Round 4 Review

Written by Thommo on April 16 2018

Morning folks! For the record, this is the shortest review I have ever written due to the Hawks playing at that damn 3:20pm time slot on Sunday. I need to buy a Dictaphone so I can write while I drive home from the footy!

At least the long drive was tolerable after a win!

Speaking of records, there were a few ugly and unwanted records set this week. The Lions recorded their lowest ever score with 2 goals, 5 behinds against the Tigers while the Blues managed their first 0-4 start to the season since 1989. It is going to be a long week for those clubs and for poor old Liam Jones who no longer resembles Stephen Silvagni.

I am sure there were a few more records set: Which ones did I miss?

Round 4 Heroes

Number 1 with a bullet!
  1. Brandan Parfitt (Gee) 168 – WTF! As I was driving I didn’t get to see the Geelong match so I was surprised to see this score from the man who sounds like a dessert. 28 possessions, 16 contested, 7 tackles and 3 goals. Is he the real deal or was this a once off?
  2. Ben Brown (Nor) 167 – This looked like it could be a 200 point game early in the match when Brown had 4 goals in the first half. He only finished with the 5 goals but 12 of his 17 possessions were contested, 3 of 8 marks were contested and he had 0 clangers. Pretty handy in wet and windy weather!
  3. Elliott Yeo (WC) 150 – If you traded Yeo out, this would have stung REALLY badly! If you kept him, this was a welcome 133 point improvement on last week! A record 33 possessions for the man who is taking the yo-yo impersonation way too far this season.
  4. Robbie Gray (Por) 145 – Another case of a Round 1 suspension (and Round 10 bye) preventing us all from selecting a player who we should have in our forward lines. 39 possessions at 84% DE in a losing side. Robbie is back, baby!
  5. Jaegar O’Meara (Haw) 145 – After looking slow and fumbly last season, the J-Bomb is starting to get back his clean hands and acceleration and could well be a smart selection in 2018. With Mitchell tagged, he gathered 26 possessions, 9 tackles and 2 goals.
  6. Luke Breust (Haw) 142 – One for draft leagues only. 4 goals, 9 tackles and 1 goal assist. Moving along!
  7. Brodie Grundy (Col) 141 – We all expected Gawn to take the number 1 ruck mantle this season but Grundy’s ridiculous 33 possessions, 12 clearances and 49 hit-outs was a massive statement that he wants to be the #1 big man in 2018.
  8. Dustin Martin (Ric) 141 – So Dusty said post-match, “I was getting sat on early so I thought I would go forward and kick a couple.” If that results in a personal best 6 goals every week, go forth and multiply as much as you want, Dusty!
  9. Aaron Sandilands (Fre) 139 – This was on the cards with Sandi playing against Dawson Simpson and GWS midfield short by a Josh Kelly. 15 possessions at 100% DE plus 40 hit-outs and 1 goal for 211.
  10. Steele Sidebottom (Col) 138 – Sidey probably thought he was a bit lucky to play after avoiding suspension last week so he obviously decided to make the most of it. I have always rated Sidebottom as a talented fella but he was always too inconsistent due to his uncontested style of play. He seems to be playing more inside now though with 23 of his 43 possessions contested and 12 clearances. So obviously it is time for Bucks to move him to the forward line!

The Inbetweeners

I don’t have time to pay homage to every player who deserves a mention for their hard work this week. Instead I am going to simply mention the two players who I have brought in to Thommo’s Tribe this season and who have immediately had an impact. They are:

Stephen Coniglio (GWS) 116 – I was delighted to see Fremantle tag Whitfield rather than Coniglio. That tells me that either the AFL coaches don’t see Cogs as damaging enough or that he is untaggable. Either way, that works for me! With a low of 116 SC points and a high of 129 SC points, only injury will stop Cogs from being a top 8 midfielder.

My new BFF!

Toby McLean (WB) 114 – In the preseason, I decided Libba returning could affect McLean but now that Libba is out for the season, McLean is spending plenty of time in the midfield and has posted 3 straight tonnes. Gun!

In the past I have repeated the words, “Don’t trade your premiums, don’t trade your premiums,” like a good little school child repeating his times tables, but this season I have changed my tune. Too often I have sat back and waited while my dud premiums stink up my team.

No more!

This season I have traded out anyone who seems to be playing a role that is not fantasy friendly and, quite frankly, anyone who is annoying the hell out of me! So either I will run out of trades early and finish about 100,000th overall or I will look like a genius come year’s end!

Only time will tell!

So, to help me out, let us know in the comments who you think deserves special mention for their recent performance. I am also curious which coaches are sitting on under-performing premiums this season and playing the long game. And how does it make you feel…?

