SCT Cup 2019 – Qualifiers & WildCard Weeks

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 12 2019


<written and created by Roo Bloke>


First and foremost. Welcome to the 2019 SCT Cup. This is our third edition of what has fast become a much sought after accolade amongst our growing community. It’s bloody hard to even make the cut these days as the SCT group has grown at a rapid rate. In 2017 there were only 376 in the SCT group at the end of round 3 but this year there’s 827. It’s got me thinking that next year I may have to expand the SCT Cup to accommodate more entrants. That’s 12 months away though and a thought bubble for another day.


An apology for not getting this post out earlier in the week. I typically try and get this done Monday/Tuesday so it can hit the site Wednesday/Thursday. My team of trained monkeys have been working frantically round the clock since SC opened Sunday night to try and figure out a loophole to get me into the SCT Cup … but alas, they came up with diddly squat. Comps cancelled people. See you next year. Huh? No? I can’t do that? Ba humbug.


AUTOMATIC QUALIFIERS: Maybe it’s due to a delayed pre-season following post-season surgeries. Maybe they’ve taken their SC team on an Adelaide style bonding camp. Possibly they’ve rested on their 2018 laurels. Whatever it is, our eight automatic qualifiers, our crème de la crème from 2018, they’ve started slower than Melbourne’s midfield and they are S.T.RUGGLING. Actually, there’s a lone hand blazing a trail from the hateful eight with allSAINTS@SCT jumping out of the gate. Here’s the current overall rank of our automatic qualifiers but be warned, there are some large numbers in here. Kyuubi (56,486), TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT (55,980), AGB (64,422), Nathan’s Gunz (26,209), allSAINTS@SCT (1,649), Buttslappers@SCT (22,908) and Bunchakhuuuunts (51,549). That’s some slow starts! Our other automatic qualifier from last season is Johnathan who last year coached Danger Bont to 6th place in the SCT Cup. There’s no Danger Bont in the SCT group and with Johnathan being a unique name I’m assuming that Macrae’s (14,034 overall) and coached by the only Johnathan in the SCT group, is the right team. Can I get some confirmation on this Johnathan?


QUALIFIERS: There were 220 spots up for grabs but it never ends up as simple as that. With allSAINTS@SCT the only automatic qualifier to lob in the top 220 plus a tie for the final spot it means the top 222 from the SCT group are through. That puts the cut as the top 10,851 with an average of 2209. Congrats to all of these coaches. We’ll see you in SCT Cup action in round 6 and 7. To clarify further, that’s the top 222 ranked coaches in the SCT group when I took a whole bunch of screen shots at 10:21pm Sunday evening, not some Johnny come lately who’s just joined the party.


WILDCARD WEEKS: The next 80 in the SCT group have been placed into 10 groups using a snake method. Wildcard action is taking place over round 4 and 5 with the winner of each group progressing to the SCT Cup proper. Originally, second from each group was also going to progress but with ties for direct qualification I’ve had to alter that. The nine highest second place finishers will advance meaning one unlucky sole will miss out.


