in he forwards last year and got stuck with Burgess. Flanders is purely speculative.

    Bank – $57,700

    A potential concern I have is having too many GC players.

    What is peoples opinion?


    1. Welcome back Shaggi. Looks good but have a couple of thoughts.

      Totally get a Roo picking Goldstein but he’s getting on now?! Can’t go passed Grawndy myself.
      Am also not convinced by Greenwood. GCS tens tocstart very well each year (last four in fact) but can’t see him being a keeper or making sufficient funds = a waste. I hope he proves me wrong. Will need to up his game time significantly if he’s to get to 20+ possies. Yes he’s a tackler and contested player, but he’s not a pill-hunter and so I don’t seem him upping his numbers enough to start him. Makes me think you have more to lose by starting him than you have to gain by not.
      The rest looks great. Especially Steven Smith at F3/4. He’s easily good enough to fill two spots 😉


      1. Thanks for your input All Saints.
        Granted i maybe a bit biased but I am pretty sure that after Norths bye Goldstein he average 130+. I am also looking for a bit of a POD.
        Greenwood is certainly a speculative pick but at Adelaide he was only a parttime midfielder whereas at GC he should be right in the guts most of the match. I just think he has a high ceiling for the price.
        Steve Smith missed as opportunity to play AFL last year when he was taking his 12 month forced sabbatical. Very funny.


        1. I hear ya Shaggi. Think NTH will make the 8 this year. Clearly Shaw has revitalised Goldy. Again.
          Will be watching Greenwood’s role in the Marsh series but yet to be convinced.
          Good luck mate.


    2. And Shaggi (great to see you back mate) – but some thoughts from me:
      – lot of mid price / risky selections
      – if you have Hill – is he not better placed in forwards??


      1. Greetings Macca,
        Yes there is a few mid price risky selections but they are all on the basis of full pre-seasons. Any hiccup (like Buddy Franklin) and they are gone.
        I have tossed Hill being forward or back and his position is not set in stone. It will somewhat depend on available rookies tun up in defense and forward.


    3. Hey, Shaggi.

      Good to have you around again. Team looks solid, but I think the trauma of being a North supporter has affected two of your selections:

      1) Goldy. Irrespective of whether he looks good, you just can’t go past Grundy and Gawn. Do yourself a favour and make the switch.

      2) Bonar. Awkward price and high risk because of his injury history and seemingly low ceiling. I’d only start him if he pops off during the pre-season in a clearly defined role.


      1. Greetings GD.
        Certainly being a North man I feel has given me a greater insight than most into all things North as i have voraciously search for North related articles over summer.
        Whilst Goldy is not GG he is so durable and apparently as fit as he has ever been. He has not let me down in the past.
        North have been needing another midfield bull/contested player to assist Cunnington and allow Zeibell to go forward more. Bonar is being groomed for this role. Worth a punt.
        I will also add that in the past my teams of been a bit beige and have loaded up on the popular picks. Sometimes you have to trust your gut (Jethro Gibbs style) and take the risk. You not going to win Supercoach if you don’t.


        1. I don’t want to here that about Ziebel… I was thinking about him for my forward line.

          I thought with North picking up Hosie mid-season last year that would free Ziebel up to play even more mid.

          What role do you think Jy Simpkin will play BTW?


          1. Based on what i saw late last year and with Shaw coaching he has given increased midfield responsibility to the likes of Simpkin and LDU. I would expect Thomas to be in the same.
            This should lead to increased points for all 3 but how much increased points….time will tell.
            In regards > Ziebell I think North would prefer to play him forward but he just wasn’t gettin sufficiently involved and you need your captain involved in the play as much as possible.
            I expect about 50/50 b/w midfield and forward.
            I think our forward line is very dangerous on paper…we just need a small forward to buzz around. Turner does nowhere near enough


            1. Thanks, I’ve been researching Simpkin for a while now. When he got midfield time last year he got points, when he was stuck forward he didn’t.

              Hopefully he gets a good role this year.


  7. Has anyone looked at the new layout? Check the game day layout – makes it hard to see your and your opponents teams – it appears that the whole left side takes up the leagues you are in?? (or am I missing something?) – we don’t need to see that – also, when you hit “refresh” – it takes you back to the league listings – not refreshing what you see (ie your opponents players / changes) – so you have to click several times to get back to the screen …

    If this looks bad, then can I suggest that everyone gets onto the contact us option and complain to them – only numbers has a chance of getting it fixed!

    I’ve tried the new layout and it is truly awful!! Quick, everyone needs to complain to them!!

    Playing the BBL league ATM and you lose a decent view in game day layout … limited to a very minimal screen in bottom right and half screen taken up by a fixed view of all your leagues!!

    Its awful, everyone needs to write into them quickly on the contact us option …


    1. whoever thumbs down – try getting onto the game day page – more than half a computer screen is now taken up by the leagues you are in, rather than who you are playing – it is on the other side, in the bottom corner.
      Instead of having the ‘worm’ and the players you both have, you have one or the other – you need to remove the worm to see more common players – key when looking at your H2H match ups etc ..
      Then if you click on a player (to see details etc), you lose the match up screen – you need to have several clicks to get back to the match ups
      When you hit refresh – the same applies – you lose the view of the H2H players and back to the leagues screen …
      There is also no longer a countdown clock to lockout on this page
      I could go on further …

      This is such a backward step in the design of the SC site – if you aren’t currently playing BBL you may not be able to see it – but trust me, it is a pain! Also not sure how bad it would be on a smartphone tiny screen? Haven’t looked there yet …

      Its not good – and back up why you do a thumbs down with comments!


      1. Just a troll.
        But on the phone, locating player search is annoying, and when you exit out of a profile it goes back to your team instead of the search again. WATCH LISTING, players is a chore. But I might have missed something.


        1. nah mate – its a very poor backward step – i’ve sent several email with screen shots this afternoon after they asked me to send them – clearly they haven’t even tested it or asked what is important – to have 1/2 to 2/3 of a screen dedicated to the match ups or leagues we are in, is a complete waste! (they should be drop down like last year)

          Then, as you said, to try and look at details, and then loose the initial screen, resulting in multiple çlicks’ to get back to where you were is ridiculous …

          As I indicated, they can fix / address this, but more people have to contact them and complain …


  8. Tear it to shreds please.

    Doedee Hill H Young
    – Gould Rivers

    Rowell McHenry Pickett
    – Mead Hibberd Budarick(M/F l/h)

    – D Cameron

    D SmItH Cockatoo Rankine
    – Georgiades O’Connor(D/F l/h)

    Well I’ve suggested taking a more risky approach with ‘underpriced’ players, and this is where I’m at today!

    Lloyd has scored 200 more points than any other DEF for the last 2 years. I enjoyed it last time. I am concerned about Dawson’s negative influence in the back half of last year, but even those numbers make him a top6 pts man. I might be playing overs but his durability and consistency mean I know that’s one keeper sorted for 2020.
    Sicily is underpriced. He ave’d 105 just the year before, but I feel the recruitment of Frost and Patton were to give Sicily that free role in the hole where he can be at his intercept and rebound damaging best. He’s incredibly durable and has matured enough that suspensions seem a thing of the past.
    Houston is pencilled in for full-time MID. While he played there last year in the back end, his numbers aren’t as good as some are claiming (94.0 in MID), I’m reading good things and see room for natural improvement and his ceiling’s already proven.
    Doedee. I just like him, but with Keath gone, I see him matching his first year numbers despite the ACL. Risky yes but could even come back better. A natural contested footballer.
    Rookies are rookies at this stage but have picked expensive ones deliberately at this point. If Hill gets to Rd1 he’s a lock and FWD predominantly, but for fixture and loopholing he’ll be in DEF for Rd1.

    Don’t need to say too much. Cripps could easily become Fyfe or Danger. We’ll see.
    Oliver is underpriced and I love him.
    TKelly will be a v happy camper and busting to prove himself back home. has struggles with a tag but also think he’ll get better protection at WCE. See big improvement and hopefully top 10 FWD. it’s him or Jack STEELE! They do say that trying something again and expecting a diffetent result is insanity, but am hearing 2020 could (finally) be the year he’s off the leash and goes nuts, a la Dunkley.
    Rookies are rookies.


