SC BBL – Join My League

Written by Motts on December 10 2019

Got spots you need filled? You know what to do.

If you didn’t make it into SCT Leagues 1 to 6, we’ve just opened up #7. The league code is: 445730. If you’re already in one of the earlier leagues, please don’t take someone else’s spot in 7. Cheers.


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23 thoughts on “SC BBL – Join My League”

  1. We certainly do have a SuperCoachTalk Group Kid. The Group Code is in the Coaches Box but just for you it is – 204049.


  2. Macca stay tuned as I will get you a code for a League or 2 later on tonight.

    Nathan Scoble will send me the code to his league when he gets a chance with Catta and I already in Nath’s league.


  3. I’ve just created a league under my name folks – all welcome, I’ll be easy to beat as it’s my first crack (do not tell the missus!!)
    Code: 715512


  4. I’ve got a mates league that needs filling lads. There are only 3 spots left so hurry. I’m also in there too.
    All welcome to join up.
    Code is 947778


  5. Oh, A threat. How obvious to those who looked for one. D’oh!

    My Pound the Priest league is finally open. Code is 625522 for all your last minute BBL SC League needs



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