228 thoughts on “Rate My Team – January III”

  1. Woohoo first post! Early predictions..
    Pies for premiers
    I finish top 1K
    My wife accepts coming second to SuperCoach! Haha (wishful i know)


    1. Pies finish second…again…and further enhance their record as the biggest chokers of all time.

      Top 1k in a league of 900

      Your wife leaves you for me……


  2. Had another crack since the December RMT:

    D – Sicily, Dawson, Daicos, Coffield, Mckenna, Weddle, Wilmot Constable

    M – Oliver, Bont, Merrett, Cripps, Steele, Mitchell, Hopper, Aschcroft, baby Macrae, Sinn, Chesser

    R – English, Grundy, Madden

    F – Dunkley, Allen, McLean, King, Philippou, Bruce, Richards, Drur

    Zero cash left – not thrilled with the forward line and will lose points there but midfield should make up for that – if other rookie/cheap defenders show themselves pre-season and I decideto get a Cogs/Taranto/DC then can drop Daicos/Merrett accordingly.

    Happy Chinese New Year from Singapore 🙂


    1. Man that is a super stacked midfield. Raises the question of how you bring in, say, Neale & Touk & Laird & Macrae if they all look like they’re Top 8 when you’ve already locked in 6 or-so premiums.

      Allen at F2 is rough. I imagine Mid rookies will start to appear closer to Round 1 and you’ll have to dip into the Cogs/DC bucket.


  3. These rucks are so annoying. They hamper every structure.
    Gawn Grundy were easy because you knew they would finish top 10 overall for everything.
    Now, there’s none I trust to be top 22. Average score maybe but not total points as well.
    So now I have to field a premium i don’t trust or want at 500+k. or a mid pricer I don’t trust or want.
    If a lot of teams are going dual ruck, and the sole rucks are breaking/getting worn down the average score for rucks should go down a bit overall. Say 100-105 is a good score for a top ruckman? But over 23 games as well.

    Blah, mid pricers it is.


    1. I have a feeling there are going to be quite a few Ruc/Fwd DPP by season end.

      Won’t be surprised to see both Gawn and Grundy.


    2. Yeah, Tof.

      People been giving me shit for it but I’m going budget with the rucks given the landscape. Any no. 1 ruck with a pulse will do.

      At this stage it’s Lycett and Pittonet. They both bat to deep midfields and just need full pre-seasons for mine. Can do 85-90, with scope for Lycett to do more if he gets back into good form.

      Have put RoMo out of my head due to the King and Campbell conundrum. Saints were saying they other say they’d even consider bringing Ryder back for 8 games. They just don’t like him as a pure ruck.

      Only comes in to calculations if he’s named solo, which is looking less and less likely.

      Gawn, Grundy, Darcy & Jackson all cuck each other. Don’t see how they can be selected. One of them will end up popping off but just feels foolish to select a ruck playing with a partner in crime.

      ROB, or SLOB as a I call him, cursed the f*ck out of me last season so I’m not bothering with him.

      On paper/normatively, Tingles and Witts make the most sense.

      600k seems steep for Witts despite how great he was last season. Doesn’t have as juicy an early fixture this time around, so I’m not enticed.

      Tingles does worry me. In full flight he’s R1 and goes 1:1 disposals to HOs with a great ceiling but price and a troubling injury profile have me off him rn. Feels like he’ll either start the season with a 167, 122, 114 and 133 and make me want to kms or those exact numbers then indeterminately injured.

      So, yeah, in an inflated landscape with no clear must haves, I’m currently at budget no #1 rucks. Also thinking D. Cameron as R2 just to see where the rucks fall and then swing him FWD later.


  4. Not including Dunks.
    Cogs, taranto, rozie, butters, Cameron etc.
    Are basically walk up starts in the fwd line.
    But… I can’t justify starting Cogs over DEF-Stewart, Doc or Dawson.
    Not included (Sic best ever season should decrease a bit in price, Sinclair new coach combined with his price tag).
    So if I can’t justify cogs I can’t justify the rest over those starting 3 defenders. Same with Titch and others priced around the area in the mids(LDU, Anderson, green, Warner).
    So Dunks F1. then F2-F8 cheap options, Allen, Bruce, McLean etc, down to F8 for cover.
    End up running the 3 defenders and a strong midfield.
    If the defenders back it up, they will be to hard to trade them all in.
    Plus the fwd line is wide open for dpp’s.


    1. Probably the best structural take I’ve seen here.

      The backs all seem poised to back up their 2021 seasons and finish Top 6. Meanwhile, there’s a wealth of forward midpricers / rookie-esque picks. But do I trust all of them to work out? Probably not.


  5. DEF: Sicily, Stewart, Dawson, Coffield, Weddle, Constable (Wagner, Wilmot)

    MID: Oliver, Neale, Bont, Cripps, Steele, Ashcroft, Phillips, Chesser (Johnson, Blakely, Tsitas)

    RUC: Blicavs, Reeves (Madden)

    FWD: Dunkley, Taranto, Cameron, Allen, McLean, Phillipou (Macrae, Sinn)

    $9,800 itb.


    1. I don’t think Coffield is going to be ready for round one if you believe Saints fans on the internet.

      Cool to see someone else who rates Reeves. Don’t have the courage to pick him myself but also don’t think it’s automatic Meek comes in and takes his spot.


  6. B: Stewart Redman Daicos Ginbey McKenna Chesser
    (Wilmot Dean)

    M: Oliver Neale Mills Bontempelli Steele Hopper Phillips Baker
    (M. Johnson Blakey Richards)

    R: Grundy Marshall (Madden)

    F: Dunkley Rozee Cameron McLean Berry Sinn (Greene Van Rooyen)

    $58k left over to fix rookies.

    Loved Redman’s last half of the year and thought he would be in more teams. Have a hesitancy to pick more than one $600k defender and really like the pricing on Daicos and Redman.

    Feel like Grundy is being overthought and will still get his points in. Not like they didn’t know what they were getting when they recruited him. Also unbelievable value in getting a member of the vaunted Madden ruck dynasty at $102k.


    1. Good team! Seems like a fairly standard structure. Deep midfield and penny-pinching a little bit in defence. Do you see the $600k defenders dropping in price? I feel some of them may proof annoyingly consistent and tricky to bring in.

      Neale and Mills are borderline PODs in their teams, so good ideas there.


  7. Made a few tweaks following all the early preseason news and rumours. Looking to buck the trend and lean into traditional guns and rookies.

    DEF: Stewart, Daicos, Goater
    Ginbey, McKenna, Weddle
    Wilmot, Wagner

    MID: Oliver, Miller
    Bont, Macrae, Trac
    Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips
    Taylor, Johnson, Davey

    RUC: Marshall, Lycett, Madden

    FWD: Dunkley, Rozee, Taranto
    Cameron, McLean, Sinn
    van Rooyen, Drury

    Bank: $30k

    My goal was to have 12 bonafide keeper plus Lycett at R2, as I’ve really warmed to him as a pick given he had the last bye. Ideally he becomes a sideways trade that round to one of the rucks who’s established themselves and already had their own bye.

    Cameron and Daicos really the only premos I’m uncertain can be top of their line, but like the value and upside of both and you need to make compromises somewhere.


  8. 1st Team reveal
    Sicily , Brayshaw , Salem , Wilmont , Dean , Wagner , Chester , Cowan

    Oliver , Miller , Bont, Cripps , Steele , Hopper , Worpel , Ashcroft , Jonshon, Blakey , Sinn

    Marshall , Lycett , Madden

    Dunkley , Taranto , Cameron , Mclean , King , Philippi, T Berry , Gallagher

    l feel Brayahaw and Salem present value ,
    Hopper and Worpel primed for good seasons in new outfit and absence of Mitchell .
    Romo will still play predominantly ruck as best ruckman at Saints but a wait and see and Lycett presents value with D Caneron a back up .
    Forward line weakest link with lots of question marks Philippou and King , Mclean T Berry ones to watch . Gallagher nature age roookie . Torn on Rozee .
    Good luck to all this season and l look forward to being part of many SCT leagues and to the articles of tremendous writers of SCT league and comments from SCT community .


    1. Having Brayshaw and Salem in the same team is a bit of a surprise. Unless Brayshaw shifts back into the midfield/wing and Salem gets the undisputed seagull role, I’d be a bit concerned.

      Lycett represents value but how much? He’s injury-prone (granted, all ruckmen are) but his ceiling of 90-95 means he makes around $80-100k. Is that enough for the risk?

      I liked the look of Rozee last season. Hopefully he’s straight into the Port Midfield so he can slide straight into my side.


      1. Thanks for feedback Lear.
        By all accounts Brayshaw back in midfield in Sim and Salem proven SuperCoach scorer but can change after preseason .
        Lycett ATM but again could change


  9. Know 1 is locked
    Dawson Young Yeo Bowes Goater Marbank Chesser Wilmont
    Miller Mills Cripps TomGreen Mitchell Flanders Ashcroft Phillips
    Gibney Blakely Baker
    Marshall Cameron F/R
    Dunkley Cogs Rozee Fyfe McLean Sinn Madden JvR
    Rookies are a wait and see
    Slowly progressing but will put the hand brake on for a couple of weeks


      1. It’ll give Grundy more on ball time……

        ……that’s of course his over 6fters legs don’t crumble….