    Heeney outscored both Whitfield and Martin last year for total points. And he was injured. I’d love to start Lachie but of ALL my premo choices, he worries me the most. He might even be my favourite player but I feel he’s just too brittle for modern day footy. That said, if things change and I can make room for him, I will. Dusty on the other hand? No way. After Rd13 for me as RIC start their run for a third flag in four years.
    Tom Lynch was my first pick after Grawndy at the end of last season. The guy’s a freak, who averaged 90+ at GCS when he was still a kid. With a full pre-season and playing for the best team in the comp I see him as massively underpriced. Think he’ll ave. 95+.
    Steven looks super fit. And happy. A gift.
    Smith MUST play MID in the Marsh series or he’s OUT. That may mean changes elsewhere to get Lachie IN.

    We’ll see. Still a loOong way to go.


    1. I’ll be honest All Saints, I thought this was an amazing team until I got to the forward line! No Whitfield or Dusty is incredibly risky, and Lynch at F2 seems very thin.

      Additionally, I do not rate Tim Kelly at all for that price, I can’t see how going from a super crowded midfield into an EVEN MORE crowded midfield means an increase in scoring. I think there are much better options in that mid 500k range (Cogs, Prestia, Steele, McCluggage are some that immediately spring to mind).

      This is all of course just my opinion, so don’t read into it *too* much. And other than those other little gripes the team is looking very solid. Keen to see how th team chops and changes as the weeks go by!


      1. Cheers Ben. While Lynch may not kick 10 against your lot in Rd1, he will. I do feel a bit exposed without Whitfield and am sure will find a way to get him in. Maybe Heeney, Kelly, Smith and a premo rookie will help me shuffle that. We’ll see.
        Thanks again bud.


        1. Have you thought maybe cutting Telly and only running 4 mids? I’ve seen it quite a bit on Twitter and it makes the teams look amazing. Very reliant on rookie availability however.


          1. They do look good (4mids) I have to admit and picking a MID loophole may help to fill the void, but the bottom end of Top6 DEFs/FWDs and Top8 MIDs is consistently 20+pts/week for the entire season. That has to be your focus. Maybe I’ll look again with 2-5-2-2 and see what that affords me. Am sure come Rd1 and emerging rookies it’ll be affordable AND get the best ‘underpriced’ gift horses. We should know more about them too by then.
            Thanks again!


    2. Argh, AS, hate to disagree with you but your FWD picks are questionable better options out there imo.

      I’ve debated Lynch with someone before and the issues remain the same: KPP, low ass floor (put up a 47 & 74 during the hot form everyone points to), only tons up if he kicks 4 goals (with the exception of R22) and he’ll get more attention from defenders now.

      Heeney isn’t as big a problem, but will likely be starting up FWD if Buddy isn’t ready for R1 and will always run the risk of being swung forward.

      I’d be opening with the “FWDs” who are looking at the most MID time, which is the criteria you’ve correctly applied to Smith. Eg. Whitfield, Walters, etc.

      Otherwise, everything looks good. I rate the T. Kelly and Lloyd selections in particular.


      1. Nope. Appreciate it fully GD. While I’ve no doubt Heeney will be a top6 total pts pick, he can probably wait. A fit Lachie will likely fly early (until he gets injured), but if it’s a while it could be very costly indeed.
        Do you really like Kelly or have you got your Eagles sunnies on?! Would love to know.
        Thanks again mate


        1. Yep, I’ve got T. Kelly- couldn’t help myself lol.

          To be fair, he averaged 93.2 in his first season, 103.5 in the second, can only go up you’d think. Defensive cover from a big body like Yeo, good service from Gaff and Shuey directing traffic should help.

          Too biased?


          1. Not biased enough. I think Nik Nak tapping it into his lap 5 times a game will help alot.

            I expect Yeo to get a defenisve mid role more and more with Kelly there now.

            The only down side I see is the eagles might not rest him forward??? which helps alot for ToG and hence more points.


            1. For a while last year i didnt even rate t Kelly too highly as a forward option. Think we will see a drop in kelly, as Geelong had a perfect midfield to support him. Might struggle to average the ton imo. Think hard before choosing


    3. Hi All Saint. I like your team structure. You asked for feedback, here is mine:
      The 3 players I am not so sure about are in Defence and FWD:

      1. Lloyd. His number started going down at the back end of last year, So for that price, I there is value elsewhere and I rather not start him and pick him up later , cheaper as I dont see him as top 3 this year.

      2. Heeney. He scores better with Buddy in the team. This year again he is going to spend massive time forward before buddy is back. Also after 2 year in my team expecting a break out year that never occured, Not my fav.

      3. Lynch. KPP. and Richmond forwards dont do top 6 since Riewoldt slowing down. At GC there was only one traffic toward him. Richmond shares the pill more and their mids love kicking goals too. So not my Lock.


      1. Heeney averaged 92 with Buddy playing last year and 95.75 without.

        Dawson was played all over the place last year, maybe he fills the forward void in Buddys absence.


        1. Imo dawson stays in defence,and mills gets the run through the mids over Heeney.

          Heeney is too good of a fwd,which is his major downfall


  9. Hey All Saints
    A lot of ifs at this stage till we see preseason form but like your structure and backing a few point of differences.
    Also not sure on Lynch as I generally like forwards that go into midfield .
    T Kelly could be a revelation or a just a roll player at West Coast .
    I’m also not sure on Martin. Started him last year and was stung by average early performances but as a forward and lower price I will be starting as well as Whitfield who I feel will be more settled rebounding from back with Ward and Coniglio back with high ceiling .
    Heeney could play more forward with Budddy our early so waiting at this stage with D Smith and J Steven to hard to resist .
    J Martin will also be on my watch list


    1. Great stuff PBuzz. Thanks. I think you and GD make the same great points. As above, I will have another look. Plenty of changes I’m sure before Rd1.
      Got the feedback on Lynch I expected, but seriously think he’ll smash 2020. He’ll be the best KPF since Buddy. I know he doesn’t get up the ground like Buddy does, but I’m hearing he’s gone to another level at Punt Rd. He ave’d 95+ back half last year (incl. finals) and that for me is his base this year. Hope I’m right.
      Thanks again!


      1. What about Tom McDonald? Done it before, injured at 3qtr time on 130 odd I think. Was just starting to get back into it. Apparently over his injury. He had a bad season like most of the club. Worth considering.


        1. He’s definitely one I’m looking at. Hugely underpriced if fit and firing. Both he and the Dees need to convince me first.


      2. Sure, he averaged 95 but amongst that was a 47.

        You’re probably bang-on about him tbh, AS. Just got to be ready to accept some bum ass scores, that’s all.

        Start him and prove us wrong, big dog 🙂


    1. Have to agree with GD but for different reasons. I think he’ll improve but the Rd12 bye works against him. 2021 maybe.
      You just can’t go past GG to start.


  10. Used this site Had a really good year last year and finished just inside the top 250 wanna take it more competitive week to week is there any leagues I can join


    1. Dedicated threads will start popping up in a bit. Alot ask for you to add @sct to your team name but not all of them. But why wouldn’t you? This site is worth it.


  11. So I just want to make clear, this is sort of a feeling out post, I have a second team I’m happy with but want to hear everyone’s thoughts with this

    DEF: Daniel, Laird, Doc, Young, McLennan, Gould (Worrell, Rivers)

    MID: McRae, Neale, Cripps, Danger, Oliver, McHenry, Pickett, Hibberd (Bytel, Robertson, Mead)

    RUCK: GG (Conway)

    FWD: Whitfield, Walters, Martin, S. Hill, Flanders, Brander (Rankine, M. King)

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on starting the 3 forwards? Feel like they would be top 6 (question mark around Sunny) and everyone’s thoughts on skipping Rowell as it seems a big as for lighting to strike twice with a number 1 draft pick

    *rookies subject to change but see them as fairly common


    1. FWD structure is the line giving me the most headaches with some many options. I like the structure and it will most likely be the one i take?. Unless of course Smith Gets 70% mid time and Steven shows up looking fit and ready. At their prices hard to ignore.

      Was looking over Walsh TOG stats the other day from last year, simply amazing for a 1st year player.AMAZING, I doubt Rowell gets that much time.

      Good Luck.


  12. What are the options on running a loophole in DEF MID FWD then bring in best performing rookie with good JS in DEF and MID lines round 3. ?


      1. Why a wasteof trades,? Most coaches will make two corrective trades round 3. This will allow me to get a good scoring rookie on field for round 1and 2 and the pick up the best value rookie for DEF & MID.?


