Rookie Review – Round 1, 2020

Written by Chillo on March 24 2020

There’s lots to say about this year so far, but I’m going to concentrate on the positives and say there were some very pleasant surprises in the bargain bin in round 1.


Jarrod BRANDERWCE$133,00059
Brandon ZERK-THATCHERESS$189,00049
Brandon STARCEVICHBRL$147,70028
Zach GUTHRIEGEE$190,10021
Fischer MCASEYADE$184,80016

Gross! All I’m going to say is I hope you didn’t have any of these (other than possibly Brander) on the field in your backline. We were really worried before last weekend about the rookie defs, and unfortunately our worst fears were realised. I recommend you spend the next ten weeks trying to get rid of them, if you can!


Marlion PICKETTRIC$123,90094
Justin MCINERNEYSYD$123,90081
Matthew ROWELLGCS$207,30080
Tyler BROWNCOL$123,90064
Deven ROBERTSONBRL$117,30047
Noah ANDERSONGCS$202,80042
Tom GREENGWS$166,80041

GUN: Lots of promise here. Pickett did what we hoping he would with 14 touches and 5 tackles, McInerney recaptured his Marsh 1 form with 15 possessions at 86% (including 8 contested), and Tyler Brown (15 possessions, 7 contested) fit into the Pies midfield very nicely in the absence of Treloar. Matt Rowell played in a well-beaten Suns midfield but showed enough to make him a worthwhile choice, albeit expensive.

UNDERDONE: Green unfortunately paid the price for playing in a side with a plethora of gun mids, getting stuck in the forward pocket and only managing 6 possessions. Anderson started hot and then flamed out, while late in Deven Robertson stuffed up the loophole for a few unlucky coaches but did enough to suggest he’ll be a gun for the Lions for years to come.


Xerri and Comben were useful loophole options. And that’s all, folks!


Sam STURTFRE$123,900100
Curtis TAYLORNTH$123,90079
Mitch GEORGIADESPTA$130,80078
Tyson STENGLEADE$202,00056
Ben DAVISADE$123,90051
Billy FRAMPTONADE$165,40045
Ryan GARDNERWBD$136,80044
Connor BUDARICKGCS$106,90044
Max KINGSTK$123,90042
Toby BEDFORDMEL$123,90039
Ben CAVARRAWBD$123,90032

GUN: Sturt went full beast mode late against the Bombers and almost stole the game for the purple mob with a couple of huge final quarter goals. I still expect him to be a wildly inconsistent scorer but he should make you some cash fairly quickly now. Warning on Georgiades, who scored well against weak opposition and in a Dixon-less forward line, but don’t expect him to do that in every game. Taylor was Dr Jekyll sitting on just 2 points at half time, before transforming into Mr Hyde and pumping out a very handy on-field score.
Honorable mention to Kossie Pickett, who was dynamic in a mostly lacklustre Dees outfit and booted a couple of majors on debut.

UNDERDONE: Last week we lamented the number of low-scoring small forwards in our rookie stocks, and unfortunately none of them did anything unexpected. Budarick was most disappointing after good pre-season form, while Bedford and Cavarra could only manage 11 disposals between them on debut. Max King is going to be an awesome key forward for the Sainters but probably a lousy Supercoach prospect, only managing 42 points despite two majors.

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5 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 1, 2020”

    1. Hey Willy’s, it was a bit tricky to avoid them all but midprice madness was not mad at all this year, especially in the forwards!


  1. Optimism: I only had 4 of the 5 rookies.
    Real optimism: I only had 3 on field.
    Reality: Also had Roberton.
    Real Reality: Money saved for extra premium mid;- Dunkley!?
    Play those violins……..



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