  10. Another day another version!

    Stewart Daicos Salem
    Yeo Ginbey Goater
    (McKenna Weddle)

    Oliver Miller Bont Titch
    Hopper Flanders Ashcroft Phillips
    (Sinn Chesser Wagner)

    English Cameron (Madden)

    Dunks Cogs Taranto
    Allen McLean Bruce
    (Ratugolea Sestan)

    $25,800 ITB

    Paying up for high priced rooks seems the way to go in hope that they won’t see the dreaded SUB vest. English always a risk so will keep an eye on. Thoughts? Changes?


  11. I think I’ve settled on a side until I actually see some action and there’s more news coming out of pre season about the progress of the rookies.

    Docherty Dawson Young Coffield Cole McKenna / Wilmot Constable

    Oliver Bontempelli Brayshaw Steele Mitchell Hopper Phillips Chesser / Johnson Angwin Richards

    Grundy Lycett / Ratugolea

    Dunkley Rozee Taranto McLean Berry Macrae / Van Rooyen Sinn

    Need to leave it alone for a few weeks and observe now. Well, at least until the weekend!


  12. TU: Brayshaw
    TD: Steele

    I had Steele all last year and he was ok. Didn’t have Brayshaw, and every Fremantle game I watched from behind the couch.


      1. Was in full training last I heard, Willy.

        I’m starting both him and Brayshaw at this stage.

        Steele obvious value and Brayshaw a delicious early fixture.


  13. Early team
    Docherty, Dawson,Salem,Yeo,Ginbey,Wilmot, Weddle, Cowan
    Dunkley,Coniglio,D.Cameron,Allen,T.McLean, Phillipou,Bruce,Van Rooyan

    $38,800 in the bank

    Any thoughts welcome


    1. Yeah. Good side, Grant. Solid structure.

      Jelly just well past it. Not SC relevant as a starter anymore. Look elsewhere.


      1. Changed him to Bailey Smith
        $78 in the bank to make more moves as season gets closer
        Thanks for the feedback


  14. Well, seeing that we have the third thread, I thought I should have my third try….

    Sicily N Daicos Ginbey Wilmot Gould Wagner….Michalanney/Constable

    Oliver Bont Merrett Brayshaw Cripps Ashcroft McLean Blakely….Phillipou/Phillips/Richards

    Blicavs Pittonet….Keeler

    Dunks Cogs Rozee Camereon Windhager Sheezel….Menzie/VanRooyen

    I know I’m short down back, but reckon thats where the early upgrades will present.

    Other rookies subject to selection, but Windhager hopefully a stepping stone early.

    Reckon Blicavs ends up R2….so versatile and rarely misses. Has the great R13 bye. Pittonet stepping stone to goodness knows who.

    Forwards reasonably self-explanatory.

    Cripps v into Oliver c with Keeler loop is set for 8 of first 9 rounds….haven’t looked past that.


  15. appreciate thoughts on this one…not a Hopper fan in the Richmond side but if one were to pick him, which number in the mids?

    TU: M5
    TD: M6
    …personally I’d be more comfortable with him as a M6


    1. A lot of teams will run 5 premium mids. If you have him at m5 he will most likely be up against Mills/Bont/Macrae at worst or Titch/ green/LDU, AT BEST.


  16. After many iterations I think I have settled on this team.

    B. Brayshaw, Young, Daicos, Salem, Cole, Weddle (Wilmot, Wagner)
    C. Oliver, Macrae, Green, Mitchell, Newcombe, Hopper, Sheed, Ashcroft (Phillips, Blakely, Constable)
    R. Grundy, Cameron (Madden)
    F. Dunkley, Taranto, Thomas, Allen, McLean, Phillipou (Van Rooyen, Stone)

    $65K itb

    Only 2 rookies on field but with $65k itb this may change.
    A number of midpricers that represent value, strong scoring potential and easy stepping stomes to other premiums. (Hopper, Sheed, Salem, Thomas)
    With 35 trades and 5 boosts I think this is the way to go rather than GnR.
    Plenty of trades to cash in on growth and upgrade to the full premiums.

    I like the depth in the Backs and Mids.
    Perhaps a bit light in the Fwds but expect to move Cameron down during the season and upgrade to another premo ruck.

    What does everyone think?


    1. You may get off to a cracker start but two immediate reactions….Captaincy options look a little thin…mid pricers can have poor games which will affect their value so subsequent ability to trade up to uber premiums throughout the season may be impacted


    2. Lots of mid pricers, but with lots of trades, these mids can be upsized as the season progresses- and if you pick the right ones- great strategy.
      I’d be worried how many premiums you have- and reckon Bradshaw down back as your only definite one- he’s been injured in the pre season… I’d probably pay up for one of the ubers. He does have upside though!
      Gutsy call on Thomas- could be a top 5-8, talk that he may be getting role of half back- so could be great.
      Strong side- good luck


    3. Great depth, yeah, but clearly at the expense of your midfield.

      Seconding what everyone else said, too scant on captaincy options.


    4. Ashcroft Weddle and Phillipou are all rookies and maybe one too many. My concern is they will be affected by the sub rules


  17. You may get off to a cracker start but two immediate reactions….Captaincy options look a little thin…what would be your looping strategy in the first few games?…mid pricers can have poor games which will affect their value so subsequent ability to trade up to uber premiums throughout the season may be impacted


  18. STEWAR, DOCHERTY, DAWSON, Goater, Ginby, Weddle-
    Wilmot, Dean.

    Johnson, Wagner, Drury

    Draper, Pittonet-Madden.

    DUNKLY, Macdonald, Flanders, Mclean, Ratugolea, Cunningham-
    Bruce, Richards.


    Now I get that everyone has gone mid pricer crazy, but i cant help but think there’s a line you shouldn’t cross(10 genuine premium keepers).

    If defence runs rampant again, I don’t want to miss out. Stewart is value and a head to head killer. Doc’s getting mid minutes(so far) and Dawsons floor is re assuring.

    Starting Laird and Oliver due to losing so many captain points early on last year. I see their cost inclusive of V and VC. And are to hard to get in later on. Rather be chasing cheaper fwd options.
    The other 4 are who i’m expecting BIG years out of.

    Draper and Pitt are placeholders.

    Not starting any fwd’s besides Dunks due to the fact that I don’t see any of them outscoring the other premiums I have. Which has the added bonus of having slots open for Dpp’s later on.

    Any of the non premiums are interchangeable.


    1. Reckon we all start with the absolute premiums- then we think of reasons not to pick them. Then we see upside in others and take a punt.
      Side is the old Guns & Rookies.
      Just can’t see Ratugolea and a couple others scoring that well. D4 is a guy that had one good game to finish last season.
      Imo- need to find some middle ground, especially down back. Virtually 5 rookies out of the 8- may backfire- I remember in the past where all of a sudden these rookies weren’t named or named sub- and you’re left scrambling.
      Other side of coin is with your ubers- you can’t expect much upside from them.


      1. No they won’t score well.
        But neither do fwd rookies generally. Rat is purely ruc cover 40 is better than 0 and I can swing madden fwd for a loop with whomever.
        Any of them can be dropped to bubble rookies without a negative impact on structure.
        Goater will most likely end up as Mckenna or jones.(just a warm body)

        With the back rookies. I thought about it and decided that their the less likely to get subbed. There selected to play a certain role, not have a run through the middle or a pinch hit up fwd. Not saying they won’t cop the sub but hopefully less likely.

        I’m not expecting much upside from the uber’s(getting what I’m paying for at inflated prices) just very little downside. I’m paying for their floor not their ceiling(a bonus). When I say big season I mean hit 100 almost all the time. Very few stinkers.


      1. Yep, except… If I’m going to promote a cheap fwd to cameron, I might as well upgrade both rucks to Marshall and grundy(or whomever). Which is defiantly on the cards.
        Just need to see which rookies show up. Goater, Ginby, Macdonald, Cuningham, bruce can all be downgraded to rookies for cash.


    2. I think your structure will change like everyone else due to rookie availability on each line round 1


  19. Now that SC has formally opened the ownership % stats are up.

    A few interesting points line by line:

    – absolute love for Stewart at 42%
    – Dawson, Doch and Sic amply selected but Sinclair, who was D1 on total points last year, just at 10%
    – Daicos in a whopping 39% of teams as an auto picked D2/3 it seems
    – Yeo also super popular at 34% but Salem, of a similar profile, just at 7%

    – Satan the #1 selected MID at 50%, Miller next at 36%
    – Hopper similarly in half of teams, becomes a problem for people like me who don’t have him rn
    – No one paying up for Laird at 11% but everyone getting their rocks off for Bont at 30%
    – The breakouts: LDU 9%, Green 18%, Warner 6%, Anderson 3%, Berry 1%

    – This was the line I was most interested to sus
    – RoMo the clear favourite at 43%
    – Cameron 2nd at 38% but don’t know how much of that is RUC v FWD
    – Tingles 29% and then Grundy 18%
    – Gawn at just 2% (wow)
    – Nowhere near as much love for the cheaper rucks in Meek, Pitt and Lycett as I expected

    – Taranto in 50% boom
    – Rozee popular early in a third of teams along with Fyfe
    – Cogs backed in by 22%
    – Nothing too crazy tbh


    1. Great stats GD!

      About Hopper, last 5 years:
      2018 – 79.4, 19 games
      2019 – 95.7, 19 games
      2020 – 90.9, 17 games
      2021 – 96.9, 21 games
      2022 – 57.4*, 7 games

      For season 22, looks like he got injured in Rnd 1, came back for the last 6 games of the year and did ok. Seems to have gotten enough of the ball, but no great scores.

