Rookie Review – Rd 5, 2020

Written by Chillo on July 7 2020

Rookies can take on many possible roles in a Supercoach team. The obvious one is generating cash for future upgrades. However, the most important one in 2020 is covering for all our injured so-called premiums! There were some very handy scores posted by the freshers in Round5, I hope you caught some of them.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Hayden YOUNGFRE$262 700 (+$39.4K)68 (65)-24
Tom WILLIAMSONCAR$215 100 (+$36.8K)57 (62)-8
Stephen HILL (FWD)FRE$214 000 (+$23.4K)55 (64)-4
Will HAMILLADE$146 200 (+$16.3K)50 (37)13
Jarrod BRANDER (FWD)WCE$235 200 (n/a)DNP (60)13
Trent RIVERS (MID)MEL$166 000 (+$26.8K)46 (47)17
Fischer MCASEYADE$204 800 (n/a)DNP (39)30
Lachlan ASH (MID)GWS$193 100 (+$4.7K)56 (40)31
Brandon STARCEVICH (MID)BRL$295 400 (+$11.6K)38 (64)70

CHEERS: Young (15 possessions, 6 marks) showed good form again and has settled nicely into a distributing role across the Freo backline. He’s too expensive to pick up now, but is going to be great for those who jumped on. Hill (12 possessions) played a regulation defensive role in the same game and scored modestly, but still looks a good option if he stays healthy. Hamill (13 possessions) showed some dash in an otherwise static Crows lineup, while Ash (15 possessions) finally displayed some of the class that scouts know him for.

JEERS: Starcevich and Rivers both struggled to get into the game, unfortunate for those relying on them to cover that backline carnage. Starc is safe but there must be question marks around Rivers, especially as Goodwin has shown a fondness for spinning the magnets. Brander (hip soreness) missed the Eagles win, but will hopefully return this week.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Tom GREENGWS$238 500 (+$40.6K)71 (69)-26
Kyron HAYDENNTH$197 900 (+$35K)64 (50)-24
Sam PHILPCAR$140 900 (+$19.2K)59 (46)-9
Caleb SERONGFRE$200 000 (+$24.2K)53 (62)-8
Ned MCHENRYADE$143 500 (+$13K)55 (35)-5
Harrison JONESHAW$123 90054 (54)-5
Mitchell HIBBERDESS$114 40039 (39)7
Justin MCINERNEYSYD$232 900 (+$22.7K)51 (64)10
Noah ANDERSONGCS$290 600 (+$21.2K)74 (64)16
Marlion PICKETTRIC$201 500 (n/a)DNP (60)30
Tyler BROWNCOL$232 200 (+$11.5K)29 (52)61
Matthew ROWELLGCS$470 700 (-$7.6K)6 (102)154

JEERS: Not since GAJ got Macaffered in 2014 has so much attention been focused on a dislocated shoulder. Rowell only managed 2 possessions before popping his right shoulder out, and looks certain to miss weeks in recovery. 75% of coaches will probably be forced to trade, just when we were all locking him in for the duration! Brown (9 possessions) has really hit the wall in the past fortnight, and even Sidey’s walkabout might not save him from the axe this week.

CHEERS: Anderson (18 possessions) stepped in for his fallen teammate and had a great game, and would’ve scored higher but for an uncharacteristic six clangers. Green (14 possessions, 5 tackles) was again industrious in limited game time, using that large frame to control the contest, while Serong (10 possessions) also scored well in few minutes.

TRADE TARGETS: Philp (9 possessions) booted his first major and was much improved after he was a late in for the ill Zac Fisher. Two midfielders made their season debut – Hibberd (10 possessions at 90%) was okay in wet conditions but failed to make a tackle, while Jones (11 possessions, 4 tackles) did enough to suggest he might hold his spot in the Hawks midfield.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Tristan XERRI (FWD)NTH$144 800 (+$20.9K)42 (48)-12

