RoOSTA’s Captains: Round 22!

Written by Motts on August 22 2014

Beams, Kennedy and Ward.

The 3 names you could have taken to the bank ANY other week and not 1, not EVEN TWO for that matter…but *ALL THREE* were injured last weekend! Oh the humanity!!

You can’t blame the choices, though. All 3 were all top-shelf and on their way to HUGE scores. Take for instance Ward; who had 71 points scaled up after their 2nd half obliteration of the Demons for near a HALF of footy. Josh Kennedy, JPK, was scaled up to 39 after LESS than 1 full quarter of footy before he was subbed and the hammy iced. Beams (well, Collingwood for that matter), wasn’t having the best day – injuring his knee in the 3rd term with a score of 62. Here’s hoping you had a really REALLY good Vice Captain. Based on my suggestions, they were: Joel Selwood (110), Marc Murphy (117), Tom Rockliff (137), Travis Boak (102), Dyson Heppell (119) and Matt Priddis (111). But enough of last week. After punching the wall and screaming at the sky, you are probably still alive in your comp and don’t worry – you can still pull out some sweet moves without having any/many trades!

Based on the disaster of last week. I’ll start with Vice Captain choices:

Marc Murphy:

SC GOLD projected: 129
Last time they met: 122
Avg v opponent: 105.11

You’d be pretty hard-pressed to go wrong this week. Barring some freak injury, SC GOLD believe Smurph is almost 100% certain to his his break-even of 95 and is in some hot form. #1 VC choice here, tonight!

Rory Sloane:

SC GOLD projected: 121
Last time they met: 127
Avg v opponent: 116.2

Safe to say Dangerfield will be lucky to get into my team this year. Until he gets a run on with 2-3 straight 120+ scores next year, his price-tag may be far too “beefed up” at the start of 2015. Look no further than his team mate who was denied a potential match winning goal. His been in great form in the last 3 weeks and will be dead-set keen to try and get his side into the finals.

Jobe Watson:

SC GOLD projected: 129
Last time they met: 130
Avg v opponent: 128 (3 games)

Go for it, if you’ve kept him…sucks if you traded him out and brought in Heppell…who is yet another Supercoach quality midfielder and brownlow favourite out with a fractured hand.

Dane Swan:

SC GOLD projected: 82 (based on poor recent form)
Last time they met: 159
Avg v opponent: 150 (from 2 games, ye-ouch!)

Welcome, Dane. But don’t get too comfortable – your name is here because Beams is out, Pendles is under a massive cloud and we’re running short of choices!! If YOU think he’s over his foot problems, VC him, I’m sure he’ll rack up the possies.

Now, let’s look at Captains:

Joel Selwood:

If I had one choice for the week (since I don’t have Rocky), I’d probably choose Joelwood. It’s going to be another instant classic, you can feel it. So whether you choose to back Luke Hodge, Sam Mitchell, or even a Shaun Burgoyne if you’re feeling a little flirtatious…my pick will always be Selwood. In the last 3 games he’s delivered 83, 126 and 151. he averages 117 against the Hawks and his best ever score against them is 185. Either way, Hawks don’t take, so lock him in for at least the same score as last week.

Luke Parker:

Strange choice, isn’t it? Not really…if you think about it. He’s had a breakout season as a DPP FWD/MID. He’s peaked at 151 but still in consistent form. The last 5 weeks he’s averaged 111. Scored 101 a couple of years ago against the Dogs and that could easily be repeated. Don’t see who can go with him in the forward line AND midfield. I’m sure he’ll have a few opponents this weekend. Supercoach gold expects big things, looking at a 127 projected score…and I don’t think that’s too far off the mark!

Trent Cotchin / Brett Deledio:

I’d assume many teams would have 1 of the 2. My preference would be Deledio. He’s coming off the back of a handy 112 last week. Cotchin off the back of a healthier 130. Cotch is expected to fetch 104 this week, but has more than the potential to get 130 again if he isn’t closely tagged…he probably won’t be. Saints don’t have too many options and may send their best runner to ‘Lids. Deledio is projected at 119 and comes off a 5 round average of 115. The last time he played the Saints he took home 116pts. Make no mistake, the Tiges are in form and are sniffing the rear-end of the top 8! Both are good picks, provided the STK team that defeated Fremantle doesn’t show up. The Tiger boys are hungry!

Scott Pendlebury?!

If he plays, I don’t think he’s going to have the game of his career, let’s just say that. It’s up in NSW, finals hopes have been dashed, would they really risk him?? I guess someone needs to help Swanny. Select him as Captain – – AT YOUR OWN RISK! – –

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.


– Buddy Franklin: fresh off a bag of 9 and 168pts; feeling lucky? Time to roll the dice?
– Josh J Kennedy: Up against the Dees and looking to spoil their party…
– Nick Dal Santo: Sorry North fans, he’s a real lazy footballer. Derm was right. Not sure what to expect. Hope he steps up in Booms absence.
– Tom Liberatore: Up against Swans. Won’t be tagged, but how often will he have it? Proj 97.
– Robbie Gray: No Marc Murphy? Go Robbie Gray – hard to be disappointed!
– Anthony Miles: My boy! Incase STK don’t know what he looks like, he’s gonna be the guy with the footy! Projected 102.

Good luck in the pre-lim. Just a win (and maybe some luck) away from a GRANNY!



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20 thoughts on “RoOSTA’s Captains: Round 22!”

  1. Gday fellas,

    I know none of us have a crystal ball, but I reckon the info i’ve gotten off youse this year has been deadset reliable, so I’ll pick your brains for a crucial call that could decide my match.

    My VC will go on Priddis’ arm, after trading him in for Fyfe. Boomer, JPK and Beams are my victims, with only shenton a likely scoring replacement. So, the big C, at the moment is being poised over the arms of both Rockliff and Miles.

    My Dilemma:

    T/U – C on Rocky… Crawley will be put on Zorko or Hanley.
    T/D – C on Miles… Should get a glut of pill vs Saints, and Crawley’s target is too difficult to call.

    Is there any way to know pre-match what ross lyon intends to do with his tagger?

    Your insights and choice will be MUCH appreciated, thanks.


  2. VC – Priddis/Selwood
    C – Rocky

    Hoping the VC goes big so I don’t have to worry about Crowley or that Rocky is on the extended bench….


  3. Hey Roosta whats your thoughts on Watson? If I don’t have him is he worth bringing in as a pod? Or stay safe with Priddis


  4. Trade in help please, Boomer for:
    TU – Sloane (great 3rd avg, never played at this ground)
    TD – R Gray (friday night big stage & coming of a 140+, history against Blues not too good)


  5. I appreciate the fact that the SC App alerts me that players selected in my team will miss due to injury, suspension, etc (five so far), but perhaps one message that simply says “HA! You’re f*cked!” would suffice.


  6. Rockliff and Selwood look to be the most popular choices! I’ll personally be going with Murphy as VC tonight, he’s been in some great form in the latter half this season.



  7. Trade in help please
    Out will be Boomer and Beams
    Ins will be Rocky & ???????
    Money is no object
    I’m siding with
    T/U Gray
    T/D Sloane
    Comment on others
    Thanks all in advance



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