      * Average seems to be low due to a 0 recorded in Rnd1, but this is the second player I’ve seen this with, so I think it could be a blip (fanfooty).

      Hopper is certainly capable of going above is low price and brought into a weak Richmond midfield along with Taranto for a reason. Before last year, was very durable. Has to be considered.


  20. Ok, totally ready for a new season. Here’s the first side I’ve come up with so far

    DEF – Sinclair, Docherty, Himmelberg, McKenna, Weddle, Wilmot (Dean, Constable)
    MID – Oliver, Mills, Cripps, Steele, Mitchell, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips (Sinn, Chesser, Davey)
    RUC – Grundy, Marshall (Madden)
    FWD – Congilio, Taranto, Cameron, McLean, King, Phillipou (Berry, van Rooyen)

    Remaining Cap – $37.6K

    Here’s some points about some of the guys in my side


    Like GD mentioned above, I was pretty shocked to see the lower percentage of people who picked Sinclair. He was one of the first locks in my side. Doch is D2, as I think Carlton should finish as a top 8 side this year. D3 will be out of Himmelberg and Daicos, based off how their preseasons go. McKenna at D4, I’m assuming he’ll be in the Lions side from the early rounds, as would Wilmot at D6 after his impressive first two games in finals series. Don’t know anything about Weddle, and Dean and Constable I’ve got on the bench for now


    Oliver is a lock at M1. I thought Laird was a bit too high, and I thought I’d wait until he drops in price a bit. Might aim to have him be my first or second upgrade. Mills at 5% was surprising, so I’ve put him in as a hopeful POD. Cripps and Steele should do well again, and I think Titch will thrive at his new club. Hopper looked really good in the simulation games at the Tigers, but then again it’s just a sim game. Ashcroft and Phillips are very hyped rookies from what I can see. I’ve got Sinn and Chesser on the bench for now, keeping an eye on how there injury clouds and pre-season fitness go. Davey is a cheaper player who might get a shot at some point this year.

    I think Grundy will get the majority of time in the ruck between him and Gawn, as Gawn can be very handy down forward. I’ll see how their performances go when playing together in the pre-season. Marshall should have a lot more points without Ryder there now. Madden is just the mandatory loophole player.

    Yup, I didn’t pick Dunkley. Only because I’m scared his points will be either effected by sharing the midfield with Neale, McCluggage, Jarrod Berry and Lyons. Oooorrrr they’ll give him more forward time, which will be worse. Again, I’ll have to see how he goes in the preseason before considering him, but for now I have Cogs at F1. Taranto is looking the goods at Tigerland, and Cameron should be a lock as Collingwood’s top ruckman. McLean is super cheap, hopefully he get early game time and stays. King should be returning from his knee injury and Phillipou is the hyped forward rookie from what I can gather. And both Tom Berry and van Rooyen are names I’m seeing in a fair few SC teams so far.

    My definite locks in my overall team at this moment are Sinclair, Doc, Oliver, Steele, Ashcroft, Marshall, Taranto and Phillipou

    So yeah, there are my thoughts. Players should change here and there throughout the pre-season.


    1. Watch himmelberg. Apparently training with the fwd’s.
      If he plays defence i’ll be starting him.


    2. Great side, WW.

      Very well reasoned and love your the Sinc and Doch combination. Think they’ll lead the pack early.

      Cannot get behind the Dunkley non-selection though.

      Lyons is cooked and Berry doesn’t play full time inside and then playing alongside a Brownlow medallist will help, not hurt, Dunkley. There will no issue with an inside MID scoring stream.

      It’d be like saying all the years Dunkley slayed at the Dogs “I don’t want to pick him because of Bont and Macrae”.

      And, yeah, heed TOF’s note on HBerg. Monitor.

      Otherwise, a great side.


    3. Well written Widdle. I’d like to say, you’d think Dunkley wouldn’t be going to the Lions to play forward. He should be in the guts with Neale getting the majority of attention. Either way, I think Neale or Dunks will be musts and at the moment I think Dunkley is the one to start.


        1. Bowes has a path to being B22, I suppose.

          Selwood retires, Duncan flexible. Room for him to play a blended role combining OB, wing or HB if he destroys the pre-season.

          Just don’t think he’s up to scratch to slide into Geelong. Idk.

          Voted TU btw. Like Salem.


          1. Cheers GD.
            I’ve had Salem in for most of my drafts so far, but would love to be able to jump up to Daicos. Crazy to feel like a second year player is a safe bet, but he was so good last year.


            1. Yeah. Daicos insane. Amazing skills and decision making, super SC role blending HB and OB and internally rated.

              It’s because of all that (i.e. how good he is) that I’m not starting him lol. Going to get looked at for a lot of tags, I think.


              1. Hmm a very interesting point. In terms of a direct comparison, I don’t see Salem getting that treatment, so maybe that’s a plus in his column.


                1. Yeah.

                  Pre-season will illuminate a lot.

                  Daicos might just look too phenomenal to pass up even anticipating attention.

                  We’ll see.

                  For now, I’m liking structures with Salem. Affords a lot of freedom elsewhere.


  21. This is what I’ve had for the last week or so and kind of really like it.
    In the bank: 83,300

    Def: Stewart, Dawson, Daicos, Goater, Ginbey, Mckenna (Dean, Chesser)

    Mid: Oliver, Miller, Bont, Green, Mitchell, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips (Hewett, Johnson, Tsitas)

    Ruck: English, Cameron (Keeler)

    Fwd: Dunkley, Taranto, Fyfe, McLean, Phillipou, Serong (Sinn, Madden)

    Obviously like all teams, rookies not set. Although those rookie price points at each position is what I’m wanting to roughly start with.
    Waiting for confirmation on what Marshall’s role is and he’ll like come in for English if it is what we all hope it is.
    My concerns lie with Mitchell and Green. I really like both and couldn’t decide between the two. I can see Titch really getting back to his old pig self and being very underpriced while Green can be the next big thing leading the GWS midfield and replicate but continue his hot start like last year. I have the cash to move either to Steele if necessary, he is one I have a keen eye on. Daicos is also my watch. Is he a top 8 defender? maybe it’s my Pies fan bias that wants it to be true but his price point is an enabler.
    Let me know what you think, love a discussion.


    1. Hey, TJ.

      Great side. Really balanced.

      Bozza and I were discussing Daicos above. Basically he’s a jet but will most likely receive more tags this year – could still be very serviceable though.

      On Titch and Green, I think your reads are dead on. Both finally going to have carte blanche MID roles in sides that really need some inside class (Titch) and grunt (Green).

      I think you can swing both if you’re confident they can do 110.

      Fyfe a no from me though. Been training exclusively up FWD and hasn’t been in either the A or B MID rotations in match sims. He can still score well FWD (and has before), sure, but his injury profile is just cooked.


      1. Cheers GD, Just read your comments on Daicos. Can see the thought process around it. He is just to good to leave out. I’ll see where he is at during the preseason and go from there. Hayden Young another I like at the price. He could be one to watch. Could add Redman to that list as well.

        Interesting on Fyfe. First proper preseason in years. Injuries a concern but if he gets into the guts consistently then he could be a very handy cash generator. Thomas is one I’ve had my eye on. Just want the confirmation on his role and he might just replace Fyfe in my side.


        1. Yeah Bomber, I’ve talked myself out of him at this point. Going to go Thomas for now until something peaks my interest.


  22. Hey blokes, first draft for the year, here it goes

    Doc, Dawson, Daicos, Wilmot, Chesser, Weddle, Berg, Wagner

    Oliver, Miller, Bont, Brayshaw, Green, Ashcroft, Phillips, Goater, Ginby, MacraeJr, Phillipou

    Grundy, Meek, Madden

    Butters, Taranto, Cameron, Flanders, Sheezel, McLean, Pedlar, Voss

    Not happy with R2 and prefer the traditional Guns and Rooks.


    1. Without Cogs, Brodie, Sic, Cripps, Hewitt I’m not sure the mid pricer list this year will be anywhere near as successful as last season.
      Hopper, sheed, yeo, cunnington etc are nowhere near the same quality or eventual keepers. You can easily make the team but should you?
      I’m seeing all the value this year in the 500-550k range. Redman, young, daicos, himmelberg, titch, green, warner, ldu, anderson, grundy, marshal, rozee, taranto + mo(o)re. Which if used is still a GNR team.

      Almost no one is happy with their rucks, But it is good for the overall game.