  13. Brutal honesty appreciated

    Def: J Lloyd, z Williams, J sicily, S docherty, h young, b starcevich (brander, gould)

    Mid: J Mccrae, l Neale, n fyfe, J Kelly, c Oliver, m Rowell, n mchenry, m pickett (Robertson, rivers, hibberd)

    Rucks : grundy, gawn (comben)

    Fwd: l Whitfield, J Steven, S Hill, n cockatoo, I rankine, m King (Smith, Worrall)


    1. Great up until your FWD line, Seb.

      Just too light on premos and you probably want to minimize the amount of FWD rookies you have on field as they tend to score poorly.

      Cull one of your DEF mid pricers and sink the cash into a reliable F2, pushing Steven to F3.


    2. Great effort mate, some great selections. Personally I would look to downgrade one of your premium defenders or mids and beef up your forward line. Seems a little light on. Would love to a Dusty/Heeney type up fwd for a bit more balance. In saying that, always interesting to see different structures. Good luck with yr planning mate. Cheers, DR


  14. DEF: Laird, Sicily, Docherty, Doedee, Bianco, Gould (Cottrell, Rivers)

    MID: Fyfe, Dunkley, Danger, Yeo, Coniglio, Rowell, Hibberd, Pickett (McHenry, Valente, Bell)

    RUC: Gawndy (Conroy)

    FWD: Whitfield, Dusty, J.Steven, D.Smith, Hill, Rankine (Cameron, King)

    Any feedback appreciated.


  15. Honest feedback on my first crack guys!

    DEF: Daniel, Stewart, Doc, Doedee, Young, Cottrell (Bianco, Gould)

    MID: Neale, Fyfe, Cripps, Danger, Bont, Rowell, McHenry, Pickett (Cockatoo, Robertson, Hibberd)

    RUC: Grawndy

    FWD: Whit, Dusty, Steven, Rankine, King, Cahill (Kreuger, Hutchesson)


  16. Playing around with structure, and reckon this might generate some discussion.

    DEF: Williams, Doc, Doedee, Starcevich, Williamson, Gould (McLennan, Worrell)
    MID: Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Dunkley, Danger, Gibbs, Cockatoo, Pickett (McHenry, Valente, Rivers)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Comben)
    FWD: Walters, Martin, Steven, Smith, Hill, Rankine (Cameron, Budarick)


    Yep, Gibbs. Though there’s a few other names I’m considering there – Cotch, Menegola, McGrath, Petrevski-Seton. Wind it back a bit though.

    Rucks – easy.
    Forwards – not so much. Walters could become Ziebell or similar if one of the more expensive M6 options is required/preferred – doubtful though. Smith AND Steven…pending pre-season form/fitness of course.
    Defenders – I feel this is where the rookies will be most effective, hence the shallower top end.

    So, the mids. I really don’t want to have less than 5 top shelf options, they all look strong and there’s a lot of points to be had (or missed). But I also think the overall rookie stocks could be a bit stunted (especially forward), and therefore need to include some mid-pricers, but don’t want them all at either end of the ground leaving me exposed to mass outs.

    Hence – midfield midpricer at M6.

    Gibbs was the name that really stood out. Adelaide made an absolute meal of 2019, and a key feature of that atrocious performance was the constant yoyo-ing of Gibbs, in and out of the seniors. Here’s a lesson – Gibbs is not a player you suddenly turn into a defensive workhorse at the age of 30. I have a hunch that Adelaide may have finally realised that, and Gibbs will either be moved to a half-back distributor role, or allowed to play as a midfield receiver with a license to deliver the ball forward aggressively.

    Go back to 2018 and Bryce averaged 96.

    2017 he averaged 102 at the Blues.

    Personally, I think a 100avg is overly optimistic, but not impossible. But if he can find that 2018 output again, he’s not a keeper, but will make $150k while putting some fantastic scores on the board. Then he can be sideways traded as one of the last changes for my team, or held if the shit hits the fan elsewhere and I run out of trades.

    As I said earlier, other options are available. Menegola, pending his role now that Kelly is gone. McGrath, pending a move on-ball. SPS, pending form in a new HB role in the preseason. All blokes I think could find themselves in the 95avg territory for, though Gibbs offers the most potential bang-for-buck.

    Also have (so far) set up DPP links everywhere. Mid/Fwd, Mid/Def, Def/Fwd, Ruc/Fwd – lots of flexibility to hopefully cover short term injuries.


    1. The crows keep talking up Milera as the counter point to their bruisers in the midfield soooo I could see Gibbs hanging around the half back line for sure.

      It does make me worried abit about Lairds role because of this but Laird is currently in my team.
      There’s a lot of people to fit into their backline if Gibbs plays back and Doedoe is good to go.


      1. Yeah, I’m right off Laird. Great player, just don’t think he’s consistently damaging enough to make me want to start him. A solid 10+ rounds and he’s an upgrade, but for now I think there are a lot of better choices.

        Definitely a wait-and-see with the Crows across the board. I figure someone’s gotta score the points though, and there aren’t many standouts – so it seems more likely to me their underpriced players will come up a bit, rather than someone near the top end (Crouch x2, Sloane etc.) going ballistic.


    2. Very (blue) ballsy move to select Gibbs.
      As you pointed out, 2019 was an absolute farce for the Crows, so I think (maybe more than any other team) we will need to watch Adelaide’s pre-season games closely to identify which players have new or changed roles.

      If this is the structure you’re set on, then I do agree Gibbs is probably the best pick around his price. But if you’re saying that you can get up to SPS’s price range then Gus Brayshaw could be a nice option with the Dees also hoping for an improvement from last year (obviously I wasn’t an owner last year to even suggest selecting the burn man!).


      1. It came about because I was fiddling around with a side with all four of Doedee, Roberton, Steven and Smith, but felt that it was one too many injury risks and had them stacked in the two lines with less bench support. So I thought “Hey, what options are available in the midfield”.

        Cotchin, Menegola, SPS and McGrath were some other names that caught my attention, but they’d all require a sacrifice somewhere else. That could be something like Walters down to Ziebell or Dunkley down to Taranto. Given Gibbs is the cheapest option, and has the best (to my eye) scoring potential, I’d only be looking at those alternatives if something happened to spook me off Gibbs.

        It’s not a structure I’m set on, just one I’m considering the value of.


        1. always good to explore ALL structures at this time of year. let’s face it, they could prove invaluable come Rd1 if there are comparatively few or lots of rookies. i also worry about MID rookies this year, which is why i’m thinking about having my loophole stationed there should a playing R3 rear his pretty head.

          am not sold on Gibbs but i get your point. the last two years have shown that the most volume and value from ‘underpriced’ players come on the DEF and FWD lines, so is the four you were considering really too many? personally, i don’t think so. my other concern is picking someone on your mid-line who probably won’t even play MID! yeah Hannebery is stuck together like Bruce Reid, but i’d say he’s a safer option if you want an M6 value pick.
          Still early days, and lots of playing around with structures and strategies to be done. Embrace and enjoy it for now I say.


  17. defence
    Lloyd Sicily Houston Roberton
    H.Young Bianco (gould rivers)
    macrae fyfe cripps dunkley danger Rowell Pickett hibberd (mchenry Robertson budarick)
    Grundy gawn (comben)
    Whitfield Steven D.Smith S.Hill cockatoo rankine ( mcadam M.King)

    81k Left
    Am I too light in the fwd?
    Any suggestions to where I can fix


    1. No. I love it. Just make sure you have back-up options should either/both of Hill and Cockatoo not make it to Rd1.


  18. Hi Peeps,
    Here is my first Draft:

    Docherty, Cotrell , Gould
    (Bianco , Rivers)

    Valente, Pickett, McHenry
    (Hibberd, Philp, Budarick)

    GRUNDY, GAWN (Comben)


    Flanders Rankine Cockatoo
    (King, Worrell)

    $11.8K left ITB

    My theory this year: Hardcore guns and rookies. Also my Premos keepers are only players who played 22 games or more.
    My 3 exception: Whitfield because this year I feel it is poor in premo quality in the forward line, Docherty for the value and D Smith coz I am a bomber.

    Def: Laird ahead of Lloyd and Houli who I see as upgrade.
    Sicily and Houston locks for me exept injury.
    (Z. Williams I dont trust GWS with injuries so Withfield is plenty)

    Mid: No comments. Macrae or Dunkley I didnt want double dog exposure.

    Ruck: No comment but if ROB tears it at JLT , I will think again.

    FWD: I accept Whitfield will miss few games but he’ll outscore any other FWD. I want to start him for total points.
    Martin is a gun. He had a nice holiday chilling in the Maldives and good preseason, No worries.
    Smith, happy to keep him as F6 if it goes bad.

