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Written by MJ on August 26 2015

It’s nearly the end of the season and with just one league game to go, it’d be great to identify the best performers in SC for 2015. The following players have both scored exceptionally well and missed minimal matches. Starting with two-four in each position, along with some quality rookies would have seen you a very successful coach this year.


1. Heath Shaw (2,275 / 113.75)
2. Tom McDonald (1,951 / 97.55)
3. Bachar Houli (1,947 / 97.35)
4. Alex Rance (1,923 / 96.15)
5. Shaun Higgins (1,901 / 95.05)
6. Luke Hodge (1,841 / 108.29) *Will make way for Hooker, Enright or Newnes to claim 6th best overall points due to suspension over the next fortnight.

Heath Shaw, Luke Hodge and Shaun Higgins were selected by at least 15% of all coaches before R1. The latter was always going to be a speculative option, but for $410k, Higgins successfully tempted quite a few after a strong pre-season. It is interesting however, that three of the top four, McDonald, Houli and Rance were in less than 4% of sides, slipping severely under the radar. All in all, you would have been above par if you’d started with two of these six. I only had Shaw, with the likes of Lumumba and Goodes stinking up the joint as failed mid-pricers.

1. Scott Pendlebury (2,317 / 115.85)
2. Patrick Dangerfield (2,315 / 121.68)
3. Matt Priddis (2,282 / 114.10)
4. David Mundy (2,265 / 113.25)
5. Dan Hannebery (2,255 / 112.75)
6. Nat Fyfe (2,237 / 124.28)
7. Josh P. Kennedy (2,187 / 109.35)
8. David Armitage (2,117 / 111.42) *Ward, Steven, Heppell or Neale could claim 8th as Armitage is nursing a shoulder injury.

Pendles has only gone above 120 on five occasions, yet finds himself at the top of the midfield tree due to consistency of starts and dropping a two figure game only three times. When he retires, he will truly be one of the greatest SC players of all time. Alongside the Collingwood captain, Dangerfield and Fyfe were pre-season favourites and all made the cut in my starting side. Priddis and JPK have always been champions that play a game that doesn’t often grab the headlines and hence consistently fly under our radars each year. It’s been the likes of Mundy, Hannebery and Armitage who have made the leap into the elite category this season. Neither of them chalked up any more than 2% ownership before Round 1.

1. Todd Goldstein (2,603 / 130.15)
2. Aaron Sandilands (2,144 / 107.20)

The undisputed SC Player of the Season, Todd Goldstein has put in a season of scoring that resembles the Great Gary Ablett Jnr in his heyday. Sandilands has surprised everyone in the last month, putting on four consecutive 140s at the business end of the year, starting in just 6% of teams. Believe it or not, Goldstein and Sandilands are the only ruck combo that have played all 20 matches thus far, providing a headache free ride all the way.

1. Dustin Martin (2,149 / 107.45)
2. Dane Swan (2,140 / 107.00)
3. Robbie Gray (2,111 / 111.11)
4. Luke Dahlhaus (2,087 / 104.35)
5. Dayne Zorko (2,010 / 100.50)
6. Chad Wingard (1,988 / 99.40)

The top three forwards were indeed the most fancied in pre-season RMTs, so it’s good to see we all got something right. I was on Martin and Swan, but traded in Gray after R5. Only a little over 2% were bullish on Dahlhaus prior to R1, while Zorko (6%) and Wingard (5%) also snuck in as handy PODs if you were to start a fourth/fifth premium forward.

How many did you start? Will reflecting on the top performing players this year affect your planning for 2016?


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10 thoughts on “SC Team Of The Season”

  1. 8 starters this year or 9 if newnes makes it in.
    Just Higgins and newnes in the back line which was the last area to get upgraded. Still causing me grief in finals with Higgins and Yeo and now hodge below par or missing while Smith and Macdonald whom I flicked have come into form.


  2. Had 8 of these as starters – main issue was clearly the backline only starting with Shaw

    Very interesting that Sandi has played all 20, due for a rest this week against the Dees?


  3. Firstly I’d like to say it is a bit unfair to say goldy&sandi is the only combo to play all 20 games as Sam Jacobs& mark Blicavs have played 19 and only missed due to the cancellation of the crows V cats game ( also Jacobs is averaging 108)

    Would also be very interesting to see some of the starting prices for some of these players



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