  23. Back for the new year! First attempt at a team and I’m sure lots of changes, some nice looking mid pricers too so practice matches will be interesting. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

    DEF – Stewart – Docherty – Dawson – Goater – Gibney – McKenna (Dean – Gould)

    MID – Oliver – Miller – B.Smith – T.Green – Hopper – Ashcroft – Wardlaw – Sinn (Johnson – Chesser – Wagner)

    RUCK – Marshall – Cameron – Ratugolia

    FWD – Dunkley – Coniglio – Taranto – Flanders – Allen – McLean (Phillipou – Van Rooyen)


    1. First thing, how much are you paying for Ratugolia to sit on the bench? Just checked $174k. I don’t see him playing much, if at all. Of course, it’ll come down to early pre-season games and Scott has loved him in the past, but I feel while Hawkins will miss a few games at the start, it might be S.Neale who will fill in as he did late in the season. Keep watch.
      Consider the cheapest R/F on the bench and then place Cameron in the forward line. This will mean swapping out a top liner for a ruck top liner (English, Darcy?).

      Finally, as for keepers, I count 11 at best, taking one of your midfielders which might level up (I don’t know which one). I think you need to get this to to at least 12 or 13.


  24. Take 2

    DEF : Doch Daicos Yeo Clark Goater Cole (Chesser Weddle)

    MID : Oliver Macrae Steele Dunlkley Titch Hopper Bytel Phillips (3 rooks)

    RUCK : Grundy Marshall ( Madden)

    Rozee Taranto Cameron Thomas McLean Sinn (2rooks)


    1. Wow, you must have lot of faith in D3! I’m not sure Yeo is worth having, might play 15 games.

      You’ve got Dunkley in the mids, surely he has to be in the forwards.

      I’m not sure about McCrae, has been in slight decline over recent years. No injuries to speak of over this time, so no reason other than natural decline.

      Tom Mitchell – do you see him doing better than he did at the hawks in the last couple of years? I feel it will be more or less the same, maybe a slight gain, but you’ll be stuck with him for the year for that price.

      Is that T Thomas? Will surely be missing the first few weeks after police incidents.


      1. Yeo, will average 95+ Give me 8 games out of the first 10 rounds and its a win. Easy flip to a premium that fallen to 540K

        Dunkley will move Forward at some time. Allows me to have Cameron as Cover. Dunkley will score like a MID premium so no concern with lossing points..

        Macrae will bounce back to 120+, Bont on standbye.

        Mitchell will have a better team role at Collingwood. Sam Mitchell just wanted him out of the Hawks.

        YEah Thomas up to his ld trick early. Reports he will have the HB role at North. Time Will Tell. Fanders on watch.


          1. I understand you optimism, however he hasn’t averaged over 90 since 2019, or played more than 12 games since then.

            In his prime, he went 3 years over 100 and played 21 or 22 games. (2017-2019)


  25. Not seeing any love for big Tom Hickey. Good finish to the year including finals, went 103 from 20 games in 2021.
    Sitting in my team at $465,000 at the moment. Anyone got any thoughts on him?


    1. Yeah. I quite like Hickey, Andy. Good ceiling.

      Considered him to start 2022 and at points during the year. Think how erratic his injury profile has since scared me off. Sort of an annoying floor at times as well.

      Opens the season with Suns, Hawks, Dees, Port, Tigers and Cats. Not super soft but he’s never really restricted by his opp. in scoring.

      One to watch, no doubt.


  26. I’ve commented on a couple above, so a chance for you to swipe back 😀

    Backs: Doch, Dawson, NDaicos, McKenna, Wilmot, Constable (Wagner, OMullin)

    Mids: Oliver, Bont, Brayshaw, Steele, Worpel, Ashcroft, Clark, Chesser, (Bond, Harvery, Williams)

    Ruck: English, Darcy (Madden)

    Forward: Dunkely, Butters, Rozee, Cameron, McLean, Bruce (Neale, Davey)

    It will still come down to rookies that are playing. Happy with overall structure. Last year I went with 5 backline keepers and it worked really well, as there wasn’t much options in the forward line and plenty of value. Not quite to the same this year, but maybe in the mids, it’s good to go stronger.


    1. Interesting to see both Rozee and Butters in same team.

      IF you had to pick just one??

      I am a Hawks fan, but I’m not a Worpel fan, even at $300k (Newcombe is in my team and will benefit most from No JOM or Titch). Who do you think Worpel can average? 65-70?


      1. If one, then Butters. I don’t mind having both, I had 3 dogs in the forward line for most of the year and finished with 4!

        I don’t know about Worpel, watching and waiting. Didn’t he win the B&F a few years ago? It’s sink or swim for him this year. For the price and position, I’ll be wanting mid 90s, so we’ll see.


        1. Sam Mitchell interview a couple of days ago said, ‘Worpel had a good match sim last week (Was written up in AFL.com as he was flying) but was a bit quiet today, and he knows he has a number of things he needs to work on’ – sam m


          1. Thanks Derek.

            He averaged 51 last year. Breaking down the numbers:
            Somehow scored 0 in Rnd 1 with 12 disposals and 3 FA
            Rnd 4 against StK, only had 5 possessions and 3FA, rotating M/F, score 37
            Rnd 5, started sub, came on 2nd Q. Scored 42 of 14 possies
            Rnd 9, scored 34, was either dropped or injured as didn’t play again till Rnd 15
            Rnd 16, dislocated shoulder in Q1, scored 8. Didn’t play again.

            Clearly things to work on!

            Previous seasons:
            2018 – 72.8, 9 games
            2019 – 97, 22 games
            2020 – 88.2, 15 games
            2021 – 73.4, 20 games
            2020 – 51.1, 11 games

            Can I see a 20-35 point jump? If he’s playing, definitely! He’ll need to turn the coaches head around though, otherwise will be a great get 2024 with another club!


    2. Far. That’s a great side.

      13 keepers plus Worpel. Really like the Rozee AND Butters double call.


  27. Doch in the midfield fulltime for first 6 weeks, who is going to get all of the extra marks from backwards kicks? Only 1 contender SSS (supercoach sleeper Saad)
    110 ave over first 6 without a doubt


      1. Saad was already a distributor so the extra opportunities will logically fall his way. Newman & Williams are the only others with the kicking skills to replace dochertys role.
        McGovern and Kemp are both too unreliable to be given such an integral role to start the season, Williams probably falls into that bracket as well.
        110+ from Saad isn’t much of an increase I think he ave more than that to finish 2022


        1. Saad ave 111.8 over last 5 rounds including a final round 74
          Dawson ave 109.2 over final 5 including a final round 74


          1. season lasts longer than 5 rounds.

            Is Saad a keeper?

            If he isn’t, he has to make cash. If he averages 90, he will make 100k


            1. Hi Derek.

              I think Saad has snuck up on you, like he has for a few of us.

              He averaged 103 last year and is priced at 567k. His 2021 average was only 83, but he did average 97 in 2020.

              If you pick him, it’s as a keeper. Can he improve from 103? Carlton will probably improve, Doc into the midfield might add some points to him. For a guy we have all basically ignored in the preseason, he does have merit. You could argue that he is in the same price point and upside as Brayshaw.
              Sometimes I think we narrow our focus a little, and looking at teams with the same names tends to validate that in our minds. But there are guys we are potentially overlooking that have merit. I am suspecting Saad might be one of them.


    1. Had him last year. Panned out as a pick and genuinely a phenomenonal footballer

      Doch definitely capped him. Such a seagull. Took a lot of the distribution and refused to actually play defensively/accountably, peeling off his opponent heaps and leaving Saad and Weitering just under absolute siege.

      Was ridiculous/insane seeing Saad handle his direct opponent as well Docherty’s, beating them both and slingshotting the Blues forward.

      All that said, there’s not much value in him at 570k. That’s the top of his price. 30-50k more and you’ve got one of the 5 600k Top 6 locks.

      Even with Doch moving OB and giving Saad that extra distribution and not having to cover another opp., just don’t see the need for that kind of move.


  28. Defenders
    James Sicily $624,700 R14
    Hayden Young $508,200 R12
    Nick Daicos $502,500 R14
    Elliot Yeo $337,000 R14
    Liam Jones $228,100 R15
    Conor McKenna $167,500 R12
    Corey Wagner $117,300 R12
    Bodhi Uwland $123,900 R13
    Touk Miller $662,400 R13
    Jackson Macrae $634,400 R15
    Chad Warner $532,700 R12
    Tom Mitchell $528,600 R14
    Jordan De Goey $468,700 R14
    Max Holmes $360,600 R13
    Sam Flanders $256,300 R13
    Will Phillips $158,300 R15
    Reuben Ginbey $171,300 R14
    Mattaes Phillipou $166,800 R12
    Josh Sinn $123,900 R15
    Mark Blicavs $537,200 R13
    Brodie Grundy $512,900 R14
    Esava Ratugolea $174,000 R13
    Josh Dunkley $596,400 R12
    Darcy Cameron $465,900 R14
    Nathan Fyfe $313,600 R12
    Toby McLean $178,900 R15
    Ben King $176,300 R13
    Charlie Comben $123,900 R15
    Fergus Greene $123,900 R14
    Joe Richards $117,300 R14
    $6,500 itb
    Plus with Ratugolea on bench @$174,000 got money to use once “practice ” games begin any comments wery much welcome


    1. I count maybe 6 keepers here, and even that’s being generous. SC isn’t like AFL fantasy and I think you’d be drowning trying to replace any midpricers that don’t work while not being able to afford the premiums.