    Please any feedback appreciated. Don’t hold back. I dish it , I am happy to take.


    1. I think “hardcore guns” is too generous a characterization for Laird, Sicily and Dev Smith at this stage given the ambiguity surrounding their roles. Monitor their pre-season.

      Also don’t think “exposure” is a fair reason too omit Dunkley. He’s got a massive ceiling and if you think he’ll be Top 8, start him.

      That aside, your structure is solid. Just tinker with a few selections.


      1. Thanks Gunboat. I have loyalty with Laird and Sicily and I have Houli and Lloyd in my watchlist for defence. It could chance R1.
        I take your point for Dunkley. At This point I will keep an eye on him and T.Kelly
        D. Smith, is staying. I cannot have a season without starting a Bomber and Zerrett is not starting for me this year.


        1. Haha, in that case go ahead and keep Smith!

          Sometimes bias pays off. Eg. I couldn’t help myself starting Hurn last year with the introduction of the kick-in rule and that paid off.


  19. Here’s V2.0 of Ball Don’t Lie…

    Docherty, Doedee, Roberton, Hill, Starcevich, McLennan (Rivers, Gould)

    Treloar, Oliver, Merrett, T Kelly, Sloane, Coniglio, Pickett, Hibberd (Bytel, Bianco, Mead)

    Grundy, Gawn (Comben)

    Whitfield, Martin, Heeney, Steven, Smith, Rankine (D Cameron, M King)


    – I’ve gone light in Defense as I don’t really trust any of the higher priced premos (except Lloyd) or even breakout options just yet, but if I feel shaky about how things are going in Marsh with my selections I’ll downgrade Cogs/Kelly to a rookie and make necessary changes to the backline. If things break the right way, however, I may just have started 4 Premos for less than $1M. Hopefully, Lloyd will be my first recruit of the season in round 6-7.

    – I strongly feel that the VC/C will be Grawndy 90% of the time, which has allowed me to go for more value picks through the Midfield and get 6 strong 105+ players. I feel this will be an advantage at the beginning of the season. Will then look to pick up 2-3 more Premos through the year when they are at a better value price from a combination of Macrae/Fyfe/Danger/Neale/Bont/Dunkley/Cripps.

    – I feel there isn’t as much value at the lower-end of the rookie price scale for the forwards, and that’s why I’ve invested in 5 solid starters. I have every expectation Stevens and Smith spend the run home as my bench support across both M/F, and will look out for the 2-3 surprise packets to bring in hopefully before they pop.

    – All selections at this point are speculative except for Grawndy, Oliver, Whitfield, Dusty

    Thanks for reading and all of your feedback coaches 🙂


    1. Hi Mike, You have just gone too many mid price madness. On thing about supercoach is the Cowaquisition. And too many spots have been taken for my liking, specially playing 6 premos in mid where the highest scoring rookies should go. Maybe restrict to 5?
      But I like your mid differential. I like the pick of Sloane and Treloar.


      1. Im sorry but your team is bad.

        You have Treloar, Merrett, Kelly, Sloane, and Cognilio…. This angers me so much, because you are meant to aim to get the best players and score the most points – none of those are top 6 mids imo. Wtf.

        Doedee and Roberton as D2 and D3 is ridiculous. I rate doedee and actually think he will average 95 odd, but both are too risky, and you will blow a lot of trades trying to get this team up to scratch.

        Slow down mate and get some of the best premos in their positions, because i only see around 6 players that are uber premos in their positions for the year. Can I ask, are you new to supercoach?


    2. I have to agree I’m afraid. While I’m not against picking ‘underpriced’ players, far from it 😉 , you still have to pick a MINIMUM ten absolute lock Premos. You haven’t.
      You’ve also gone deep with possible premos in the FWD line, which is traditionally the lowest scoring position. Last year was an exception with so many 1st RUCs and pure MIDs given FWD status. This year is very different. If you want to take risks I’d say take them there, but don’t compromise your M1-4/5 for ANYTHING. Same goes for R1&2.
      Apologies it sounds so damning, but I truly think you need to reconsider.
      Would be happy to hear your thoughts on this and above comments.
      Good luck


      1. Chill-out. It’s January. We’re two months away. This team (my V2.0 team), like everyone else’s at this time of year is a starting point. There is an entire preseason and a full Marsh series to play. The last line of my post reads verbatim: “All selections at this point are speculative except for Grawndy, Oliver, Whitfield, Dusty”… If you count that AS it’s actually half the amount of Premos you’re advocating to lock.

        And a window into my experience of getting advice on this site is that it’s not always a benefit. You are not all gurus. Best to be respectful when delivering some feedback. In fact, the last two years I’ve posted teams that were similar to the above (read: unconventional) during the preseason for feedback, took the advice of coaches on this site, and wound up with WORSE teams than my initial thoughts. This year I’m trying to stay confident, and stick-fat with my initial decisions. Come what may.

        Good luck to you guys.


        1. Fair call Mike. Totally get the feedback and I did read that last line. I also have been talked out of a lot of gut decisions the last couple of years. Mostly to my detriment.
          I post on here to get feedback, good or bad, but I always appreciate and listen to others thoughts as to why/why not. Chillo writes a great piece each pre-season on the ‘herd mentality’ and I think it’s important we all stick to our guns to the extent it is our own team after all. At the end of it all, we only have ourselves to blame if we get dissuaded from going with what we believed to be the right choice initially.
          I’ll make adjustments no doubt. There’s still the most important 8 weeks to go before it all kicks off. I for one can’t wait.
          Good luck planning for now.


        2. PS by no means do I think I’m a ‘guru’. I just love the statistical side of planning (probability and optimisation). Have only been playing for a couple of years properly. But everyone likely knows that, as I acknowledge it often on here.
          If I win this bloody thing one day (fat chance), I might consider myself ‘good at it’, but such lofty claims? Meh.


        3. Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to, mate.

          You posted a team, you got negative feedback- big deal. Have another crack and move on.

          And for the record, yes, AS is a guru.


          1. GD

            I can take constructive criticism about the team. It was the negative and personal in-nature comments I felt were a bit out of place. I appreciate all feedback about a player, structure, etc, but there’s no need to get angry about someone’s decision or question they’re playing credentials.


            TBF you’ve always provided advice/thoughts with an even hand, which I’m sure is why you’re so respected on the site.

            Again, good luck coaches. Early days yet, but hope everyone enjoys the run-up to the season (both AFL & SC).


  20. An early structure I worked on allowed me to start 6 MID premos, Gawn & Grundy, Whitfield & Walters up FWD and Lloyd and DBJ down back by running mid-pricers (Doedee and Stevens) at D3 and F3 .

    Worked out to a 2-5-2-2 + two midpricers I actually quite like.

    Problem now is that I’ve got so many expensive rookies that I can’t really afford a quality 6th midfielf premo to make the structure work. Rowell, Hudson, Starcevich and Williamson are bleeding me dry.

    Obviously, I don’t want miss an quality cows but I want to try and avoid any Sam Collins-esque players in my team. Eagerly awaiting the pre-season to sort the weak from the chuff and thin the herd. One more month lol…


      1. Sorry. Young. His first name is Hayden and in my mind that’s somehow Hudson, which then became his first name lol.


    1. I got rid of Rowell, freed up a lot of cash.
      Gold coast first ten games, they play 5 of the top 6 supercoach scoring teams for last year. I really encourage people to go look at their first 10 games. It’s not fun.

      They play the Giants Round six, with DeBoar, too Rowell has to be a reasonable chance of the tag surely?


      1. I’ve dropped Rowell too.
        But I highly doubt the tag will go to a 5-game rookie, it’ll more likely go to someone like Fiorini, or Greenwood if he’s going off.


        1. Don’t think he’ll get a tag, but GP’s right that points will be thin at the Suns. I’ve still started Rowell for the time being, rather than omitting him then having to rustle up the cash if he proves to be essential.

          The pre-season will tell us everything we need to know, holding him to a similar standard as Sam Walsh.


    2. G’day mate! … For just my humble opinion, I reckon 6 premo mids is just too many (most years, and depends on the quality of rooks I suppose) – but you are usually guaranteed to get one of them wrong, which means you look to sideways at some stage … and you usually find that someone becomes a must have … and you only have two spots to fill, so to speak …

      But just my thoughts mate – it is great to see lots of different thinking ideas though, as its better than everyone same-same!!

      Looking forward to another big year in SC and on the site!!