Xerri (6 possessions, 2 hitouts) was the only active ruckman amongst the rookie ranks, but spent most of the game playing deep forward. He’s a week-to-week proposition, but safe to leave on the bench if you’re an owner.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Laitham VANDERMEER (MID)WBD$225 000 (+$48.5K)99 (63)-27
Jake AARTSRIC$123 90076 (76)-27
Jack MAHONY (MID)NTH$141 200 (+$23.9K)50 (50)-18
Thomas BERRYBRL$177 500 (+$39.7K)90 (56)-8
Shane MCADAMADE$142 100 (+$18.2K)64 (45)-7
Jamaine JONESWCE$161 600 (+$17.8K)63 (49)-3
Curtis TAYLORNTH$269 400 (+$26.8K)100 (72)0
Max KINGSTK$242 800 (+$23.4K)86 (60)12
Ben CROCKERADE$210 400 (+$25.2K)58 (50)12
Kysaiah KROPINYERI-PICKETTMEL$195 900 (+$17.5K)35 (48)28
Sam STURTFRE$195 300 (+$43.1K)74 (62)29
Connor BUDARICK (MID)GCS$233 500 (+$11.7K)28 (52)61

CHEERS: The forwards were by far the best scoring line for the rooks in round 5, highlighted by Taylor’s ton (13 possessions including 9 contested, plus 2 goals). Vandermeer (13 possessions, 6 tackles, 1 goal) was also excellent in the same game, and is going to be an incredibly useful asset to swing between lines to cover those injuries! Berry (10 possessions, 5 tackles) came in again for the injured Zorko and made a much better go of it second time around, applying plenty of pressure in the Lions front half. King (6 possessions, 6 contested, 2 goals) made the absolute most of limited opportunities to post his highest score, while Sturt (11 possessions, 1 goal) made a successful return following his incredibly speedy recovery from injury.

JEERS: At the other end of the scale, Budarick (5 possessions) got stuck playing a shutdown role on Ablett. He did that job well, but not the one Supercoaches were hoping for! Jones (10 possessions, 5 tackles) looked fantastic until he tweaked a hammy late in the game.

TRADE TARGETS: For those looking for downgrade options, Aarts (15 possessions) was very lively first up. With all the pending outs for the Tigers, he looks a safe bet to bring in this week and should be your first port of call for a cash grab. Mahony (9 possessions) is the other player to look at, and while a little more expensive, offers the added bonus of dual position status.


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9 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 5, 2020”

  1. Thanks Chillo!! I was the proud owner of both Vandermeer and Taylor, although I unfortunately had them both on the bench this round…..
    What are your thoughts with Rowell? Even if it’s a 1-2 week injury, he’ll still take at least another week to get back to money making considering his BE is 154. Is he a must trade like Fyfe was or is he worth keeping on the bench and risking little price increase over the next month?


    1. Thanks Hazza. I’ll be mildly surprised if Rowell plays again this season. He’s a future franchise player and club captain, the Suns should take no chances and get the cotton wool out right now. The bloke himself will hate that idea, but coming back in 2021 fully healed and playing the next 12 to 15 years is the smart option.

      Bad luck for him this year. And for us!


      1. That’s very sad to hear. In that case, would it be better for me to chuck him on the bench for a week and sort out some underperforming rookies first? It’s safe for him on the bench because his price will go nowhere, but its highly likely the likes of Brown and Budarick will drop in price. I’ve got 450k in the bank so cash wouldnt be a problem when upgrading.
        I was thinking Narkle > Yeo/Steele and T Brown > Ridley. This is my first season playing Supercoach so any advice would be much appreciated.


  2. ABC news just confirmed Rowell is out for the season. Gold Coast going for the conservative approach with surgery and rehab.


    1. Anybody else hear anything or have confirmed source about Rowell? I’m looking for another source besides the ABC news update from this afternoon but there’s not much out there. I’m not sure how ABC were so sure about saying Rowell was out for the season.


  3. Thanks Chillo.

    Love your work.

    Arts looks like a solid rookie with all the players missing at the tigers. I really wanted to target a couple of Fallen Premo’s this week.
    Thanks for reminding me,if you’re playing the long game, you just have to get on a downgrade with solid JS.

    Hibberd could also be worth a look. I know Zerrets back but, Heppell is pretty much gone for the year and, Stringer looks to be out for an extended period of time. He started slow but should be better for the run.

    Thanks again Chillo !


  4. To bring in Aarts this week, which one to trade out –

    TU: One of my 2 non-playing rookies – Georgiadis or D Robertson
    TD: Budarick – due to his BE now over his average, but he does have the handy DPP but gives me an extra $120k approx in the bank



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