Real Deal – Rd8

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 11 2018

Ed Curnow………9th highest SC-scorer till now, 6th highest scoring MID.  While all the attention at Carlton is on Patrick Cripps, Curnow stands just 14 pts behind Cripps after seven Rounds.  He is in just 1.6% of teams.  After seven Rounds of football being played, we need to ask the question:  ‘Is Ed Curnow the real deal in 2018?’

Can Ed Curnow finish the season as a Top10 MID?

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9 thoughts on “Real Deal – Rd8”

  1. Underrated onballer in the competition, the Curnow family all have big tanks! Elder sister is a gun at international level in the pentathlon circle, younger sister national level sprinter & brother George national high jumper that was on Box Hill’s list in VFL footy!

    It will be interesting whenever smurf is back, but he’s proving to be a special POD for those who believe in him!


    1. I had been thinking the same thing re: Murphy. Looking at rounds 1-3, Murphy averaged 87 and Curnow averaged 110.

      Curnow’s average since Murphy went out is 118.5, so that’s a bit of a bump for sure but even if Curnow averages what he did rounds 1-3, he’s still a 110-average midfielder for 557k – not a bad deal but I don’t think I have room to fit him in based on my current structure.


  2. It’s the same issue for all POD midfielders – if you trade Curnow in, it means you miss out on one of Danger/Dusty/Titch/Crouch/Zerrett/Macrae/Oliver/Cripps etc. etc. You got to ask yourself if it’s worth missing out on one of those players, even if he does maintain an 110 average.


    1. At this rate you’d take Curnow over Zerrett and Cripps. Zerrett’s form is atrocious and his issues with the tag are almost as bad as Sloane’s. Cripps is beast but the stats are showing Curnow is eating his fair share too.


      1. I should say Curnow over Cripps considering the price disparity but now it’s basically a mute point. You’d only go Curnow over Cripps for the POD value.


  3. Carlton supporter here, he’s such a underrated midfielder and good scorer. but i couldn’t sacrifice a spot with the likes off crouch,oliver,danger and co missing out



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