SCT Cup 2018: Wildcard Entries & Round of 242

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 16 2018

Written & Created by Roo Bloke


Welcome to the 2018 SCT Cup. Thought it was hard to qualify this season? Well, the stats back it up. It’s been a hot start to the season here on SCTalk!

2017                                                                     2018

* 376 in the SCT group                                  * 646 in the SCT group

* R1-3 average of 2151                                 * R1-3 average of 2275.7

* inside ~ top 36000                                      * inside top 8708


Congratulations to the following 10 coaches who pulled it out when it mattered the most and have earnt the final 10 spots in the SCT Cup. I’ve included their impressive scores from a more subdued weekend of scoring so we know what we’re up against.

Capper’s AFLXXX (Gus) 2373

Bradley football (brad) 2328

Bodgers @ sct (John) 2326

T-Macs Tanks (Tim) 2318

Fyfe to a Gunfight (Alex) 2274

Ziggi Boys (igor) 2268

OnlyOneNut (Simon) 2264

Dillster’s Dreamers (Andrew) 2263

The Green Beans (Raphael) 2261

JimBeam Barflys (Warren) 2251

My initial plan was to include the wildcards as the bottom 10 seeds but I realised that’s incredibly tough on the top 10 seeds as they then cop super in form teams. In the end I decided to use a random number generator to determine their location in the draw.



A reminder of the format for the SCT Cup. Matches are played head-to-head (H2H) across two rounds (or three for across the byes) with the higher scorer advancing and the lower scorer eliminated. If there’s a tie the higher seed progresses. For each new round of the SCT Cup seedings are recalculated of those left in the comp with the same format applying of highest ranked playing the lowest ranked, etc… A reminder that our eight best coaches from the 2017 SCT Cup are ready and waiting for us in the next round.


Feature Matches

(35) DANGERous@SCT vs (206) RooBloke’sMob@SCT

It’s a rematch for these members of the high flying contributor’s league after I caused a boil over and pipped Matteo in our R3 league contest. Matteo will surely be out for retribution and with a stacked squad the odds are definitely stacked in his favour. Proves that I don’t rig the draw ‘cause there’s no way I’d choose to match up against someone who’s likely to go a fair way in this comp.

(30) The Amazons@SCT vs (211) #Likeaboss

From my rudimentary observations this is a major matchup of two of our better performing 2017 SCT Cup teams. Both coaches got their squads through to the round of 64 before their run ended so they clearly know how to coach a SC team. A H2H to watch with interest.

(94) The Maulers @ SCT vs (147) Winniblue

Last year the Lord, Emperor and Fearless Leader of this illustrious website watched the SCT Cup from the sidelines after a slow start to the season. With the Carlton coaching gig potentially becoming vacant in the next few month’s Motts will be keen to put his best foot forward as he eyes the keys to Princes Park.

(50) MJ @ SCT vs (191) Dillster’s Dreamers

A key member of the SCTalk community MJ was another that missed out on the SCT Cup last season. He’s made it this year but he’s copped one of the wildcard entries and might be up against it to make it through to the next round.

(85) Discostu’s Demons vs (156) OMG! Tramapoline! Trambopaline!