    2. A team built on potential. A lot needs to go right.

      Liam Jones is highly priced and likely to go 65-70. Will the growth be too slow? He’s only played 19 matches or more twice in his whole career. Would a rookies growth be a better fit?

      King is interesting. Never averaged more than 55 in his 3 seasonson. It’s natural growth and team improvement vs long term injury to a tall. Probably worth the risk as he’s in best 22. For what it’s worth, his brother averaged 55 in 2021 and bumped to 62 last year…

      T McLean’s best season was 2018 where he played 22 and averaged nearly 95. It’s all been downhill since then. At the price, probably worth the risk and will likely average 60s at best. Is he best 22 though?

      Just some thoughts.


    3. Hi James

      I can maybe count 11 keepers, but a few of them will be A-/B+ types. You can probably carry a few of those (I know I do!), but unless they turn into top shelf premos, you do slip behind other sides.

      If someone is in your side, you should look at them either as a keeper or as a cash generator. The sort of cash you need is $150k. So, looking at DeGoey and Holmes, as much as both of them might improve, I struggle to see either of them gaining you $150k. However, if you went like a Steele and an Ashcroft, I suspect not only will you raise more cash, you will need less trades because you have one extra keeper.

      Love the Flanders selection. Think that could work out for you.

      I would recommend putting Ratagolea in your forwards, rather than your ruck bench. Bring in a 102k r/f loophole rookie in R3. This will give you a loophole option for your VC, but it also means Ratagolea can cover both your forward and your ruck line.

      I like you have some expensive rookies on the bench. We may need that if the cheap rookies don’t show. If the cheap rookies do show, you gave the option to put the extra cash on the head of say a Warner, or using it for 3rd corrective trades.

      Good luck with your team.


  29. DEF – sicily, Dawson, daicos, McKenna, worner, chesar

    MID – laird, neale, bont, touk, Ashcroft, Phillips, McLean, rowston

    RUCK – English, Marshall

    FWD – Dunkley, butters, Taranto, Cameron, sheezel, sinn

    let me know lads, bit scared I’m a premium short in the midfield


    1. Getting Cameron as your F4 means you’ll only be able to get 4 in the midfield.

      Even so, your picks aren’t helping. I do think there’s more value in the mids than you’re getting (T. Green, Mitchell, Hopper). Maybe a Butters gets downgraded, a Touk or Neale also gets downgraded and suddenly its Hopper or Mitchell at M5 and Ashcroft at M6.


  30. T/U Bont
    T/D Tracca
    I normally have both and both have been reliable but $$$$ means can only afford one for now.


  31. With Ed Richards new role in backline for dogs who do we think scores better this year?
    TU Richards
    TD Daicos


  32. First crack at it for the year, would love to hear any feedback. I have left out my bench players as at this stage it’s all up in the air and subject to many changes.

    DEF: Sinclair, Dawson, Daicos, Ginbey, Mckenna, Weddle.

    MID: Laird, Macrae, Brayshaw, Titch, Hopper, Goater, Phillipou, Phillips.

    RUC: Darcy, Marshall

    FWD: Dunks, Cogs, Butters, Cameron, Mclean, Sinn.

    $10,400 in the bank.

    The selections i am contemplating are Bont VS Macrae VS Tracca, Daicos VS Young and how to get Miller into my team (preferably for Hopper).


  33. Slight tweak to use max cash. $400 left.

    J.Sicily $624,700
    S.Docherty $603,600
    J.Dawson $603,100
    E.Yeo $337,000
    C.McKenna $167,500
    J.Weddle $130,800

    D.Wilmot $123,900
    C.Chesser MID $123,900

    C.Oliver $699,800
    T.Miller $662,400
    M.Bontempelli $639,500
    T.Mitchell $528,600
    J.Hopper $332,000
    T. McLean FWD $178,900
    M.Phillipou FWD $166,800
    W.Phillips $158,300

    C.Blakely $123,900
    O.Baker $123,900
    C.Wagner DEF $117,300

    B.Grundy $512,900
    R.Marshall $506,500

    N.Madden $102,400

    J.Dunkley MID $596,400
    S. Coniglio MID $557,700
    T.Taranto MID $503,100
    A. Francis DEF $189,400
    B.King $176,300
    J. Bruce $161,200

    S.Sturt $123,900
    J.van Rooyen $123,900


      1. Marshall hoping to solo ruck, especially with retirement of Ryder and Campbell and Hayes injured. As a solo ruck his scoring and ceiling are very good.

        Grundy should be able to at least exceed his price as #1 ruck at Melbourne. Gawn will likely gain dpp but will lose money. At least Grundy comes at a solid discount for a multiple All-Australian and will be rucking to a far better midfield.

        Much of Grundy’s potential will be dependent on how he gels with Oliver and Petracca.

        If he doesn’t work out there’s a few downgrade escape options at least – Lycett, Hickey, and Cameron who could easily hold F6/F7 by end of year.

        The rucks are frankly a bit of a nightmare. Everyone is going to struggle.


  34. Two structures I’m looking at…appreciate a TU or TD and any comment….cheers…

    Doch, Redman, Daicos, Yeo, Wilmot, Chesser, (Wagner, Cowan)

    Oliver, Miller, Bont, Zerrett, Rozee, Ashcroft, Hollands, Phillips (Johnson, Blakely, Jones)

    Marshall, Cameron, (Madden)

    Dunks, Moore, Taranto, Fyfe, van Rooyen, Sinn, (Richards, Gallagher)

    50K ITB to use where best
    – Potentially 15 keepers,
    – Looking to move Rozee & Cameron into the FWD line as the year progresses,
    – Will add to Mids & R2 as form, value start to play out

    Doch, Young, Daicos, McKenna, Wilmot, Chesser, (Wagner, Cowan)

    Laird, Oliver, Miller, Bont, Brayshaw, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips (Johnson, Blakely, Jones)

    Marshall, Cameron, (Madden)

    Dunks, Rozee, Taranto, McLean, van Rooyen, Sinn, (Richards, Gallagher)

    7K ITB – Potentially 14 Keepers


    1. But only 7 likely keepers and a whole heap of b listers.

      It’s possible enough of them will pay off that it could work out well.

      Traditionally the winning teams have quite a few less than premium players who were good enough not to trade out all year.

      I’d count Darcy Cameron as one. I traded him out last year for Gawn, paid a packet for the upgrade, and Cameron outscored Gawn for the rest of the year.

      Funnily enough, I prefer team A over B which has less keepers but at least has
      a bit more depth.


  35. First draft, pretty happy with it, keen for pre season!

    Planning on swinging Cogs forward later, and picked Grundy to see how he goes in a new team. Can downgrade McLean and turn Grundy into English if need be.

    Can see 14 keepers if Hopper and Grundy perform.

    Sicily, Stewart, Daicos
    Ginbey, Weddle, Wilmot
    Constable, Gould

    Oliver, Miller, Brayshaw, Cripps
    Coniglio, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillipou
    Chester, Wagner, Drury

    Blicavs, Grundy

    Dunkley, Taranto, Cameron
    McLean, Macrae, Van Rooyen
    Berry, Davey


    1. Would still start Cogs FWD. A MID rookie will put a FWD rookie away.

      Strong side, like the Blicavs pick.


  36. First draft. Not sold on the team at all but like the structure

    Def: Sicily, Daicos, Yeo, Bowes, Goater, Gibney, McKenna, Chesser

    Mids: Oliver, Brayshaw, LDU, Green, Hopper, Sheed, Woppell, Wadlaw, Phillips, Johnson, Davey

    Rucks: BigO, Cameron, Heath

    FWDs: Dunkley, Rozee, Horne Francais, Fyfe, King, Ratogalea, McClean, King


    – Why is no one talking about big O. Brisbane will have one of the best midfields in the comp and he had a down year due to competition that now plays for the pies.

    – going midprice heavy and expensive rookies to try and guarantee best 22. Have 9 keepers. So full premo should take 26 trades and leave me with 10 trades to play with which is the norm.


    1. Quite a good side, JSG.

      Does hinge very heavily on midpricers though. If just two of them don’t pan, you’re fucked though. I’d be most concerned with Yeo and Fyfe just because of their injury profiles, so just monitor their preseasons.

      Otherwise, yeah. Creative side with some great upfront points.


    2. Way to mid price heavy for my liking to be honest. Take a lot of luck to win going so heavy. My first concern is the midfield. Midfield rookies are the ones that typically score better and make the most cash out of all rookies, and only fielding one I’m not to keen on. Not a fan of Sheed and JHF as picks and I’d like a bit more information about Bowes and his role in the best 22 to consider him. Same with Ratogalea.

      Have you thought about your VC/C options?

      Curious to know if you’ve picked both King brothers or if you have made a typo lol


      1. Typo on King for sure. Had B king on field then thought that I’d rather have him on the bench.

        In terms of Captaincy. I think I have 4 good safe options. It’s a personal quirk but I like having a WA player as a captain option as they rarely play early in the round or in the day… So Brayshaw is in as the “Sweeper Captain”

        Then theirs Clarry, Dunkley and Sicily (Who might become Stuart/Doc).