      1. Hey, Macca.

        Yeah, it’s going to be contingent on the rookies of course. Likely grab another DEF premo tbh.


  21. Attempt 1. Will come back to it in a few weeks. Pick another side and see where I am at.

    Thoughts and advice appreciated.

    DEF: Sicily, Doch, Clark, Roberton, Young, Gould (Bianco, Rivers)

    MID: Neale, Cripps, Dunkley, Taranto, Heeney, Greenwood, Rowell, Pickett (McHenry, Robertson, Hibberd)

    Ruck: Grundy, Gawn (Cameron)

    FWD: Whitfield, Dusty, D. Smith, S. Hill, Cockatoo, Rankine ( King, Worrall)

    Not 100% happy with it yet.
    The likes of Roberton, greenwood and Smith could change.
    The rookies will obviously change.

    How is it


    1. Hey Shaun
      No thumbs or feedback isn’t very helpful is it?
      Personally am not convinced on the structure. One Premo DEF and only four proven Premo MIDs. But I like the Taranto pick.
      If you want Heeney and Greenwood, I feel they need to be FWD. That then makes your FWD line (traditionally the weakest) too heavy at the expense of MIDs and DEFs.
      I like the idea of Clark but he isn’t underpriced. You can likely afford to watch him and pick him up later at a similar or lesser price. If Robertson starts and with Hill and Zac Jones now at the Saints, I’m not sure he’ll deliver SC-wise.
      Just some thoughts. Take it as you please. And good luck 🙂


  22. Hi guys! Excited for another year. Had my best year by far, looking to go even further this season.

    DEF – Lloyd, Laird, Docherty, Young, Starcevich, Gould (Worrell, Bianco)
    MID – Macrae, J. Kelly, Dangerfield, Treloar, T. Kelly, McHenry, Pickett, Robertson (Rivers, Hibberd, Budarick)
    RUC – Grundy, Goldstein (Conroy)
    FWD – Whitfield, Martin, Heeney, Smith, Cockatoo, Rankine (King, Williams)

    Last year, I started off with a team that was kind of identical to what about 50-100k people had made up, because we thought that was the safe option. Which to a point it was, but I had about 2 or 3 draws with some people around the start of the year. All because the team I was versing was almost exactly what I had. But as the year went on, when everyone was upgrading rookies, I brought in premos that weren’t the most popular. In the end, it paid off and I finished almost in the top 1k after almost falling to 20k about 5 weeks beforehand.
    So I picked some players this year who would be in most teams, and some who won’t as popular, but wouldn’t make too much of a difference compared to players around the same price. I want to have a team that’s different from those I play against. Not outrageously different, but different enough to prove a point.

    Lloyd was an obvious choice for me. Laird I think will be back to his best with players gone and some back in that will help him out a lot. Docherty I’m hoping has a injury free year, and see him climb back to a premo defender. Young and Starcevich seem to be rookies that will play a fair few games. Gould, Worrell or Bianco I haven’t heard much about as well as my two benchers. But the JLT Series should present some good options.

    Like Lloyd, Macrae was a no brainer. He’s been in my side for the last 4-5 years, and hasn’t disappointed me at all. And here’s where my not so popular picks come in. If Josh Kelly comes in with a full preseason unscathed, then I think he’ll be up there with the likes or Macrae, Neale and Fyfe. I picked Danger because he’s always good, and hopefully no injury concerns this year. Treloar is another one I picked because he wasn’t as popular. But the teams he’s versing in first few rounds he usually does very well against. And last of my more expensive mids is Tim Kelly. People don’t think he’ll excel as much at the Eagles, but I think he’ll come out as the best mid at the club come season’s end. Got to remember, he contended with the likes of Danger, Ducky Selwood, Ablett and Duncan. And he did pretty well. This time he has Gaff, Shuey, Yeo and Sheed. I rank the first four way higher, so Kelly should do well.
    I didn’t pick Rowell, because being no. 1 doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be the best scoring rookie. TAC SC scores mean jack all to me. Walsh was a one off, we saw in the JLT how good he was. Maybe Rowell might be the same, but he has the show that in this year’s JLT. Walsh is the only no. 1 pick to average over 80 in their first season. The next best averaging one after him was David Swallow. There have been many instances where lower picks are the best. Fyfe, Barlow, Mitchell, Zorko. So there is many reason why I don’t trust Rowell just yet, so he’s out.
    Pickett should get plenty of games. Robertson, McHenry and Hibberd should get a few. Don’t know anything about Rivers or Budarick though.

    Last year people ridiculed me because I didn’t go with both Gawn and Grundy. I had Gawn and Goldy. People told me I was stupid, but I thought why spend that much on two rucks. Now obviously as far as rucks go, they were the best two averaging players (and best two of ALL positions). But the money I had saved to spruce up one more player somewhere else helped a lot. I would rather put $100k to add another premo to my backs or forwards (and would probably average about 40-50 more than a rookie, then spend that to get a ruck who would only average 20-30 more than the next ruck after him.
    With Gawn and Grundy being the two most expensive players is a greater reason for me to only go one of them. It’s a rule I have to not have the two most expensive players in any position (I know did that with my forward, but I’ll explain).
    This year I’m going Grundy instead of Gawn. Grundy get a lot more possessions than Gawn and moves better in general, that’s the difference that made my choice.
    Conroy I picked because he’s the cheapest.

    Yes I picked the top 2 priced forwards, Whitfield and Dusty. But can you blame me when there isn’t much better options? Forwards seem to be the new defence, I remember when it was hard to find good consistent players there. Heeney I think like Danger, should come good if he has no injury concerns. Smith if he also doesn’t get injured, should average in the 90’s. Would be a good F6 at the season’s end. Rankine should get games, and I hope Cockatoo does too. King I’ve heard good things about, and I’ve heard nothing on Williams from Port Adelaide.

    Well there’s my team. Obviously it’ll change here and there before the season starts (especially after JLT), but this is what I’m starting with.


    1. I like your thinking and rationale behind your selections mate. Good to see you are looking to add some ice magic to your team so it’s not so vanilla!


    2. Nice team Corey. You are bold with your choices and I like that.
      My only hummmm moment is the G+G . I toyed with the idea since last season but I was not game enough to take the risk. Hopefully Golstein doesnt lose much ground on Gawn and the money you save gives you enough money/points to bring in Gawn later on as I am sure bared injury , he’ll be R1 or R2.
      Nice to see a different thinking.


    3. I have also shared the same mentality in regard to ruck choice for the last couple seasons, money could definitely be better spent somewhere else. Last year I went Grundy and Goldy all season and was stoked with Goldy’s output. This season I was going to go Grundy and Rowan Marshall but Ryder being traded has ruined that idea..


  23. Hi Guys, what’s your rating on my first iteration for the year:

    J. Lloyd – $591,400
    C. Daniel – $537,900
    D. Roberton – $260,400
    S. Hill – $190,600
    H.Young – $180,300
    B. Starcevich – $147,700
    (W. Gould – $117, 300 and T. Bianco – $117,300)

    J. Macrae – $668,900
    L. Neale – $658,500
    N. Fyfe – $651,600
    P. Cripps – $635,900
    P. Dangerfield – $625,500
    N. McHenry – $123,900
    D. Smith – $335,800
    M. Pickett – $123,900

    J. Mead – $117,300
    T. Rivers – $117,300
    D. Robertson – $117,300

    B. Grundy – $705,900
    M. Gawn – $697,100

    C.Comben – $117,300

    L. Whitfield – $604,100
    I. Heeney – $510,700
    J. Steven – $361,700
    N. Cockatoo – $148,200
    I. Rankine – $123,900
    M. King – $123,900

    S. Flanders – $162,300
    L. Hosie – $123,900

    Balance – $2,200

    Really tossing up on Dev Smith and Whitfield – I know that these two will probably come back to bite me either way I go. Whitfield’s BE at 111 is sort of tempting to gamble on.
    I’m confident that if Roberton gets through preseason and Marsh community series he’ll be a good earner as a mid-price player. Also back Stuv to return to form down at Geelong.
    Will admit I’m pretty in the dark as far as good rookies go this year. That said I’m backing Max King to get some early games as he’s back to full training and looks set to get on the park.

    I like the setup of 5 premo mids, obviously grawndy, 2 solid forwards and backs with 1 mid/low price mover (Roberton and Steven) with rookies filling the rest of the sheet.


    1. Not sold on Smith in the mids – money could be used better elsewhere … and if you really want him, and he looks like playing mids, then put him in your fwd line …


      1. He’s listed at M7 (should be M6), and has the DPP link with Cockatoo – hardly matters which line he starts in given both players will be on-field.


