SCT Cup 2018: Rd Of 16 Results & Qtr Final MatchUps

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 12 2018

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


A bumper edition of the SCT Cup with the Round of 16 H2H2 results AND the all-important Quarter Final match ups.



Nateo and Caitlin’s team Danger Bont go from strength to strength consolidating their top 100 overall positions and storming into the quarter finals. Wendy’s Rockliff_Nroll have their dream run ended and a few regular contributors in Kyuubi, Shaggi (Buttslappers), TRUDGE TRIUMPH and allsaints all secure their quarter final berth. Buncha has amazingly won his way through to the quarter finals after a runners up spot last season. No doubt the eight winners are well aware but a reminder to all readers that the eight winners have now booked their spot in the second stage of next year’s SCT Cup. Congratulations to the eight of you.

(1) Nathan’s Gunz 2381 + 2446 = 4827 WIN

(16) Rockliff_Nroll@SCT 2297 + 2457 = 4754 LOSE by 73pts


(2) Danger Bont 2382 + 2439 = 4821 WIN

(15) The Jokers@SCT 2258 + 2225 = 4483 LOSE by 338pts


(3) FLYING HORSES 2177 + 2283 = 4460 LOSE

(14) Bunchakhuuuunts 2200 + 2385 = 4585 WIN by 125pts


(4) Kyuubi 2327 + 2454 = 4781 WIN

(13) My Team Name 2202 + 2295 = 4497 LOSE by 284pts


(5) Buttslappers@SCT 2170 + 2346 = 4516 WIN

(12) Bags of Charity 2233 + 2273 = 4506 LOSE by 10pts


(6) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 2502 + 2243 = 4745 WIN

(11) Goodie’s Guns 2229 + 2379 = 4608 LOSE by 137pts


(7) allsaints@SCT 2185 + 2468 = 4653 WIN

(10) Blue Army 2073 + 2213 = 4286 LOSE by 367pts


(8) AGB 2174 + 2416 = 4590 WIN

(9) Abers Back2Back 2172 + 2343 = 4515 LOSE by 75pts




This year I’m going to run the final 8 a little differently. Obviously it’s all about the win and there’s money, SCT Hall of Fame honours, pride and a heck of a lot of bragging rights around these traps for the SCT Cup winner but rather than have the losers pack their bags and go home they’ll be fighting amongst themselves for the scraps. Winners will continue to be paired in H2H match ups under the same conditions as previous but the losers will also be paired in H2H match ups to play for positions. The top 8 finishing order will be your automatic qualifier seeding position in 2019 when we have the 3rd edition of the SCT Cup. Lots to play for!!


I’ve done some POD analysis. Only Trudge and allsaints are running with the Gawn/Grundy combo. All have Gawn but there’s a mixture of Grundy, Stef, Nic Nat and Goldy in the R2 spot. There’s some interesting selections too like Jack Trengove on allsaints bench. Some pretty common premos across the teams, you know the ones we all have too. SC isn’t actually about your stars though, it’s about your PODs as that’s what separates you from your opposition. I’ve included all PODs across the 30 as bench coverage is all important with dwindling trades.


(1) Nathan’s Gunz 25 vs (8) Bunchakhuuuunts 2385

Nateo: Lloyd, Merrett, S Martin, Westhoff, Heeney, Ryan, Giro, Ridley, Olango,

Buncha: Naitanui, McDonald, Brayshaw, Savage, D Martin, Hogan, McInerney, Mihocek, T Murphy


(2) Danger Bont 52 vs (7) AGB 918

Caitlin: Gaff, Pendlebury, Ward, S Martin, Crisp, E Curnow, Bontempelli, Menegola, Austin, Brodie, Ridley, D Cameron

AGB: Neale, Goldstein, Oliver, Coniglio, McDonald, D Martin, Shaw, Shuey, E Phillips, Mihocek, Redman, Olango


(3) Kyuubi 197 vs (6) Buttslappers@SCT 858

Kyuubi: Simpson, Merrett, S Martin, Crisp, Gray, Smith, Hurley, Mundy, Tuohy, E Phillips, Ballard, Battle, Brander, B Lynch

Shaggi: Ablett, Naitanui, McDonald, Brayshaw, De Goey, Savage, Rockliff, Fritsch, Billings, Austin, Cole, Spargo, T Smith, J Smith


(4) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 454 vs (5) allsaints@SCT 694

Trudge: Fyfe, JP Kennedy, Wines, Bontempelli, Hurn, Wingard, Menegola, Rockliff, Taranto, Austin, English, Spargo, T Smith, Keefe,

allsaints: Kelly, Oliver, Crisp, Heeney, Crouch, McDonald, Gray, D Martin, Fritsch, Doedee, Mihocek, C Moore, Trengove, Olango



$3 – Nathan’s Gunz

$4 – Danger Bont

$6 – Kyuubi

$8 – allsaints@SCT, Buttslappers@SCT, TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT

$11 – AGB, Bunchakhuuuunts


Good luck to all coaches and for the rest of us we can just dream of one year making it this far in the SCT Cup.


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7 thoughts on “SCT Cup 2018: Rd Of 16 Results & Qtr Final MatchUps”

  1. Good Luck to all remaining Super Coaches!

    Injures are proving costly for TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT, will be needing a lot of luck to advance much further.

    Thanks for your top efforts Roo Bloke.


  2. Wrapped. Thanks RB for such an excellent and detailed write-up.

    Best of luck to all those coaches remaining and especially TRUDGE TRIUMPH. Here’s to a hard fought, close contest.


  3. I like my odds at $3 jump on everyone haha, nah it’s gonna be a tough ask this week really hoping Ryan lifts my pod has been shit for weeks


  4. How well am I going you ask?

    I searched for my opponents score and saw that I only beat him this week by 1 when I was 63 behind. Bugger I thought.
    Now I have read the results and my Buttslappers got thru. I was looking at the score of the team I played the previous round by mistake.

    Living dangerously as won this round by 10 previous round by 12.

    Thanks Roo bloke for the comp. Hoping to show some shinboner spirit this round but might be a little tough with Tom Cole on field


  5. Great write up! Still have no clue how I’m still in it. Some serious scores on the cards this week!

    Good luck Nateo



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