Remaining Matches

(1) Howe Hard is it vs (240) Crusader Kings

(2) The Nard Dogs vs (239) Trackers’ Team

(3) Buttslappers@SCT vs (238) Bring Back Pagan

(4) Psycho Llamas vs (237) mozambiquen

(5) Brockers Boys vs (236) LeftRightGoodnight

(6) Wildcard 9 vs (235) Jatz Crackers

(7) MARDANASH JAM@SCT vs (234) Bluebaggers

(8) Blitz Em vs (233) Inner Sanctum

(9) All Priests @SCT vs (232) Big Bad Brisbane Bears

(10) Quiet Please vs (231) the standouts

(11) Ripe for Picken vs (230) Wildcard 3

(12) Fish ‘n’ Cripps vs (229) Weeties22

(13) Hird it all before vs (228) Going Going Gawn

(14) The Duke vs (227) The Jokers@SCT

(15) Livers hacks vs (226) ThugsMagpies18

(16) The Roaming BT vs (225) Talbingo FC

(17) C&L Double Trouble vs (224) The Try Agains

(18) Same Old Same Olds vs (223) DRE’amers

(19) Blue Army vs (222) Hired Goons

(20) Immolation vs (221) allsaints

(21) TheRustySpoons@SCT vs (220) Bazza’s Battlers

(22) FantaSea vs (219) John’s Jets

(23) Shaquille YeoNeale vs (218) Saint Louie

(24) Luffy’s Legends vs (217) Sergio Buckets

(25) Coach Killers@SCT vs (216) The Dirty Oysters

(26) Best Of The Rest vs (215) Celestial

(27) Class on Grass vs (214) CHUCK

(28) PearcedaleParagons@SCT vs (213) BigUnitStoin

(29) Tennessee Log Jamers vs (212) Boydos Best

(31) WhenItRainsItPours vs (210) Fugawi Indians

(32) Steven Noel vs (209) FCAbel

(33) The Eggy Almanac vs (208) Any Given Friday

(34) Summerset lad vs (207) Animal_Army@SCT

(36) Mighty Machine Men vs (205) Shags Nags@SCT

(37) GOAT vs (204) My Team Back to Back

(38) SLR vs (203) Bulldogs Roar

(39) Great ones vs (202) #TrustTheProcess

(40) I’m Blue Da Doedee vs (201) BlametheUmpire@sct

(41) Wildcard 6 vs (200) Glittery Balls

(42) Wildcard 4 vs (199) The Mutts Nuts@SCT

(43) Ninja Skrtels vs (198) WhoGibbsa FC

(44) Richos Reign vs (197) MagicKd

(45) The Dependlebles vs (196) Enderlings

(46) Wildcard 5 vs (195) General Supercoach

(47) Magnificent vs (194) BeastMode

(48) Danger Bont vs (193) Insaiyans

(49) Leather Poisoning vs (192) Universal Ultimatum

(50) MJ @ SCT vs (191) Wildcard 8

(51) P Buzz vs (190) Fezmonkeys

(52) Thommos Tribe@SCT vs (189) Spidermonkeys

(53) THE BRIGADIERS@SCT vs (188) Team 18 of 25 @SCT

(54) crockett’s blues vs (187) The Huss Buss

(55) Paul’s Pretty Boys vs (186) NakiNaki

(56) Keyser Soze vs (185) Sean’s Mob@SCT

(57) Wildcard 1 vs (184) Baker Boy

(58) Gold Coast Losers vs (183) Victorious Secret

(59) Top Billings vs (182) Chillos Champs@SCT

(60) CrackersFC vs (181) Asian Sensation

(61) Joestars@SCT vs (180) Beeferfofum@SCT

(62) Abers Back2Back vs (179) Shorties Snipers

(63) FLYING HORSES vs (178) Angry Pirates

(64) Humungus 1 vs (177) Woof Woof Woof

(65) Spearhead vs (176) Richmond Tigers

(66) TP-Heartbreakers vs (175) Abers95

(67) Diamond D Dynasty vs (174) The_Destroyer!!

(68) Nathan’s Gunz vs (173) Baby Bombers@SCT

(69) SOS vs (172) The Johnsonator

(70) Shawly Not Again vs (171) Don’t Argue

(71) Twin Magic 2 vs (170) The Elites

(72) Blue Roosters vs (169) Victorious Secret@SCT

(73) Salt & Vinegar Cripps vs (168) coopers@SCT

(74) Coffee Black vs (167) Grannies

(75) Barooga Kings vs (166) Bundy’s Blues

(76) Wildcard 2 vs (165) The Anti Clokes

(77) RedDynamite vs (164) ICE MAN

(78) Sam Murray is GOAT vs (163) The Mob

(79) Lowedown vs (162) Kicking Behinds

(80) The Handsome Roosters vs (161) Shaqatak@SCT

(81) AGB vs (160) Cook Stars

(82) The Blouses vs (159) Wildcard 10

(83) Bucket Hats vs (158) Bullets

(84) Bags of Charity vs (157) Robzmob@sct

(85) Discostu’s Demons vs (156) OMG! Tramapoline! Trambopaline!

(86) The Fatboys@SCT vs (155) zacattack

(87) Knights who say Ni vs (154) Any Given Saturday

(88) Auntie’s Cygnets vs (153) Cooper’s Crew

(89) Fox Force Five vs (152) Snoidz’s Thugs

(90) Lano vs (151) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT

(91) Here I Go Again vs (150) Sauce

(92) Dota Player vs (149) Peroxide Bombers @SCT

(93) IamAHazard vs (148) Sneaky Pete

(95) The Cleaner vs (146) Fordys elite

(96) Nutmegs Bolters vs (145) King Maximus

(97) The GangstaGurus vs (144) Sam’s Mailbag

(98) 1st Tracks vs (143) Same Olds

(99) Lukapies vs (142) WhaleOilBeefHooked

(100) Kovenator@SCT vs (141) Caleb’s Kings

(101) HodgeysHawkersNoMore vs (140) “Insert Witty Football Pun Here”

