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Written by Motts on January 29 2014

Guest scribe Ro0STA has popped into SCT HQ this week to give us the lowdown on what’s changing and what’s staying the same in Supercoach 2014. Best you run the peepers over this:

Yep. It’s that time of the year again. Time to dedicate a hefty chunk of your social life to the fantasy game we have come to know and love over the years; AFL Supercoach! To get you prepared, I’m going to have a look at some of the new features and carry-over rules for the 2014 season:


After receiving some great feedback on the increase from 24 to 30 trades for the 2013 season, the Herald Sun are not making any changes this year with regards to your capacity to trade through the season. They will also be leaving the rolling lockout system as is. This was the best addition to the 2013 rules in my opinion as it granted any Supercoach the ability to replace one of your players who may have pulled out late on the day of their Sunday game with someone who IS playing, or swap around your emergencies instead of being stuck with a zero.


It was something most, if not ALL Supercoach players hated with a passion. That was competing in the bye-rounds. Last year there were 3 bye-rounds in which each Supercoach on-field squad of 22 would still have the capacity to score…however, it was only the “best 18” of the 22 on-field players whose scores would count towards your total. The genius behind this rule change from last year to continue into 2014 allowed you to have up to 4 zilchos without having to break a sweat!

Perhaps what will excite most is the new additions and features that will make the game even more user friendly and convenient when considering changes to your team. As described by Herald Sun:

“REAL RIVALRIES – You don’t have to be playing a mate in a private league to follow their score all weekend. Nominate a rival and taken them on head-to-head in any round or every round of the season.

PLAYER COMPARISONS – can’t decide between Ryan Griffen and Steve Johnson? Tossing a coin between Lance Franklin and Dustin Martin? Load instant stats for both players side by side.

BADGES AND REWARDS – a new series of fun rewards will automatically be added to your page if you top score in your private league, go on a winning streak, create and fill a league and a dozen other categories

PLAYER CARDS – Mini profiles of every player available anywhere that player is listed on the SuperCoach site. Everything you need to know in one easy-to-use tool.

BANTER JUST GOT BIGGER – Add Twitter and Facebook feeds to your private league chat to play mind games with your mates anywhere, any time, and invite some of the biggest names in footy into the conversation.

SUPERCOACH DRAFT REVAMP – The draft game, in which each player can only be picked once in a unique league draft will be upgraded to make trading easier – including multi-player trades – and adding increased flexibility in squad sizes, the ability to suspend play during the byes and to enter up to three leagues on one account.”

What I’m sure many will enjoy is a FREE Supercoach app on your phone for 2014. After Supercoach GOLD costs no one should have to dig deeper for a feature that is otherwise free using your internet browser on your phone. Now it’s easier to control in an app that is with you wherever you go!

With these new changes in mind, I thought about certain platforms Supercoach could use to elevate its notoriety and become even better in 2015 and beyond. I thought about the use of Supercoach ‘feeds’ through AFL Glassware. If you don’t know about it this awesome technology to be released as a sporting-first in Australia in the middle of this year, google it. Why shouldn’t the Herald Sun partner with Seventh Beam (like Telstra did) and develop an app compatable with Google Glassware? Imagine using the technology to get Supercoach scores with a delay of less than a minute for your team/players AS you are watching the game live?

So there you have it. If nothing else it’s all but good news for 2014.  There are no new, strange or awkward rule changes that should force anyone to play differently…just additions helping players become more efficient. What do you think is the best new feature for 2014 and what will you take advantage of the most?



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18 thoughts on “SC Rules 2014”

  1. Looks good.

    Thinks its gonna be an interesting season both on the field (5th-8th up for grabs) and on the supercoach front as well with the rookie prices changes.

    Bring it on from Hong Kong!


  2. Lots of errors with the new SC site in regards to Leagues etc. Also have to re-register as its not recognising my same details that’s been in for the last 10 years! Hope they update all this asap


  3. Shivakamini Somakandarkram!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone else having issues looking at their team? Went for a simple auto populate, but I can’t see my team. Not sure if it’s the system or just my use of technology


  4. Having big issues actually logging in using a mobile device.

    Will not accept my old team, list all history and awards.

    Will not let me login via gmail+ or twitter either.

    Not the best start. 🙁


  5. I have a geelong defender who wont be playing this week, but I had langdon tonight who scored 128pts. Will I still get langdons points when the geelong defender will not play even though I have switched players after tonights game?



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