Round 4 Villains

Is JPK still relevant in fantasy footy?
  1. Josh Kennedy (Syd) 46 – Kennedy was in the play a lot but he seemed too slow to get his hands on the ball, only gathering 15 possessions and committing 4 clangers. Does anyone own him this season?
  2. Jeremy Howe (Col) 48 – I owned Howe last season and I hated how he struggled to score in the wet. This week he played well defensively but he only took 4 marks and gathering 12 possessions, not nearly enough to rack up the big points.
  3. Luke Ryan (Fre) 51 – Ryan was a bit of a POD for some Supercoach back lines but he didn’t take his usual intercept marks in the wet and windy Canberra weather.
  4. Seb Ross (StK) 55 – All is not well at St Kilda with players like Ross stinking it up with only 20 possessions, 5 contested, from 90% DE.
  5. Brandon Ellis (Ric) 56 – After a strong finish to 2017 many coaches assumed Ellis would be a great selection in 2018 but he is just not getting near it. 18 possessions at 50% DE despite most of them being uncontested. Come on Ellis, you were playing against traffic cones!
  6. Rory Sloane (Ade) 58 – There was some mention of Sloane being tagged but he was clearly playing sore and the Crows have since said he has a foot injury. Give the poor bastard a rest Pyke!
  7. Matt Kreuzer (Car) 60 and Todd Goldstein (Nor) 76 – Again the wet weather struck with Kreuzer and Goldstein struggling to influence the contest and pretty much neutralizing each other. With Grundy killing it, these scores were painful for their owners! The inclusion of Majak may not have helped Goldy either!
  8. Jack Billings (StK) 65 – Billings is killing his owners. He racked up plenty of the ball with 23 possessions but a 56% DE and 4 clangers cost him. I’m not sure playing GWS next week will make his life any easier!
  9. Tom Lynch (GC) 66 – Lynch did well from limited supply, kicking 3 goals from just 8 possessions. The usual story: Tall forwards, yada, yada…
  10. Nathan Jones (Mel) 66 and Simon Goodwin – So let’s get this straight: Goodwin asked one of his best ball winners in Nathan Jones to tag Tommy Mitchell. Jones gathered 20 disposals and 3 clearances versus Mitchell’s 24 possessions and 13 clearances and the Hawks flogged Melbourne. So how’s that tagging working out for you, Goodwin?

Let me know who if I missed any players who really let your SC team down this week. In a tough week, there were certainly a few villains!


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22 thoughts on “Round 4 Review”

  1. Great write up as always. I know how challenging it can be to write with minimal time available. Yikes, I just realized ANZAC day is going to push Cow Talk back a ways!

    I also decided not to risk carrying spuds on my side this season. Trying to be careful about who is a spud and who had a few bad games though. I feel like injury and role change are the big clues.


    1. Cheers Father. Yes next week will be a marathon round.

      I should clarify that I ditched 2 premiums with different roles this season and will avoid trading now barring injury or maxed out cash cow.


  2. I guess the thing to decide is the reason your trading Premo’s. If it’s a change of role or another player has come into the side then go your hardest. If it’s just a confidence thing , then I’m happy to wait for that player to work their way back to the mean. Hibberd to me is a change of role, Billlings on the other hand just needs to get his confidence back.The Saints haven’t had the best of starts.Another great write up Thommo!


    1. Thanks Joestar. I may be wrong but Billings is playing deeper forward than I expected so he’s susceptible to poor scores when the Saints struggle. I can’t see him scoring 90+ in losses until he is back roaming freely. As I said though, I missed yesterday’s game so maybe he was up the ground more than in Rd 3.


    2. Interesting take, Joestar. I look at it differently, in terms of what I’m missing out on by having those two players in my team. There are very few elite defenders this year. Laird obviously, but who else? Hurley maybe, Simpson started well but has tailed off, Savage is going well, but that’s about it. Having Hibberd is costing me maybe 30 points a week compared to an alternative.
      Whereas in the forwards, there are several players going at 110+, and having Billings instead of one of them is more like a 50 point penalty.
      Time will tell I suppose, but I’m holding Hibbo and trading Billings for this reason.


      1. You are right, Chillo. I traded Hibbo to a rookie and used the cash to turn a non-playing midfied rookie to Coniglio. That allowed me to shift Brayshaw to the bench. Pretty much I now have Coniglio instead of Hibbo.


      1. Yeah I had a 125pt lead going into the last game, and was looking to break into the top 4…..geez, that one hurt…


  3. Nice write up Thommo.
    I’ve had a very slow start and have been reluctant to trade so far. Was generally happy with my team, but starting with danger( hopefully will help in the long run),
    Merret has hurt a lot but should come good soon, mind you everyone can jump on for 120k less than I paid.
    Hibberd has hurt.
    Goldstein whilst watching Grundy kill it.
    I had McLean all preseason but went with buddy, Billings, Smith and Petracca, and that also hurts.
    I’ve only used the one trade on Ryan but have been sliding down to about 27k ranking.
    I’ve also suffered from near complete lack of football viewing/ listening due to traveling (ive been on the infinity pool circuit for the last week) poor internet and have left a lot of points on the bench with wrong rookies, no loopholes,
    excuses, excuses.
    Think it’s time I got angry and raged Billings to McLean/Gray just to get a taste for it.
    Playing the long game might see me rise up the rankings at the end of the season but more than likely miss most finals in leagues.


    1. It’s always tough finding a balance between staying in contention in leagues but also saving trades. At least Merrett appears to be coming good.

      At least you have an excuse for missing rookies and loopholes. I have stuffed 4 straight VC loopholes and have no excuses!


  4. 100% agree with the comment about trading premiums who clearly don’t look good.

    One of Billings and Goldy have to go i believe. Billings higher on the priority list i think as he just looks terrible! Playing no where near midfield time and spends chunks of games sitting in a forward pocket.

    It will either be:
    – Goldy to Grundy
    – Billings to Mundy, Franklin or even Gray (would lock him in if it wasn’t for that stupid bye!)


      1. Already got Mclean 🙂

        With the thumbs down do people think i should stick with Billings and his dud scores or what? Interested to hear multiple thoughts.


  5. I believe Parfait (I realise the spelling but I prefer it this way, it’ll be a thing, trust me) scored a ton in the first week and has been handy in the other games as well, could be a breakout game this year but can’t see how any Geelong player can be a really consistent scorer this year with all the premiums they have, and Chris Scott at the helm.


    1. The longer Gaz is out, the better it is for Parfait. Hanging off the front of stoppages as Gaz was. Scores big first week with no Danger and this week with no Gaz. If he carries on like this they’ll allow Gaz to take his time back to full fitness. Make hay while the sun shines!



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