        Might use some of that spare cash to bring in English as he was a good captain option last season.

        It’s also only an issue for the first 6 rounds. Once upgrade season starts you quickly find more options.

        Re Rookies

        Last year the prevailing wisdom was any player who could make 150k is a rookie. If you check my midpricers only Big O is in that 350-500 range of madness and that’s because I view him as a fallen premium, and the ruck line is a disaster.

        It’s a very rookie heavy team in that regard with only 9 premos but with 36 total trades I can easily fix 3 that don’t fire. And after upgrades that leaves me with 11 picks for sideswaps/extra upgrades


        1. Understandable JSG. I like Brayshaw, it’s just the same old “Can he break the tag” that gets me to not pick him. But I won’t talk you out of him.

          Don’t mind Big O. For me, I’d rather start Cameron with forward DPP and someone like English, Marshall etc, until we know who the big rucks are.


          1. In terms of Brayshaw as a sweeper captain option. Freos first 8 opponents are

            Stkilda, north, West coast, Adelaide, suns, Dogs, Brisbane, Hawks.

            That’s a pretty great early season run.

            Olivers run from week 4-10 is also great (WCE, Essendon, Richmond, north, suns, hawks, power) At week 6/7 upgrade season starts so I’m feeling pretty good about one of Oliver/Brayshaw going 120+ until upgrades start.

            I’m thinking about English. Held him last season and got burnt so a bit shy.

            Just know how well big O did 2 years ago and think there’s some real value there


  37. atm i have a big structural difference to most in my side. i’ve gone extremely weak in defense though i think (at this stage) we have some decent rookies who should score well enough. my team rigjt now:

    def: dawson, yeo, goater, ginbey, mckenna, weddle, (chesser, wagner)

    mid: laird, oliver, bont, macrae, merrett, green, hopper, phillips (johnson, sinn, blake ly)

    ruc: Grundy, hickey

    fwd: dunkley, coniglio, rozee, mclean, bruce, berry (macrae, warner)

    team will def change and is extremely bold and could ruin my season early, but you need to make bold decisions if you want to finish at the top imo


    1. I like it, Wokkas.

      Got the same DEF structure rn – Sinclair and Salem in my case. Allows for so much freedom/depth elsewhere.

      Rookie crop down back looking okay tbh, so think we’ll be able to get away with going thin.

      Andy brought up Hickey the other day. Rate it. Gw.


      1. Think you are right, went to midfield to cover injuries.

        124 v Brisbane
        121 v Melbourne
        138 v Collingwood

        So he scored against good sides not bottom sides.


  38. Okay after a horrible 2022 SC season, I am ready once again to have my heart broken.

    First team in the books:
    DEF: Doch Dawson Daicos Goater Ginbey Chesser (Wilmot, Dean)

    Mid: Satan Macrae Brayshaw Steele Titch
    T. Green Ashcroft Phillips (Johnson, Blakely, Richards)

    Ruck: Lycett, Pittonet (Madden)

    FWDs: Dunkley Taranto Cameron McLean Philippou Neale (Macrae Sinn)

    I listened closely to GD about his Ruck structure and I like the rationale, so thank you! Other than that, went heavy on mids and have Cameron as backup for Pitt or Lycett if they struggle (or Fyfe/Yeo go off and I need some maneuvering to get them in).

    There are many other midpricers I am intrigued in, but this will most likely be the team going into Preseason.

    Please, any and all feedback is appreciated!


    1. I like it DK, but then I have 8 of the same premos. Although I went a level up in the rucks and sacrificed a mid.
      We just have to wait for the practice matches to see which rookies!


      1. Hey Brad! Thanks for backing this side. Yeah the rucks scare me, if I do make a change it will surely be moving out Pitt for English or another premo ruck!


      1. Thanks for the info HH. I will be monitoring that situation very closely. Is there any other mid price ruck managers are interested in? Seems like these two have the most steady position with their respective clubs.


        1. He was with the main group on Wednesday 25th in match simulation drills and was also with them pre christmas. Has no injury or modified training program.
          News of his death is somewhat premature


      1. Thank you WG!! Those are both sound suggestions. As much as I love both as PODs, I will have to lose out somewhere. Good luck to you this year as well!


    2. Like the comments and TUs say it’s a great side, DK.

      Good to see someone else vibing with the cut price rucks.

      HH makes a good catch on Pitt not being with the main group. Also read that the other day.

      As long as he and Lycett are 100% come Round 1, I’ll be starting them.

      Like the Doch and Dawson combo. Good luck.


      1. Thanks GD! Good luck to you as well. Last year I should’ve listened to others and had more mid pricers on my starting side (like Hewett, Brodie and Witts), but I was too afraid to take the risk. This year, seems like you can get the most value at Ruck and I hope to do that.

        Also sorry for the 2am reply! I’m out in Vancouver, Canada, a few here that stay up late to watch AFL and play SC!


        1. 2 am is normal time for some Aussie people too. There is no such thing as “normal time” with a 24 hour economy and a global internet.

          Post when you like, mate.


  39. G’day SC Legends,

    Going old school GnR set up for 2023.

    DEF: Sinclair, Sicily, Stewart, McKenna, Wilmont, Dean (Gould, Montgomery)

    MID: Oliver, Neale, Miller, Bont, Cripps, Ashcroft, Phillips, Phillipou (Chesser, Davey, Wagner)

    RUC: Grundy, Marshall (Madden)

    FWD: Cognilio, Taranto, Cameron, McClean, Serong, Van Roonen (Berry, Gallagher)

    $10.9k ITB

    * Rookies subject to change.


    1. Like it T Rex! Phillipou in the forward line for me looks alot nicer allowing another midfield rookie in the middle as they typically score better. Just a thought.


      1. Cheers TJ & Willys – feedback much appreciated.

        Being doing this for a little while and see this year primed for GnR, I am not a guru by any means but my evaluation of value, cash generation and getting off to a good start is key.

        Had many high priced rookies to start and the likes of Hopper but I was sacrificing solid backline (proven scoring) which always been my Achilles heal, plus having Hopper going against Bont with relative sides playing 5 premium mids.

        My side may look basic but it works. Key is getting low priced rookies right for max return which is a black art and is determined by luck to a certain degree.

        T – Rex


        1. Hard to pass on Hopper in my opinion. Should average around that 95 mark and would be a good trade out at the bye for the uber premium or could be that player that sits in your team as that last upgrade. Looks a no brainer to me T Rex! I think there is a few ways to fit him in your team but you might need to go a second midpricer to afford it which may throw your GnR structure out of whack.


  40. Nice to get my teeth stuck into AFL SC again after dabbling in BBL. First stab after 20 mins. Not too bad, as always, rookies are largely placeholders for structure. Maybe a bit skinny in the MID’s maybe, but usually that’s where there are more rookies. Went for reliability in the RUC’s. Midpricers look to me at this early stage as a decent strategy in the FWD’s again.

    DEF: Stewart, Dale, Duncan, McGrath, McKenna, Coffield, Dean, Wagner
    MID: Oliver, Neale, Miller, Hopper, Atkins, Ashcroft, Simpson, Sinn, F.Macrae, Baker, Chesser
    RUCK: Witts, Blicavs, Heath
    FWD: Dunkley, Rozee, Cunnington, Allen, Francis, Pedlar, Fantasia, Daniels

    Undoubtedly this will bear little resemblance to my final team.


    1. Hey, Maaz.

      Idk, a couple of spaz picks.

      Duncan past it, wouldn’t bother. I had Dale year, he was lit but not a huge value proposition at that price and Richards really ate into his economy late into the season. McGrath a dud pick as well – don’t see the upside

      DEF options are really the 5x big 600k MIDs then Daicos, Yeo, Salem, etc.

      Atkins also priced out of relevance. 460k won’t make any scharole, so basically starting him as a keeper – which he won’t score enough to be.


      1. Hey GD, no doubt very little thought given to selections at this time. Initial exercises are usually for me about structure rather than personnel. Like I said, most rookies are placeholders, rather than locks.

        On McGrath though, a shift back more into defence had been rumoured so that’s maybe where that pick came from, although with Ridley and Redman down back, it will remain to be seen what kind of role he plays. I rode Sinclair all the way last year, but at that price I can’t have him. Definitely will will look at Doc if I can rejig the team to afford him – if he plays mid minutes to cover Walsh then I’ll probably make sacrifices early on. Dale is a solid reliable pick, not a bad thing for a guy who regrets not having enough trades each year!

        As for Duncan, I’d forgotten his age. I have a rule now where I don’t select anyone in my starting team who’s turning 31 during the season. This appears to rule out Blicavs too. Marshall looks like a good option so that swap might happen.

        Atkins = the Rory, Suns variety. At ~200K he’s there (like I said) more as a placeholder. If I drop him in favour of a lower-priced rook, then it will free up some cash elsewhere.

        Forgot to mention the above team left me with 50K in the kitty.


