RoOSTA’s Captains ROUND 21!

Written by Motts on August 15 2014

I’m back …and strangely enough, I wasn’t missing last week. Please accept my apologies for not ‘double-checking’ my post changes had been updated on the SCT website before logging off my PC last week! I had the post created in the wee hours of Friday then (thought) that I had updated it at 7am last Friday morning before work only to find out no changes had gone through by the time I received a late reminder on Twitter. WTF?! My post was at home, so from work t was hopeless. I didn’t want to write something at 4pm, so left it. It was a big miss, too. I’ve missed WEEK 1 of the finals – so congratulations to those who made it through to the elimination finals to survive another week. Well done to those who have a 2nd chance coming off a tough loss and, should you have made top 4 and enjoyed a win last week in their ‘main’ league, sit back and enjoy a frothy. You deserve it!

I’ve had a tough year and made a few sketchy decisions along the way. I have wound up 4th on the table. I played 1st last week who has been averaging 2500+ for the last month so I had no hope. I now play 5th spot (who I sat on top of on the ladder by just % come finals and is somone I DREW with this year). I have 1 trade left and no Stevie J. Struggle street for me indeed…So captains? Well this is the one time of the year where all the ‘good teams’ have made it, meaning a lot of the top 8 teams start looking more and more alike. This is why you turn to those OTHER blokes in your team and look for PODS – Points of Difference and try and capitalise that way, whilst utilising your captaincy loophole.

(C) Captaincy options:

Josh P Kennedy:

Look for a big clash in game styles when Sydney host St Kilda on Saturday. On a smaller ground at north, I’d expect the game to be fairly congested and if Swans have the kind of pressure we expect, JPK will star again. He’s only netted 323 points from the last 3 weeks, but he enjoys playing the Saints, overall he averages 112 and on the last 3 times they’ve met: 109, 136 and 122. A lock for many despite other healthy options available.

Dayne Beams:

SC Gold projects 123 from Beama’ when Dayne faces off against his brother tomorrow night. Good expectation, considering that, for many, he’s flown inder the radar lately – the last 3 weeks avg 140! He’s scofed 109 and 117 in the last 2 clashes and will only be bolstered by the likes of fellow midfielder returning – Dane Swan (but I’d beware of him). Dayne gets my nod ahead of Pendles, assuming most teams will still have both these guns in their teams to pick from. Let’s just assume that when the week starts, your opponent has Pendles initially as captain? Well, here’s your chance to try something different if you’re projected to lose, or have a REALLY close game.

Callan Ward:

In the last 5 weeks he’s been extremely consistent averaging 112.8, falling under triple digits 4 times this year. This is why this fellow – mostly UNKNOWN to the more popular Supercoach sides – has a near $600K pricetag is quickly approaching the best patch of footy in his young career. Ward, or Cement-head a Doggies fans know hom, will likely feature in my 2015 squad. This week he may potentially cop a tag but in and under midfielders will always find the ball, so it’s fair to expect a healthy triple digit score. He loves the Demons, too. He’s averaged 117 in a total of 5 encounters.

(VC) Vice Captaincy options:

Joel Selwood:
SC GOLD projected – 131
Last time they met – 122
Avg v opponent – 107

May cop a tag with Stevie J out. An obvious choice, but also remarkably consistent choice, assuming he can score 120+!

Marc Murphy:
SC GOLD projected – 121
Last time they met – 88
Avg v opponent – 110

In better form and finding plenty of the pill.

Tom Rockliff:
SC GOLD projected – 143 (*based on recent form)
Last time they met – 85
Avg v opponent – 77.75

Last 5 round average of 142.6. Make no mistake, he’s our Gaz Jnr. replacement based on the last 6-7 weeks of Rocky’s season. He’s up against a VERY tough opponent, though. Away from home too. If you opponent is relying on him as (C), you shouldn’t.

Travis Boak:
SC GOLD projected – 126
Last time they met – 103 (172 before that!)
Avg v opponent – 121.75

Playing game 150 and RIPE choice considering Power need to reignite their passion to finish in the top 4.

Dyson Heppell:
SC GOLD projected – 112
Last time they met – 104
Avg v opponent – 89.4

Back him ahead of Jobe. There’s probably a bit of rust Jobe needs to get rid of first.

Matthew Priddis:
SC GOLD projected – 110
Last time they met – 103
Avg v opponent – 95.3

40+ touches last week. Most teams don’t venture near this bloke. In some good form, $600k+ pricetag. Averaging 139.67 from last 3 weeks!

Brett Deledio:
SC GOLD projected – 116
Last time they met – 141
Avg v opponent – 107.25

Like ‘Lids when Tigers hit their stride. Cotch is fair game, but Deledio more likely to score bigger. Backing him well and truly ahead of Dangerfield this week and not many teams will have Sloane.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

C/VC Wildcards (who are MOSTLY forwards. NOTE: KPF’s are usually inconsistent!)

– Drew Petrie (Scored 122 RND7 last year and up against weaker defence)
– Brent Harvey (Avg 144 from last 2 encounters)
– Lance Franklin (Avg 126.5 from last 2 encounters)
– Luke Parker (Last 5 RND avg is 120.6 and avg 109 from last 2 encounters)
– Tom Hawkins (Avg 117 from last 2 encounters)
– Jarrad Waite (Last 3 RND avg of 145, but is hit and miss against the Cats, avg 80 from last 3 encounters. This bloke to a much lesser extent)
– Shaun Burgoyne (Avg 124.5 from last 2 encounters)

Always, ALWAYS a l w a y s try and remember to utilise the captaincy loophole and extract the maximum score out of one of the options listed above. Some of the best teams in the comp have 2-3 players who have either never played this year, or played just a couple o time in the season. Good luck for the 2nd week of the finals!



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19 thoughts on “RoOSTA’s Captains ROUND 21!”

  1. Is it true that suckling, Danger and Fyfe all doubts for this week? Along with sj and bartel might as well go out with a bang and captain a pod. Might take a punt on Boak.


  2. Buddy into Ward.

    Had the C on ward and it cost me big time. need to nail the captain selection this week.


  3. Not keen on picking my VC from tonight’s game(and have the bye) so I’ve had a bit of fun and gone Rocky into Macrae. C has to play on Sunday due to lack of loophole options, and I’m worried Fyfe might not play.
    Hopefully Rocky has a blinder anyway!



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