(102) Pill Hustlers vs (139) Dependleburys

(103) Russell Crows vs (138) ShoalhavenHawk@SCT

(104) My Team Name vs (137) Wildcard 7

(105) KentuckyHotPockets vs (136) Catta’sClan@SCT

(106) Sandhurst seagulls vs (135) ScottishKings

(107) Hoodwinked vs (134) Harris’ Marauders

(108) The Berry Men vs (133) PojysPurpleMonkeys

(109) I Like Roughead vs (132) Kyuubi

(110) Jay?s Juggernaut vs (131) Clamwhackers

(111) Bangla Knights vs (130) Banjo string

(112) Lightning McLean vs (129) Pelly?s Plight

(113) Owen’s Champions vs (128) My Cotchin Rules

(114) Team Davo 2018 vs (127) Massa’s Machines

(115) Mumma’s Bois @SCT vs (126) Goodie’s Guns

(116) New York Shellagi’s vs (125) Don’t Blush Babies

(117) Shanghai Pirates vs (124) Swan Style

(118) FC Utopia vs (123) Stretch Marks

(119) RobDogs vs (122) I?m Ron Burgundy?

(120) GTsIronMeccaFC@SCT vs (121) Woosang Warriors


Bonus Game

(242) 50 tats of dusty! vs (241) The TEAM@SCT

Finally, I’ve had to make the tough call to eliminate last years’ SCT Cup winner Power rangers (Nathan). I can’t locate his team anywhere and he hasn’t responded to my pleas to know his new team name. It means there’s only seven automatic qualifiers through to the Round of 128 and it also means there’s two extra spots for the Round of 242. 50 tats of dusty! was our next cab off the rank and I made an executive decision to include the TEAM@SCT into the SCT Cup in the final spot so that we’ve all got an interest.


Good luck coaches (except Matteo)!!


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17 thoughts on “SCT Cup 2018: Wildcard Entries & Round of 242”

  1. Just a query. When I go to the group is says I’m ranked 102. Then above I’m ranked 146? Any idea how that works ??


  2. Excellent – can’t wait for this to kick off again this season. I seem to recall spending as much time checking updates every weekend as I did checking in with my leagues gameday progress.

    Thanks again for the opportunity & the amazing organization in getting this happening.


  3. Great Work organising all of this Roo Bloke!
    I was lucky enough to be one of the 10 wildcards to gain entry this week – was just wondering If I’ve missed where our matchups are?


  4. Can’t believe I missed the cut this year. Just goes to show how tough competition is. Good luck everyone!


  5. Thanks Roo Bloke! Keen to make an impact this season. Huge effort organising this mate, we all appreciate it.


    1. That’s the way!! Bring on the friendly trash talk. Gotta say though Nateo, Baby Bombers@SCT was the #1 seed this time last year. Coach knows what they’re doing.


  6. Firstly wow RB! Well done on the mountain of work you’ve done!! It’s incredible that the average has gone up by over 100 points!!! Just goes to show how great this site Is! And lastly I had to laugh at this:
    Proves that I don’t rig the draw ‘cause there’s no way I’d choose to match up against someone who’s likely to go a fair way in this comp.
    Thanks for the compliment but I feel like it’s my kiss off death! Maybe I better spend some of my $200000000 left over in my salary cap…


  7. RB – you are simply a legend mate for organising all of this again. Hat tip to you sir, and I look forward to wrecking my pursuit of OA in trying to win “The Cup”!!


  8. Match of the Round- Progress Scores
    Matteo vs Roo Bloke

    Not often i can provide a mid weekend update but Matteo and I are both in the all conquering Contributors League so we can spy on each other’s team set ups.

    Current scores and set up
    Roo Bloke – 1457 from 14
    Matteo – 1277 from 14
    My two ‘sideways’ trades came good in a big way. I dumped Josh Kelly for Cogs and Billings for Gray. Couldn’t have asked for a better set of scores on debut. Matteo’s uniques of Buddy (48), Parker (75) and Henry (48) let Matteo down whilst on my side of the ledger The Bont (79) and Richards (44) underdelivered last night.

    Captain Choice – both currently have Dusty locked after little VC success. Matteo went Parker (75) and i went Laird (110).

    Still to come:
    Roo Bloke – Goldy, Sicily, Mitchell, Holman, Gawn, Petracca, Dusty (c), Murray
    Matteo – Mitchell, Holman, Hibberd, Gawn, Dusty (c), Murray, Stephenson, D Smith
    In short, Matteo’s 180 behind and gotta make up the difference on Tuesday/Wednesday with his Hibberd, Stephenson, D Smith vs my Goldy, Sicily and Petracca. My three are all hot and cold types so it’s definitely possible.



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