  41. Best I can do at short notice
    Def: Sinclair, Doc, Dawson Goater, Ginby, Dean, Wilmot, Wagner
    Mid: Oliver, Bont, Titch, Laird, Hollands, Ashcroft, Sinn, Johnson, Phillipou, Chesser, Gilby
    Ruck: Witts, Marshall, Free
    Fwd: Dunkley, Cogs, Taranto, Allen, Cunningham, Comben, Berry, Van Rooyen

    Be cruel to be kind


    1. Lloyd isn’t a shocking pick based on past history but you’d really have to watch form. His Fantasy numbers averaged a bit higher towards the end of the season but supercoach scores still mostly sucked.

      8 of his 10 last games were 20 possessions or more, so it is more dependent on efficiency with usage than anything else.

      He hasn’t been getting as many easy rewards as previously.

      I’d be wary.


  42. Hi everyone,
    First time poster, long time watcher – keen for some feedback on this please!

    DEF: Stewart, Sicily, Dawson, Ginbey, Weddle, Mckenna (Constable, Wilmot)

    MID: Oliver, Touk, Bont, Steele, Titch, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips (Baby Macrae, Chesser, Wagner)

    RUCK: Marshall, Cameron (Madden)

    FWD: Dunkley, Taranto, Fyfe, Mclean, King, Phillipou (Sinn, Drury)

    Gut feel is DEF 4 is a little bit light on whereas midfield speaks for itself. Think their is money to be made in the forward line with a fit Fyfe, Mclean is a bargain and King.


    1. Great team at this stage. Think Oliver, Touk and Bont really set you up strong for captaincy options.

      I don’t know about Fyfe – seems like the team is struggling to figure out what to do with him. Maybe he fixes your D4 troubles as a Yeo/Salem or something.


      1. You can’t build your team around unreliable players but it’s good to see a star on the park.

        Freo are being wise on how they use him IMHO.

        There’s money to be made if he can string half a dozen games together but to me he’s just too high a risk and at 300+ the reward versus likelihood of staying on the park is too small.


    2. Fyfe needs to average at least 80 at his price to be considered a good investment and make you $125k. I doubt he will be a keeper unless he starts playing midfield again.

      Yeo at similar price could easy average 90+. better investment and if he remains fit could end up being a top 8 defender.

      rest of team looks great


      1. That makes Hopper a poot pick also Derek .What will he need to score to be a good cash cow. Neither are in my team I found a bit more and went to Green .At least he has a real chance at premo also Daicos vs Ryan probably works better for Ryan


        1. Hopper will be a 90-95 point player, and hasn’t got an injury rap sheet the size of Fyfe’s.

          He’s still a risk, no doubt, but far less so.


  43. Howdy SCT team, Welcome back for 2023, I’m pumped. I’ve been playing with something like this for a bit, obviously pending rookies, I won’t name bench for now as it will change with the rookie selections.

    Docherty, Dawson, Daicos, Goater, Gibney, Mckenna

    Laird, Oliver, Miller, Bont, Mitchell, Ashcroft, Ed Allen, Sinn

    Grundy, Cameron

    Dunkley, Butters, Taranto, T Thomas, McLean, Long

    Not sold on some of the high price rookies, Mckenna and McLean will probably change. I dont think McLean starts. Ashcroft a place holder, while I rate him, I can’t see him scoring enough to make enough cash with Lions deep midfield. And I know I’ll probably have to drop a premium for balance, my gut is telling me to keep Laird and downgrade Oliver. Could be a game changer, could end my season by R3.


    1. Good line up Matteo.

      You’ve gone the triple D backline, as opposed to the triple S (Sinclair, Sici, Stew). Either is hard to fault.

      Re: Laird vs Oliver. My worry with Laird is he’s coming off a season best 127. Previous 2 years 116 and 105. His role won’t change that much from last year, but he may have to start showing the new guys so they’ll be ready in a couple of years.

      Whereas Oliver has done 120+ for the last 3 years and you know what you’re buying.


      1. Hey Brad, thanks for your thoughts. My head says the same as you for the exact same reasons. My gut says Laird is too good to leave out. That’s why I’m thinking of having both. Cheers.


  44. TU-laird, touk, macrame, bont, parish+ rookie. Big guns plus rookie in the fwds.

    TD-LDU, Anderson, keays, Warner, Brodie+ taranto. Little guns plus taranto in fwds.


  45. After viewing the teams and reading the comments so far, ‘just one question we need to ask ourselves; (no, not that one),
    “What’s more important”;

    TU Winning our Leagues
    TD Overall ranking


  46. Great to be back! Love some feedback on this very “rough” first draft

    B – DOCH, BRAYSHAW, COLEMAN, Weddle, Wagner, Mckenna (Chesser, Wilmot)
    M – OLIVER, MILLS, BONT, PARISH, TITCH, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips (Macrae, Blakely, Constable)
    R – MARSHALL, CAMERON (Madden)
    F – DUNKLEY, BUTTERS, TARANTO, Allen, McLean, Phillipou (Van Rooynen, Sinn)

    See my thoughts / ramblings below:

    – Pretty set on Doch at D1, but D2 & D3 are moving targets. I think Dawson, Sinclair, Stewart & Sicily will all be top scoring backmen, but need to consider spending $1.2m on 2 x defenders.
    – I like having a pick in the mid $500k bracket. Currently on Brayshaw as a safe pick. Dale & Young the other considerations.
    – Coleman is a speculative breakout contender. Unsure whether he will hold his spot. The others on the watchlist are Richards, Daicos & Ridley (if Dons adopt a kick-mark heavy gameplan)
    – Yeo & Bowes preseason watch as mid-pricers

    -Touk, Laid & Oliver all in contention as my number one mid. I think we need one for a consistent captaincy option. Currently on Oliver but no knocks against the other two.
    – Bont a lock for me. Hopefully gets an uptick in CBAs
    – Mills has shown a huge ceiling but role could be sporadic. Came home with a 109 average in the last 5 as his role changed, which is a far cry from his early-mid season form.
    – Parish & Mitchell both considered as under priced options based on their best form. Steele in the same category but the interrupted preseason doesn’t help.
    – Cripps could be one going under the radar @ 11% ownership, although Brownlow hangover could impact (is that a thing???)
    – Breakout contenders LDU & Green are on the preseason watch list.
    – Hopper looks a great pick for his price. Sheed & Worpel are mid-price watches
    – Rowbottom a very speculative preseason watch, but he’s in the awkward price bracket

    – Really like Marshall without Ryder. Has the monster ceiling
    – R2 a revolving door of English, Grundy, Lycett & D Cam

    – Dunkley a lock.
    – Butters a POD pick against Rozee. Had horror luck with impact injuries, but is that a side effect of his game style? Loves to crash and bash as a smaller player.
    – Taranto seems a safe pick for his price. DE is not great for SC but $500k for a first choice CBA mid seems safe.
    – D Cam could slide to F3 if opt for a different ruck setup.
    – Gulden & Moore on the watchlist as breakout contenders
    – Cunnington could represent value based on previous scoring history
    – Fyfe not even considered


    1. Really like this structure SCM.
      Not sure how much you have left in the bank, but I’d try to get from Coleman up to Daicos. Probably achievable in going McKenna down to a rookie priced player.
      I like Coleman as a player, but he’s been pretty up and down in his career re SC scoring so far.
      Good luck for the season!


      1. Thanks TRB.

        Basically stretched the bank to nothing, so I’d need to drop some rookies to move Coleman up, or sacrifice Mills to a Steele or Cripps. I’m hoping with another season under his belt he can increase consistency, and look to be the no.1 user out of the backline for the Lions, especially as Rich gets older.

        Some premos will need to be downgraded if we have struggle for rookies, and need some of the $150-$200k types like Goater, King etc.


    2. Really well written and a great side.

      Just two notes from the pre-season:

      – Parish hasn’t been in full training
      – King is set to miss the start of the season for the Saints, so they’re reportedly toying with bringing Campbell in and playing RoMo forward or even bringing Ryder back for 8 games

      Also, as great as Mills is I found his rope got dicked around with too much late last year. Being versatile he often found himself chopped out to HB or a wing after 3QT. Capped his ceiling. I’d only touch him if he comes in as a pure Top 2 CBA MID.

      Best of luck.


      1. Thanks GD.

        Wasn’t aware of the Parish news so that puts him on high alert. Also couldn’t agree more on Mills. He’s the most shaky of my premo choices. He might be an upgrade depending on how he starts the season


    3. For me I’m not taking Kiddy as a keeper, and Cameron only as an F6 (and backup ruck) option.

      But still a very strong side.


      1. Hey Derek, Different opinion to most, but I smell a BIG trap. Mid pricers arent the same as last year. I would take a punt on 2-3 but tread carefully selecting anymore.
        Point is I’m avoiding all those types, Hopper, Yeo, Fyfe, Clarke etc. You want them to make money primarily. I’m not sure any of them can last long enough to make enough cash to validate their selection. An early injury to any of them and thats a premium you could have started with instead. Any combinatio0n is a 500K player and a rookie.


  47. Cant settle on a structure yet. Will depend heavily on rookies on field i guess but this is the latest. Thoughts?

    Stewart Daicos Bowes
    Goater Ginbey McKenna
    (Weddle Dean)

    Oliver Miller Bont Macrae
    Mitchell Hopper Ashcroft Phillips
    (Constable Sinn Chesser)

    Marshall Cameron (Madden)

    Dunks Cogs Taranto
    Allen Francis McLean
    (King Sestan)


    1. That’s pretty banging, FBS.

      Midfield basically goes 6 deep and D4 & F4 depth in Goater and Allen.

