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Written by Motts on August 17 2015

Just wanted to give a massive shout out to the 4 members of the SCT community that are killing it in the overall standings this year. The number 1 team, hezza’s dogs, has 45,518 points (no doubt jake who coaches them reads the site – g’day jake!), here’s how the best SCT’ers are going

  • sodes – 45,208 (8th)
  • Andy B – 45,071 (14th)
  • nickoless – 45,066 (15th)
  • Viper Death Squad – 44,948 (29th)

We’ve got 4 regulars inside the Top 30 coaches and all within striking distance of #1 which I think is absolutely AWESOME!

On the Leagues front, of the 29,707 leagues, here’s how we’re travelling:

  • LoEC1 – 47th
  • LoEC2 – 40th
  • LoEC3 – 132nd
  • LoEC4 – 463rd
  • Chick’s League – I forgot the password to get into Richo’s team and ended up locking myself out. Fi?

In our SCTTL Group, only 5 teams have more than 43,000 points. They are:

  • Bad Membreys – 43,634
  • DavidJohnsonRules – 43,467
  • SchwarzwalderSCTTL – 43,267
  • TeamStillNeedsWork – 43,070
  • The Ants – 43,006

Luke Parker’s broken ankle will have a fair bit to do with how those 5 teams change places before the end of the season I reckon!

Remembering that the winners of our 4 LoEC leagues and the SCTTL Group will all receive a fabulous pair of Blundstones care of our good mate Hawker, now is not the time to take your eye off the ball!

From all of us at SCT, good luck to everyone still in the running to win their leagues and especially to the 4 coaches who could still win it all! We’ll be rooting for you! (not like that)


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11 thoughts on “SCT Community Dominating”

  1. The SCT Chicks 1 league ID is 952440 and we’re currently ranked 1127th.

    We actually had a draw in the SCT Tech League 2 this week between myself (“Lightning Bolters”) and team “Jon Snow” (Jak). The system put my team through as I was 1 spot higher on the ladder. At least I think that’s why!


  2. Well done Sodes, Andy B, nickoless and Viper Death Squad. Amazing efforts and all coming home strong at the business end of the season.

    I’m currently 118 so a long way off you guys but hoping to crack the Top 100 by season end. Will be very happy if I can pull it off but in the meantime I’ll be cheering you blokes on for the overall prize.


  3. Hey Motts

    Catta’sSCTchallenge still at 29th best, awesome effort out of 29,707 leagues & another SCT league I’m involved in….SCTALK’SO.G’S are 44th best league!

    SCT is all over the SC site, imagine how dominate we’ll be when those next year add the SCT letters to their team name & or league name!


  4. After nearly cracking the top 100, SCT Abroad is down to no.339 in overall leagues. SCT1 at 319 also………


  5. SCT AB’s league is ranked 39th o/a. Big drop from being the No 1 league for a few weeks, but still a great effort.
    As suggested above, let’s create a few leagues each with the SCT prefix next season.


  6. Outstanding efforts all round lads. Good luck to those top 4 above – be absolutely brilliant if one of you won it – no pressure though! 🙂
    Thanks again Mottys and crew for everything so far this year.

    Im still in the hunt for SCTTL glory with TeamStillNeedsWork. Bad Membreys has just lost his two finals games after finishing top of the ladder but is looking tough to beat for overall points! …Or is he…. 🙂



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