  24. Hi. First time poster, long time lurker here so I am a little nervous posting my team, but here it goes.
    Laird, Sicily, Dawson, Hill, Williamson, Rivers, (Bianco, McLennen)
    JKelly, Cripps, TKelly, Yeo, Treolar, Rowell, Pickett, Bytel (McHenry, Hibberd, Rantall)
    Gawn, English (Jackson)
    Walters, Martin, Heeney, Smith, Bonar, Rankine (King, McAdam)

    Any comments would be great. Thank you.


    1. G’day Magic Beans,
      Great to see your team, great effort and certainly no need to be nervous about posting it.
      Some great pics as well as some potential POD’s in Yeo, Treloar, English and Walters. One of my main concerns is that you haven’t picked Grundy or Whitfield, who I think will be the highest averaging ruck and forward. I also think if he has no hiccups in the preseason, that Docherty is also close to a lock for me. Wonderful job and please keep posting! Cheers Magic B, DR.


      1. Thank you for your feedback DR. I was mainly staying away from those players because of high starting prices but maybe I am being to tight. Random question but are you the same DR that does the supercoach youtube videos? Have discovered them this year and is my favourite channel on youtube, it is so helpful. Thank you again for your comment.


        1. Hey mate. Thanks for your support! Yes I’m the same DR from YouTube. I decided to set up a channel this year to share a bit of my knowledge that I have gained over the years (most of it coming from people on this awesome site) I’m glad you are enjoying the content mate and I enjoy making them as I’m a SC tragic and love the discussion. Looking forward to the next version of your team MB!


  25. Def: Sicily, Houston, Docherty,
    Roberton, Young, Starcevich,
    Rivers, Gould.

    Mids: Macrae, Neale, Cripps,
    Dangerfield, Yeo, Rowell, Flanders,
    M Pickett, McHenry, S Philp, Mead.

    Rucks: Grundy, Gawn, Comben.

    Forwards: Whitfield, Martin, Smith,
    S Hill, Cockatoo, Rankine,
    D Cameron, M king.

    Any Feedback would be great.


  26. I made an experimental change to my team that is admittedly risky, but with potential reward.

    The new team lines up as follows:

    $3,700 remaining

    DEF: Sicily, Houston, Docherty, Hill, McLennan, Gould, (Rivers, Bianco)
    MID: Macrae, Cripps, Dunkley, Dangerfield, McHenry, Pickett, Robertson,
    (Maginness, Mead, Hibberd)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn, (Comben)
    FWD: Whitfield, Martin, Heeney, Steven, Hosie, Rankine (King, Worrell)

    OUT: Josh Kelly, Rowell, Young, Starcevich, Flanders, Simpson.
    IN: Dangerfield, Steven, McLennan, Worrell, Maginess, Hibberd

    I have been tossing up between Neale, Dangerfield and Kelly as my fifth midfielder.

    Cons of the new side:

    Relies on quite a few $117 and $123k rookies showing up.
    No Young or Rowell, two of the better rookie prospects.
    Virtually no cash to maneuver with, either to switch premiums or pick up rookies.

    Pros of the new side:

    Jack Steven at F4, potentially an extra keeper, bringing the number to 14. I’ve seen teams with 12 premiums 2 midpricers for 14 keepers, and 13 premiums 1 midpricer, but the latter usually have 4 defenders and 4 midfielder where I have 3 and 5. I reckon the difference between an M5 and a D4 could easily be 15-20 points.

    I certainly like my previous side where I don’t have Jack Steven and I can reallocate the funds towards more expensive rookies if picking them is a necessity. I might be able to squeeze Rowell in over Hill if really basement rookies show up somewhere, but I reckon my defence is safer with Hill anchoring D4 (swing set with Worrell at F8).

    All this of course, is pending rookie selection.


    1. one Mid missing mate?? Similar to my current thinking – but I dont have Danger as 5th mid premo …

      Not sold on Heeney yet and also the defs are fluctuating with wanting to have Lloyd at the start – without him hurts too damn much! (see what roles look like in JLT) …


      1. Cheers, Oliver is M5.

        Heeney is there as the third safe 95+ premium. Role and fitness permitting he could go higher.

        Jake Lloyd averaged 98 post bye – the risk is there but he’s potentially well overpriced.


        1. ahhh well then, that’s my mids, but I have Neale instead of Danger!!

          Yep, I’m banking on the fact that Swans were mucking about at the end and Lloyd goes back to his usual role … if he starts like last year, 131, 124, 130, 109, 111 – you just can’t miss that!!

          If his role looks dodgy in the pre season, at least the money is there to go for anyone else …


          1. It definitely coincided with Dawson being moved back. Post byes Dawson going down back.

            Dawson was 79 pre-bye and 94 post bye, coinciding with Lloyd dropping to 98 post-bye.


            1. yep – I think (replace with hope? haha) Swans were just trying things … I think the Swans have issues with Buddy down injured again – likely to impact both Heeney and Dawson …


              1. Yeah question marks abound. Even with injury and without Buddy Heeney still managed around 95.

                If things go well, perhaps 100-105 is on the cards.

                I’m definitely worried about going into the season without Lloyd, but it’s nearly impossible to have absolutely everyone you want.


  27. Hey Guys,

    So this is my second draft of a team.
    Let me know what you think.

    J.Lloyd, Z.Williams, C.Daniel
    B.Starcevich, T.Rivers, W.Gould
    (J.Worrall, T.Bianco)

    J.Macrae, L.Neale, N.Fyfe, P.Cripps
    P.Dangerfield, N.McHenry, M.Pickett, D.Robertson
    (J.Mahony, J.Mead, M.Hibberd)

    B.Grundy, M.Gawn

    L.Whitfield, D.Martin, D.Smith
    S.Hill, I.Rankine, D.Williams
    (M.King, E.Taylor)

    $71,400 left in the bank.

    Couple things I have been weighing up are:

    DEF –
    Z.Williams, not sure if I’m 100% with him, have thought of either Sicily or even Houli but can’t yet decide.

    MID –
    P.Dangerfield, once again not 100% here, have rotated Danger/Treloar and Oliver through this spot. Once again can’t decide.

    FWD –
    I have Whitfield and Dusty as a lock, but cannot decide on a third premo, so have settled with Smith and Hill Combo, will all depend on their pre season games of course.

    Thanks for reading and I would love your feedback, good or bad I will take it on board.



    1. Structure’s great, Cas, and that 74k in loose change will come in handy if you need to grab a top shelf rookie or switch a premo before the season starts.

      For now, just monitor whether Dev Smith gets midfield minutes in the pre-season and whether Lloyd snapped out of the 80s that plagued his last few games.


      1. Thanks GD, appreciate it.
        Think il just let this team sit until the preseason games then re assess those minor details and rookies.


  28. A question I’m spending a lot of time on before I put my team up here is, do you think Dylan Roberton’s return will impact Hunter Clarke’s numbers?
    They play a similar role… and I don’t know if I see Clarke pushing into the midfield just yet, particularly given Brad Hill’s arrival.


  29. This is what I’ve come up with, how’s it looking guys?

    DEF: Lloyd, Stewart, Doc, Doedee, Young, Cottrell (Bianco, Gould)

    MID: Fyfe, Cripps, Danger, Oliver, Rowell, McHenry, Pickett, Hibberd (Cockatoo, Robertson, Bytel)

    RUC: Grawndy

    FWD : Whit, Dusty, Parish, Steven, Bonar, Hill (Rankine, King)


  30. Hey SC community,
    Long time no post.
    Good luck for the season ahead.
    Looking for a bit of advice,

    TU: Josh Kelly
    TD: Dangerfield


  31. Hmm, Lloyd at a 30% pick rate. Not exactly the POD I hoped he would be.

    Anyone given any thought to Hurn or Houli?


    1. Not sure about Houli, for last four years has averaged about 15 games a season while Hurn for the last four year has played nearly all games and his average has gone 82.4, 88.6, 96.4 and 103.5.

      Hurn might be at his peak, and he had a better first half of the year. Worth watching during pre-s


    2. GD , on paper you cant go pass Lloyd. 26yo. 21+ games average the last 5 years, no change of role etc… My only concern is the few under 90’s scores he posted at the back of last year when not injured. That means he is overpriced and his price will come down unless of course he comes off the blocks on fire…
      I had all 3 of them post bye last year: Houli was on fire while Lloyd dropped, and Hurn got injured. Houli sounds like the better bet of the 3 but at 32yo with muscles issues (Calf, hammy) you are taking a risk. Providing you dont have many other injury prones GWS Premos it could work.