GROUP A                                 

Dangerwood3514                                                  Damian

Binge Thinkers                                                  Michael

Scrimshaw Redmpt’n                                                  Paul

Team Extreme                                                  Daylon

Tex’s Rangers                                                  Sam

Coffee Black                                                  Ethan

BLUEMOONS                                                  Jason

Smooth Movers                                                  Matt



!!SUPERPOWER!!                                                  Steve

Coach Killers@SCT                                                  Andrew

The Wright Way                                                  Lachlan

Dim Sim Collision                                                  Tim

Russell Crows                                                  Daniel

Chickadeez@SCT                                                  Rick

Nonstop Nathan                                                  Nathan

Angry Alberts                                                  Mark


GROUP C                                      

Leather Poisoning                                                  Graeme

Red samurai                                                  Alvin

Silvastars@SCT                                                  Silvana

Muzza@sct                                                  Maryann

Jurn Sternbreaker                                                  John

Bafingwood FC                                                  Stephen

Real Steele                                                  Vic

Devon                                                  Zac


GROUP D                                        

The McNiece Burger                                                  Seb

Llllloooooyyyyd                                                  Carl

GOAT                                                  Will

Brock’s Beasts                                                  Stacy

In The Magoos                                                  Shane

Extreme Team                                                  Sheryl

Majak Thor                                                  Caleb

Gupsters                                                  Gup


GROUP E                                          

Sean’s Mob@SCT                                                  Sean

Happio Mane                                                  Adam

Jackson’s Field                                                  Jackson

1v1@Woolies                                                  James

Armchair Sportsman                                                  Nigel

G-Train Potatoes                                                  Reece

Stickler Meeseeks                                                  Ben

Wonky for Ronke                                                  James


GROUP F                                        

Bucket Hats                                                  Jordan

Bring Back Pagan                                                  Pep

Knights who say Ni                                                  Mike

CHEWYONYABOOTS                                                  Simon

B Stanton 3 votes                                                  Lewis

Rmen@SCT                                                  Rachel

Motts is Fat@SCT                                                  Monty

Big Mac No Pickles                                                  nathan


GROUP G                                        

DANGERous@SCT                                                  Matteo

TRIXKKXIX@sct                                                  Graeme

Same Olds @SCT                                                  Geoff

Gooza’s Gang                                                  Mitchell

The Shetlands                                                  Mitch

Menzel Washington                                                  Matt

Tracker’s Team                                                  Michael

djs superstars                                                  Daniel


GROUP H                                      

Socrates                                                  Mark

Kicking Behinds                                                  Luke

The bont                                                  Josh

Siena’s diamonds                                                  Siena

Josh’s Jets                                                  Josh

Wobblesbegone                                                  Russell

DemarDeGoaten                                                  James

Gunboat Diplomacy                                                  Michael


GROUP J                                      

The Dirty Oysters                                                  Stephen

Snipers                                                  Andrew

Duffers Duds @SCT                                                  Pat

Humungus 1                                                  Mick

Such Is Fyfe                                                  Ryan

The Midwife                                                  Cam

Auntie’s Cygnets                                                  Andrea

LaBomba@SCT                                                  Karan



GHSNAA                                                  Adrian

Deaf Blinders                                                  Chris

Champs                                                  Neville

Champ’s Champs                                                  Greg

G Town Degenerates                                                  joel

JAMHEDisMAD                                                  james

Arthur Mungs                                                  Mick

Guys Being Doedees                                                  Jon


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37 thoughts on “SCT Cup 2019 – Qualifiers & WildCard Weeks”

  1. I am miles off the pace this year roo bloke , but what a fantastic effort on your behalf , well done.


  2. The formatting looked better in my original document. Hmmm, think I know the problem and how to fix it. Lesson learned for next week’s article.


  3. Great work again getting the SCT Cup up and running again this year!

    RB I will get onto Jonathon as I am in 2 Leagues with him and let you know if he was Danger Bont last year. A good chance though as he is a big Dogs fan and he finished in the Top 500.


      1. Confirmed RB by Jonathon that he changed his team name from Danger Bont last year to the Macrae’s this year.


  4. Good luck to everyone involved and I’ll be sitting on the sidelines again for the 3rd consecutive season.


    1. There kinda is!!!! Highest team in the SCT group with @SCT in their name gets the cash prize. Last year the top few in the SCT group didn’t have @SCT so they didn’t get the moolah. Pretty sure it’s the same t’s & c’s as 2018.


    2. Here here! Ditch all those without the SCT moniker RB and we’ll be sweet to qualify!!

      Looks like I’ll miss out this year for the first time! Damn! Well done again mate on getting this up and running and good luck all those that have qualified!!


  5. Elite event and maybe my favourite on SCT.
    With all the work you do RB, I have to admit I am disappointed you are not able to play in your own comp. Maybe in future years, you can leave one space for yourself and should you not hit the qualifying number you have to compete against #1 first round. I’m sure others on this site would support saving a spot given the mountain of work you do.

    On another note, I have to admit I like the current cap number. I was ranked 67,000+th after round 1, made a corrective trade and now find myself around 6,000th. I think I’m proof 3 rounds gives you enough time to have a shocker and still make the list.

    Interested to hear others thoughts but I like the challenge of knowing it’s a challenge just to get in…

    Thanks again Rooboy, love your work


  6. Well done everyone it’s a great comp i loved it last year i knew i had no hope getting the way my teams started this year 🙁


  7. Wow, stoked to have this wildcard format – I get a second chance this year!

    I was very frustrated to see myself drop so far and out of automatic qualification in the first place when Crisp, Fyfe and Rocky combined to shoot me in the foot in round 3.

    Given the circumstances it still seems unlikely I make the cut, but it’s fun to be included in one part of the SCT Cup! Good luck to everyone in the wildcard rounds!


    1. The top 222 in the SCT group are through and don’t play in round 4 & 5. They feature in the next stage of the SCT cup in round 6 & 7. Rather than list the 8 automatic qualifiers PLUS the 222 qualifiers PLUS the 80 wildcard entrants I decided to focus on the wildcards as that’s where the action is in the SCT Cup at the moment.


  8. Gutted I missed out on automatic qualifying…pumped to be in the group stages but! Thanks for organizing it again!! Legend.


  9. Failed to qualify for a 3rd straight year…..bugger. For whatever reason, I never start well enough. Gotta lift my game.
    Thanks again to Roo Bloke for all the hours of effort that you put into this competition!!


    1. I’ve got a theory Schwarz. A lot of the Contributors miss the cut regularly. Do we spend too much time contributing content to do the necessary research to make our team the best it can be? I know i spent a bunch of hours this week on the SCT Cup that weren’t spent working on my team.


      1. Don’t think so……I did the same thing as always……I have to be the smartest guy in the room so I made some unnecessary changes late. That and consistently having the wrong rookies on-field…..


    1. Ummm …. did you enter the TEAM after the end of round 3?? It doesn’t have a round 3 ranking next to it on the SCT group.


  10. So glad I qualified by virtue of my performance last year

    My ranking has gone 6K, 10K and 22K and I have Fyfe out this week.

    There is no need > peak > early I say !!


  11. Auto Qualification was vital for me.
    My team is about 90% the same as every other team that’s doing well, but my couple pods suck and I keep making Captain errors and fielding the lowest scoring rookies.
    Holding off trades and having a very healthy bank are the only real positives…. upwards from here surely?



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