Rookie Review Rd5

Written by Huttabito on April 23 2019

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* Denotes a bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd5AvgBE
HoreMEL$194,800 (+$77.5k)9680-69
Rozee (FWD)PTA$331,200 (+$25.5k)6577.274
ScrimshawHAW$290,100 (+$34.6k)63727
Duursma (MID)PTA$267,600 (+$29.2k)6469.618
WilkieSTK$263,000 (+$49k)6668.2-25
CollinsGCS$301,400 (+$22k)4564.843
ClarkGEE$ 240,900(+$13.6k)4459.443
Lockhart* (MID)MEL$102,400DNP44.5-30
Burgess (FWD)GCS$172,100 (+$0.1k)2637.844
McInerneySYD$117,300 DNP17-


Hore retained his spot and was the general across half back taking a team high 13 marks (1 contested) to go with 7 rebound 50s, 20 disposals (15 kicks) at 70% DE, 2 tackles and 5 1%ers to finish on 96 points well rewarding those coaches who held onto him.


Gold Coast were smashed by Adelaide and Collins in defence and Burgess up front had a hard day at the office and finished on 45 and 42 respectively. Collins finished up with 11 disposals (10 kicks) but was let down by a DE of 55% and 3 clangers and Burgess only managed 2 disposals and relied on 4 tackles and 4 1%ers to get his score.


Young was debuted by the Bulldogs and he managed 12 disposals (7 kicks) but a DE of 50% and 3 clangers held him back to 42 points. He also took 3 marks (1 contested), laid 4 tackles and had a goal assist but will need to show a little more promise in his next game to be SuperCoach worthy.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd5AvgBE
WalshCAR$409,400 (+$66.8k)11299.63
ConstableGEE$265,300 DNP82-5
Davies-UniackeNTH$306,500 (+$3.7k)6076.458
StackRIC$178,500 (+$76.1k)8076-16
B.SmithWBD$298,000 (+$36.1k)7066.228
ButtersPTA$254,800 (+$12.4k)7464.851
WagnerMEL$199,700 (+$25.1k)3354.524
ScottNTH$172,800 (+$7.8k)405411
AtkinsGEE$206,400 (+$27k)6353.3-11
GibbonsCAR$188,500 (+$40.1k)10453.2-49


Walsh has well and truly composed himself now and has lifted his DE up to 92% in his 5th game from 26 disposals (15 kicks) and 7 contested possessions. Taking 9 marks he also had 4 tackles and a goal and a few more games like his last 3 we might have to start having the conversation of promoting him for the rookie list.

Butters made amends for his score last week and showed why you don’t trade rookies after one bad game turning up against the reigning premiers in Perth collecting 19 disposals (10 kicks) at 74% to finish on 74 points and once his Rd4 rolls out of his price cycle, he will continue to making cash for weeks to come.

Gibbons was unleashed from the forward pocket and into the midfield in his 5th game and his score reflects it. Finishing with 21 disposals (16 kicks), he could have had a lot more than 104 points after a 67% DE, 6 marks, 3 tackles and a goal game.


Hately debuted against Fremantle to fill the void left by Ward last week and got straight into it finishing with 22 disposals (9 kicks) at 82% DE, 6 marks, 3 tackles and 3 1%ers for 95 points. He comes in a little more expensive, but if he can score like that, he will be worth every dollar.

Ross wasn’t quite as good as he was last week but still managed 17 disposals (10 kicks), 3 marks and 2 tackles but it was the 65% DE and 2 clangers that held his score to 57 points.

Hayes, a mature ager made his debut against Carlton and impressed with 21 disposals (7 kicks) at 81% DE, 7 marks, 1 tackle and a goal assist for 70 points. Another game like that next week and he will be a popular downgrade option.

Rowbottom was another debutante this week and despite collecting 13 disposals (6 kicks) at 85% DE, he finished on 42 points due to only managed 3 contested possessions. He had a goal assist, took 4 marks and laid 4 tackles but we will want to see a little more next week.


O'BrienADE$217,800 (+$81k)9086.3-48


O’Brien was a very popular rookie pick this week after news came out that Jacobs went into surgery and will be sidelined for 6-8 weeks all but guaranteeing good JS for him. Up against Witts, he held his own and had 34 hitouts, 10 disposals (2 kicks) at 100% DE, 13 contested possessions, 4 marks (4 contested), 2 tackles, 5 1%ers and a goal assist for 90 points. Will be a very good cash cow over the next month.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd5AvgBE
Drew (MID)PTA$258,800 (+$31.7k)10579-16
MiersGEE$263,500 (+$36.1k)7866.410
ParkerSTK$215,900 (+$2.9k)5161.242
PetrucelleWCE$225,600 (+$38.5k)10059.8-5
Setterfield (MID)CAR$193,600DNP52.521
BlakelySYD$195,400 DNP43.521


Drew was back to his best in the west and collecting 20 disposals (9 kicks) at 75% DE to go with 12 contested possessions, 1 mark, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 2 goal assists for 105 points earning himself a few more weeks in our sides.

Petrucelle was on the cutting block for a few this week with a breakeven creeping up to his low average but was about the only positive that came out of the defeat for the Eagles after he booted his first 5 goal haul to finish on 100 points and set to skyrocket in price over the next few weeks.


Parker has clearly reverted to his mean over the last 3 weeks with his opening 2 AFL games being outliers in his scoring and a 51 point game against Melbourne. After a very quiet first half, he finished with 8 disposals and a goal.


Baker and Bolton both played their second game of the year and head into next week on the bubble. Baker backed up his first game with 87 points and looks the better option of the two after Bolton finished on 46 points. Despite Dusty back, Baker still finished with 21 disposals (6 kicks), 8 contested possessions, 4 tackles and a goal.

Ham made his debut against North Melbourne and collected 10 disposals (6 kicks) at 70% DE to go with 3 marks, 5 tackles and a goal but 4 clangers held him back to 44 points.


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14 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd5”

    1. Riewoldt and possibly weller back in this week. Tigers website has Cotchin still out a bit longer. Has anyone been watching tigers last two games? I reckon whoever plays more mid has better JS. Their team sheet from the swans game has Baker in the middle and Ross CHF so from that Baker looks the better option


      1. Only saw bits and pieces while out for dinner but Baker looked to spend a fair bit of time on ball.
        The Tigers injury list really isn’t that bad. It looks like they’re being forced to play heaps of kids because of injuries but really they’re just taking the place of the Ellis/Miles types who were traded to get Lynch in. Baker and Ross should both play plenty of games this year.


  1. Awesome write up as always!
    I think I have to go Baker, pretty much we need the FWD rookies, surely JS is ok for a couple more weeks which should have him generating some quick cash and then if he gets dropped we can move him at hopefully a decent price.


  2. Great stuff Hutta, as ever. Have only just realised you can click on the arrows to rank each column. Geez I’m a numbnut.
    Looking at Baker (for Parker) but would like some assurances on BE and role (haven’t seen either of his games sadly).
    Scott is on the block next week. Surely there’ll be some changes at Nth. I worry about his JS and whether his 3Rd ave. is the best we can expect even if he does play. Hayes looked great I thought!


  3. Just read that Cotchin has supposedly had a setback in his rehab. Won’t play next week, could be out longer than that


  4. Press conference this morning from Hardwick:
    “Whether he (Sydney Stack) stays half-back.. not too sure, we’d like to think at some stage he’ll push through the middle.”
    Cotchin out for at least 2 weeks still, could be more.
    Riewoldt is playing tomorrow so this will help for JS on certain rookies



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