  32. Def: Williams, Laird, Docherty, Roberton, doedee, hill (McLennan, gould)

    Mid: Cripps, Oliver, yeo, taranto, coniglio, Pickett, mead, hibberd (cockatoo, philp, mchenry)

    Ruck: Grundy & Gawn (conroy)

    Fwd: Whitfield, Martin, brayshaw (Freo), Smith, king, rankine (cavarra, williams)

    I really wanted to get Hunter Clarke in there, but concerned Roberton’s return will hurt him… and at nearly $200k cheaper had to go with Roberton.

    I’m picking Andrew Brayshaw for a breakout, but will see how pre-season form plays out.

    Worried about Cogs, but currently I’ve very little cash left so a change would mean a bit of a restructure.

    I’m hoping yeo and taranto might be slight PODs… and I don’t think the return of ward will impact taranto too much, and reckon yeo won’t be hurt too much by introduction of T.Kelly

    Whaddaya reckon?


  33. My optimistic starting 3 5 2 3 before preseason shenanigans

    Daniel Sicily Docherty
    Hill Young Starcevich
    Williamson Gould

    Macrae Neale Cripps Dangerfield Oliver
    McHenry Pickett Bytel
    Rivers Hibberd Budarick


    Whitfield Dawson Steven
    Bewley Cockatoo Rankine
    Cameron King

    atm 114800 itb

    This is optimism at its peak.
    Has anyone an update on Hibberd or Buddy?….or anything else for that matter?

    Have noted ALL feedback for selections: Analytical, Optimism, Tunneled and others, but still won’t be too fazed til selections are required for Round 1.

    Consider this my main watch list.
    Any questions as to why some I will graciously reply and if deemed necessary I will change my name to Ken Bruce and the cocky will reply with his analysis.

    Good luck SCTions.


    1. Think there are better options for your $252,000 investment than Bewley. The Dockers have a very tough draw to start the year. Bombers at Docklands where they have only won once, Hawks, Dees at the G, Suns, Kanga’s in Tassie, Geelong, WCE, Crows in Adelaide and Bulldogs.

      Bewley had better turn it around with his disposal because he turned the ball regular in his seven games and his disposal efficiency was 61%. The Coaching staff must see something in him if they are grooming him for one of the outside roles. But then again they need to cover the loss of Langdon and Hill’s averaged total 36 uncontested possessions per game.


  34. Running the same structure, but I’ve tinkered around with a few premo selections with the byes in mind:

    DEF: Houli, DBJ, Docherty, Doedee, Young & Williamson [Bianco, Gould]

    Looking for some PODs down back, enter Houli and DBJ. Strong finishes to the end of the year and at a very low pick rate. Docherty and Doedee present great value, no further discussion needed. Still have my eyes on Lloyd as well.

    MID: Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Dunkley, T. Kelly, Rowell, Starcevich & Pickett [Robertson, Maginness, loophole]

    First four are obvious and I think T. Kelly can take it to the next level at the Eagles- 103.5 average in his second year, can only go up you’d think?

    RUC: Grundy & Gawn [Meek]

    On the prowl for a playing R3, word is Meek should see some action this year.

    FWD: Whitfield, Greene, Steven, Hill, Rankine & Cavarra [Smith, D. Cameron]

    Can see GWS coming out hot this year and I noticed Greene in particular put together some solid form after he got over his injuries R15 onwards; averaged 104.5 with a decent ceiling. Only good news coming out from the Cats about Steven, so he’s in for the time being.


    1. #Eaglescoloured glasses????? hahaha – for T Kelly??

      Not bad mate – I’m thinking Green’s numbers were up with the injury toll to GWS and thus more mid time – can’t seem him getting that back again with the mids returning??

      Nice with Neale back in mate …


      1. Oh, yeah. Good point, Macca. Coniglio’s absence would’ve opened things up for Greene. I forgot. Will try and find the cash for Walters instead.



    2. Overall Great team GB
      Similar structure that I have .atm.
      Same mid 5 but have Oliver not Dumkly as not sure if Dunkley will always be in middle .Find it also hard to pay big $ for Houli after one greatest Supercoach year ., however could continue form from last year.
      Not sure on cavarra as forward 6; could find a value defender and pick up an extra forward
      Good luck this year


      1. Hey, PBuzz.

        Take your point about Houli, but which other high ceiling DEF out there doesn’t have a question mark over them at this point. There’s Hurn and his age, Lloyd and impact of Dawson during the back end of the season, Zwilliams’ fragility, etc.

        My D1 will end up being one of those 4 tbh, will just see who’s the least risky come R1.

        As for Dunkley, I totally get the specter of him playing FWD if we were talking early last year (which is why I didn’t start him) but after the display he put on in the back end it would be lunacy not to unleash him there again. Surely he’s asserted himself a pure MID by now?

        Cavarra is a placeholder for now.

        Cheers, P.


        1. All good points GB
          ATM thinking of being bold and stating Houston and Dawson as no 1 and 2 defenders . Sicily is the other one l am considering but again take a risk with role .


          1. Ballsy. If they’re fit and firing in SC conducive roles in the pre-season, I have no problem with that move. Good stuff.


  35. Hey guys know it’s very early love to know your thoughts
    T/u petraca
    T/d Greenwood
    Comment and other suggestions for f/3


  36. Hey Guys,

    Hope everyone had a safe holiday season.

    First Draft here we go

    Def: Lloyd, Houston, Docerty, Roberton, HYoung, Starcevich (Worrel/Gould)

    Mid: McRae, Cripps, Oliver, Kelly, Neale, McHenry, Pickett, DRobertson (Flanders/Mead/Rivers)

    Ruck: Gawn, Grundy (Cameron)

    Fwd: Whitfield, Walters, Steven, Hill, Steven, Cockatoo (Gerogiades/King)

    $26k left over

    Backline choices of Houston, Docerty and Roberton will be looked at over the JLT for obvious reasoning.
    I would have loved to swap Kelly for Dunkley in the middle, but can’t seem to find the extra 50k cash needed for the move, without comprimising the likes of Stevens or Hill for a rookie.
    Rest of the team looks pretty set on until the JLT.

    Cheers folks


    1. Bonjour Le Goat.
      Nice balanced team. Maybe the choice of personel has injury cloud hanging?
      Doherty and Roberton both on the same line seems risky.
      You had Kelly in Mid T. Kelly or J.Kelly?
      Also 2 Steven Forward . Typo?
      A part that, great start. We are in January so keep plotting.


  37. Is not starting both Danger and Fyfe SC suicide ? My premium mids are Macrae, Cripps, Neale, Dunkley and Oliver . Cheers.


    1. Possibly. I’d probably take one of them over Neale, but that’s just my personal feeling. The problem is, we simply can’t pick ALL of them!?
      I like Danger the most of the three. Why? Think he’s slightly underpriced with no Tim Kelly and another tall in Josh Jenkins FWD, should increase his MID minutes. However minimal that is, will be a positive to his SC output. I THINK Fyfe is priced about right and Neale, for me, is overpriced. He got tagged more often as the season progressed and he struggles with it more than most. Still think he’ll be top10, but you’re paying Top2 price. His durability is the big positive that offsets that to an extent but he’s still a ‘no’ from me. To start at least.
      I posted some projected data on Twitter for Neale, if you want to have a gander?


      1. I actually keep coming back to the 8 mids grawndy team. Something about it. All the mids and rucks so defined this season. Have Mitchell, bont, trelore or this year’s breakout waiting in the wings to replace any of them if needed.
        But building a def/fwd is hard. Will be a lot of thumbs up/down decisions later on. Trying to select players with a min 60 ave and decent amount games to start off with.


  38. Here is a quick draft first team for the year:

    Def: Lloyd,Williams,Daniel, Andrews,Docherty,Young (Rivers,Gould)

    Mid: Macrae,Neale,Fyfe,Martin,Rowell,Pickett,Bytel,Hibberd (McHenry,Philp,Hutchesson)

    Ruck: Grundy,Gawn (Comben)

    Fwd: Walters,Franklin,D Smith,Cockatoo,King,Worrell (Cameron,O’Connor)

    I feel my mid may be a little weak not to sure whether to go more mid price through there or not ?