      As good as you’re gonna get till preseason matches. Gw.


  48. First crack at a team, feels a bit cookie cutter but more or less happy with the bones of this, obviously rookies subject to change/availability.

    $80,600 ITB

    DEF: J Sinclair, S Docherty, N Daicos, C Salem, C McKenna, D Wilmot (C Constable, C Chesser)

    MID: C Oliver, J Macrae, J Steele, T Greene, J Hopper, J Worpel, W Ashcroft, M Johnson (C Blakely, J Sinn, C Wagner)

    RUC: T English, R Marshall (N Madden)

    FWD: J Dunkley, T Taranto, D Cameron, T McLean, M Phillipou, T Berry (J van Rooyen, B Drury)



    1. Like it Szylak. Think I was reading today Macrae had some rotations on the forward flank during match sim today. Just one to keep your eye on. Personally prefer Bont.


    2. Nah. Not cookie cutter, Moe.

      That’s a good side with some structural and selection points of difference. Well done.

      On the Dogs MIDs, I’m off them all together. Think the Dogs as a side are set for a decline this year.


    3. Hey Szylak

      This is actually a very solid team, and not cookie cutter really at all.

      Doc and Sinclair combined is quite the POD backline( although pricey ) with most teams opting for for 2 of Dawson, Sicily or Stewart.

      Daicos is in my side and I’m now seriously considering Salam. He could score well but his body is always a ? Having a back up plan like…
      Potentially going down to a Bowes type will free up cash of you need it for rookies or another mid-pricer that may pop up.

      Macrae over Bont .. I like both and you will probably need both by years end.

      Worpel is another big watch for me. If he plays forward “Get out” ! Dropping him to a Will Phillips ( My M8 ) may allow you to up grade another forward.

      I will be posting some leagues in the coming weeks so you are welcome to jump on.

      Thanks for posting a team and good luck in 2023

      Cheers FT 🙂


      1. You were shitting on me for Salem a month ago ahaha, FT!

        Real talk, I think he’s a good pick. Did 90.5, 87.3 and 94.5 prior to last year. Does have unconventionally high use and accumulating key DEFs in May and Lever alongside him but can do 90 and end up D6, I think.


    1. JimmyDee, our resident inside man at the Crows, mentioned Hugh Bond to me the other day. Storming the match sims apparently.


  49. Docherty Dawson Yeo Bowes McKenna Wagner (Wilmot, Chesser)
    Oliver Neale , Macrae, Danger, Horne Francis, Hopper,Ashcroft Goater (Gibney, Phillipou Macrae)
    Marshall Cameron (Rutogolea)
    Dunkley Rozee Taranto Fyfe Maclean Sinn (Maddern Van Roogen)


    1. DMC..

      Great first try but thats quite a bit of midpriced madness. This team ( in my book ) just has too much risk

      I would try and mess around dropping a few of Yeo / Horne Francis / Fyfe / Danger ( will be managed ) for a few rookies and another Premo.

      Ruto at R3 is a bit too much cash there as well, dropping him may allow you to get Danger up to a Mitchell / LDU / Tom Green type.

      Best of luck and thanks for posting.


  50. Ha ha me and Gunboat at odds already !

    Don’t write off the Doggies.

    English dominated in the scratch match and will improve if he stays fit. He is my tip for R1 by years end. .

    Can’t see Bont going under 115 this year.( up to 125 ) he’s my tip for the Brownlow LOL !

    Macrae has a bigger potential score difference..He could go any where from 105 -115+ depending on if he goes out to a wing too much.( thats why I’m starting Bont.) I just can’t see it though, with both Treloar and Baz unfit at this stage, and more likely to start the year out side the centre bounce.

    For me its English Bont Libba and Macrae as the first picked midfielders at the Doggies, and with Dunkley leaving there’s less mouths to feed and the Doggies historically score big as an overall SC team. I see Mclean , Daniel and Baz as part of the midfield / wing rotations with Hunter gone.

    Ignore the best doggies at your peril !

    I’m starting Bont and McLean with English ( or Marshall) at R1
    Baker is also on my watch list as rookie priced Mid.

    Loving the fact we all have different takes on these things !


    1. Exactly what I was thinking FT.

      Bont is going to go nuts and Chaz could be his at the end of the year. English only has one knock on him, and that’s if he gets a knock to the head.

      MacCrae is the interesting one to watch, the last 5 years from 2018 he’s averaged:
      127, 123, 121, 128, 115. Will he buck the trend and get back up over 120+ or is this Father D’s natural bell-curve decline?

      I’m steering clear of Libba this year unless he becomes a fallen premo. Priced at 104 which I think is his max. Not much upside.


      1. I feel that this is Macrae’s final year at the top echelon, going out with a bang. This will be the last season that I start Macrae, Neale, Laird, Titch etc. Changing of the guard coming up. LDU, warner, Green etc.


    2. Hope I’m wrong.

      Quite like the Doggies. Just think their refusal to implement a defensive system and being dead in the water if they get beaten on first use has caught up with them.

      And this is coming from someone who had 5 Dogs in their side last year and goes to most of their games in Melbourne with my Doggies mate!


      1. You’re not wrong GD. I don’t think Jones is going to answer all the questions about their defence. Maybe if Bruce goes back too or Darcy.


        1. Bruce and Jones will help, but to be honest Jones is a stop gap measure that ends by 2024.

          This is a team that needs a reboot.


          1. Hi guys jones won’t help. Carlton supporter happy to get rid of him. Will take 10 intercept marks. His opponent will kick 8 as he never plays on him and will turn the ball over for 5 direct goals a game. Won’t help the doggies.


  51. My current team.

    Main changes from earlier team has been

    Bowes to Yeo, thinking Yeo is a genuine Fallen Premium who can go 100+, if he gets injured 1 trade lost.

    Grundy to English. Too much doubt over Grundy/Gawn role.

    Cogs to Rozee mainly for the value

    Hopper to Green thinking Green will become a keeper this year. Meant dropping the expensive rookies to fund it.


    Sicily, Doch, Yeo, McKenna, Weddle, Chesser (Wagner, Wilmot)

    Oliver, Macrae, Brayshaw, Steele, Green, Titch, Phillips, Blakey (Johnston, FMacrae, Richards)

    English, Cameron (Madden)

    Dunkley, Rozee, Taranto, Allen, McLean, Sinn (vanRoyen, Drury)

    $5k left.

    A GnR team hoping the cheaper rookies turn up round 1.


    1. Yeo isn’t 1 trade lost. First who do you trade him to? If that player isn’t a keeper it’s another trade or 2. Second not owning him won’t hurt you like Cogs, brodie, Hewitt etc last season. 3 do you actually see him making much money? Enough to trade up to a 550k fallen premium?

      Extra trades, Putting English in, Can be downgraded to anyone. But if he doesn’t miss any games good luck trading in a guy averaging 120+ for the season.

      Cogs posted 109 ave after leon Cameron.


      1. Yeo will be all about how many games he plays before getting injured.

        If he manages 8 his price will be any easy trade to another premium, assuming he has averaged 95-100.

        Only risk will be if he get injured in the first few weeks and we need to trade to Hopper via DPP. 1 trade lost.

        I think Cogs will be good, but I’m backing Green to be better. If Green improves, he will take points from Cogs. There is also a world where Cogs plays 50% forward without Taranto. He just seems way over priced.


    1. Something to consider…
      Checked out my bye planning, and I chose Anderson- think he has great chance of breakout- and liked his round 13 bye- Cats & Gold Coast only 2 sides to get the bye that week.


    2. Anderson has been a lock in my team from Day 1. He is being set as the primary mid for 2023. Expect max CBAs. Expecting 115+ from the lad.
      I’d also have LDU before Green. Same same as Anderson.

      I’m a little cold on Green due to his fade out last season. Only a squeeze on $ will make me reconsider … then there is Serong as well, and with Walsh out there is Cerra too.


  52. Backs: Dawson, Clark, Bowes, Coffield, ,Wilmot Chesser – Wagner, Young

    Mids: Oliver, Miller, Mills, Bont, Steele, Smith, Hopper, Ashcroft – Blakely, Bond, Richards

    Rucks: English, Grundy, Madden

    Forwards: Butters, Rozee, Fyfe, Thomas, McLean, Ratugalea – Berry, Gallagher

    Light on defenders but not a big fan of top 6 so will take a wait and see.
    Loaded on mids – tip Smith to benefit from Dunkley exit. Loading up on mids but I don’t expect the top 5 I’ve chosen to drop in price.

    Rucks – English to become premier ruck, Grundy could become Marshall if he rucks solo.

    Forwards – always like a talented player who’s in a bit of trouble with the law – it can bring the best out of them. Welcome Taryn Thomas and I like the idea of Clarke playing him off half back. I reckon Ratugalea starts with Hawkins out. Butters and Rozee is a bit lazy – I can’t pick between the 2 so gone both for now.. Surprised no one is selecting Martin after all the positive reports coming thru. Also like De Goey at his price and training reports.



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