    1. Hello Matt, my thoughts’
      Andrews, better options at the price
      Martin, select as a FWD
      Franklin currently INJURED.STAY AWAY
      Smith, only if he plays MID during the trail games

      Good luck 2020


  39. Att All Our Stats Extraordinarions.

    Can someone please check if J Kelly ever outscored a fit Cogs when they both played full games together at GWS.

    (See the point I’m searching for????)


  40. Would love some feedback. Unsure if I’m heading in the right direction as first time playing SuperCoach AFL.

    Remaining Salary: $5,600

    Williams, Laird, Docherty, Young, Rivers, Gould (McLennan, Bianco)

    Neale, Fyfe, Cripps, Dunkley, Oliver, McHenry, Pickett, Hibberd (Cockatoo, Bytel, Mead)

    Grundy, Gawn (Comben)

    Whitfield, Walters, Martin, S.Hill, McAdam, Rankine (Cameron, M.King)


    1. Terrific, Daniel.

      Structure’s great, now just sit back and adjust selections during the Marsh Series.


  41. Hey guys this is my first go bit still to change let me know any feedback good or bad here we go still 59 thousand in the bank

    Daniel, Stewart, docherty,
    Doedee, hill, starcevich
    (Gould, Rivers)

    Fyfe, J. Kelly, Cripps, Danger
    A. Brayshaw, Rowell, serong, Pickett
    (Robertson, Bianco, Williams)

    Grundy, Nic Nat (S.Draper)
    Yes I know I haven’t gone with gawn Nic Nat fully fit is just as good and frees up almost 200k

    Whitfeild, dusty, petracca
    D.Smith, cockatoo, rankine
    (D. Cameron, mahoney)

    Let it rip fellas love to know what you think


  42. I am very happy with my current team

    Williams, Daniel, Newman, doedee, starcevich, worrell

    Macrae, neale, cripps, fyfe, ward, mchenry, Pickett, Hibberd

    Gawn, Grundy

    Walters, Martin, Smith, hill, Rankine and king

    137k left in the bank


    1. They do now. He could almost make it back before r1, but we have to look elsewhere, which isn’t a big deal. Imo, there will be a lot of mid rookies


    1. I’d be basing my selection of him on 80+. Seems reasonable given his history and the departure of KEATH. That way you’re not likely to be too disappointed. Overestimation will bite you on the arse. And frustrate the living bejaysus out of you. Good luck 😉


    2. I’m really not sure why Doedee is on anyones radar??

      He has only played one rookie season for a 82 average.
      This alone was quite impressive, but its still at least 15 points shy of a keeper in defence. Yes he’s priced at only a 50 something average but I’m not sure he can lift that enough to make the $130+K to justify his starting price an heres why……

      I believe the Crows backline stocks of KPP’s were much stronger in 2018. They had Kelly, Keath and D Talia.
      W Milera was just a kid and B Smith was also injured for most of 2018, this allowed Doedee to play as a rebounding defender.
      Now in 2020 A Keath ( KPP) has gone to the Doggies.
      Laird, B smith and Milera are all capable of that rebounding role and not only that, but Gibbs seems to taking on that role as well.

      Honestly where does that leave Doedee ?

      I honestly think by choosing a 125k rookie over Doedee you can make more cash, and save that $150K to turn a risky midpricer into a genuine premium keeper.

      Just my 2c worth anyway.


  43. TU. Sicily (D1), Rowell (M6), D Martin (F2). 10 premos, 2 fallen premos, 2 breakout

    TD. Roberton (D3), TKelly (M6), Petracca (F3). 9 premos, 2 fallen premos, 3 breakout plus a stepping stone


  44. Hey guys,

    My 2nd year on SC and really loved using SCT last year and the banter that goes on here.

    Appreciate any feedback/comments on this structure will undoubtedly change come R1:

    Lloyd, Sicily, Birchar/Robertson/Doedee (2 out of these 3), Hill, Goddard + rookies

    Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Danger, Trelor, Rowell, Pickett, Valent + rookies


    Whitfield, Heeney, Steven, Smith, Rankine, King + rookies

    Not certain I’ll go Steven+Smith depends on Marsh form and midfield time.


    1. SG,
      Have concerns for your 2 out of 3.
      IMO, Birchall is there for backup support and to play his 250.
      Ah Chee will be the HB.
      Roberton and his ticker maybe on restricted duties.
      Doedee wait and see Marsh game play.
      Also IMO Smith will play mostly forward, might have to scrutinise his game plan as well during Marsh.
      Cheers hope that helps.


  45. 1st attempt at a team this year.

    B Sicily, Houston, Docherty, Doedee, Roberton, Hill (Starcevich, O’Connor)
    M Neale, Cripps, Dunkerley, Danger, Ross, Cockatoo, Pickett, Hutcheson (McHenry, Rivers, H Brayshaw)
    R Grawndy (Comben)
    F Whitfield, Greenwood, Steven, Smith, Rankin, King M (D. Cameron, Worrell)

    Sicily to get more time back means more points. Houston more mid time. Other backs if fit are proven performers but it is a risk having so many players back from injury but too well priced to ignore.
    Mids premos speak for themselves but I do like Ross as a POD who late last year showed how much he has developed averaging 126 the last five games. As a Saints supporter I don’t think Hill will take points away as Ross is an inside player and Hill is outside.
    Rucks are locked and I will sleep better.
    Buoyed by my Greenwood pick who will get much more midtime at GC and knows how to get the ball. Tried to get Andrew Brayshaw into the team instead of Smith but fell short.

    Rip it to shreds everyone.


    1. Like it Mick.
      Greenwood is not on my radar just yet, but that may change after the Marsh series.
      Would pick STEELE or LYONS over ROSS if that’s the price-point you’re looking at. Again Marsh series will shed more light, but I like the structure. A lot.


  46. Changed the current structure to drop a few uber premos with reliability concerns. Yes, that means you, Whitfield.

    Def: Lloyd, Williams, Docherty, Roberton, Starcevich, Williamson (McLennan, Gould)

    Mid: Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Danger, Duckwood, Rowell, Anderson, Pickett (Valente, Philp, Rivers)

    Rucks: Gawn, Grundy (Cameron)

    Forwards: Dusty, Heeney, Stevens, S.Hill, Frampton, Rankine (King, E.Taylor)

    Having big issues on the Frampton versus Cockatoo choice too.


    1. I have to respectfully disagree FT 😉

      Doedee only needs to average 75 to be a valuable pick. I can see I’ll have to do a follow-up to the ‘underpriced’ piece with detailed proj’d scores & price tables to demonstrate why that is. And why not going GG.com is fraught with danger.

      Need to check something first but … stay tooned 🙂


      1. I’m all ears allsaints.

        If he is forced to play as a KPP as I fear he might then a >75 average maybe a stretch.

        I can see him offering some value if we are short on defensive rookies. Otherwise I would rather spend that extra cash on upgrading midpricer to a premo or a premo to a uber premo.

        I’m interested to hear what the stats have to say.


      2. The issue is *if* Roberton is fit, then he’s a better buy – cheaper and will definitely get a higher average.

        If not, I can swap Doedee in, I have the cash.

        I see Doedee in the 77-87 range myself. A reliable scorer and solid cash generator, but not good enough to be a top 10 defender, and unlikely to make more money than a decent rookie.

        I cannot see that you would want to run both Roberton and Doedee (and Hill).

        But it would free up a lot of cash for forward or mid upgrades.


        1. I totally agree HH.

          When you also factor in the risk factor in Doc ( surely 2 years out of the game comes with some major risk factor)

          I personally see more upside in a cheaper S Hill than midpriced Doedee .

          I feel most folks will be running with 2 premo at D1/2 then Doc at D3. It seems more likely than not that both Young and Gould will line up R1.

          That really only leaves D4 to be filled.
          At this stage I’ve got S Hill there at $190K
          Now if Roberton kills in the Marsh series I see merit in trying to find the cash to get him in. Mainly due to the fact he has put up premium numbers in the past and playing for what I feel is an improving side there’s a chance he could be a keeper.

          I will only really consider Doedee if all these other options are taken out by either injuries or really bad Marsh series form.


  47. Happy New Year to all SCers.Love this time of year when what we’ve all been waiting for comes round again.Here goes for my first crack.
    DEF:Daniel,Sicily,Dawson,Williamson,McLennan,Gould (Bianco,Cottrell)
    Hibberd (Robertson,Rivers,Mead)
    RUCK:Grundy,Gawn (Comben)
    FWD:Whitfield,Dusty,Steven,Smith,Hill,Cockatoo (Cameron,
    How’s it looking?



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