SCT Cup GF Results – Rd1

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 10 2017

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This is it. The end of a massive inaugural SCT Cup. Someone’s going to win the cash and get their name in the hall of fame. Been a massive undertaking (bigger than i’d anticipated!) but I’ve happily plugged away at it ‘cause you’re all a ripping bunch of people. Stayed tuned across the pre-season for info on what the entry details are for the 2018 SCT Cup next year.


Nathan’s Power rangers are 4th in our group and Michael’s Bunchakuuunts are 15th in our group. Got me thinking about how and why the #1, #2 and #3 are not here in the final. Where did they go wrong?


GoT-SumnerIsComing is currently the #1 ranked team in the SCT Group and 70th overall but was only #79 seed in the round of 256 and lost to Tkalecsgotthepower by 100pts. Clearly didn’t start the season strong enough for this comp.


97 Flamingos is currently the #2 ranked team in the SCT Group and 124th overall. He was #3 seed in the round of 256 but beaten by DashingDonkeys@SCT by 22pts. Damn unlucky and could have easily progressed much further in this comp.


Captain Barnacles is currently the #3 ranked team in the SCT group and 129th overall. He doesn’t feature in the cup at all so either claim from the clouds to get to where he currently sits or more likely entered the group after the cut off. A lesson for all of us for next season!!


Now, the scores….


1 – Power rangers (Nathan) 2385 LEADS 2 – Bunchakhuuunts (Michael) 2339 by 46pts



Macrae (161), Mitch (128), The Bont (127), Treloar (116), Oliver (110), Hibberd (103), Laird (96), Yeo (88), Dahl (88), Roberton (87), Ryder (87), Heeney (85), Lynch (77), Doch (75), Witherden (69)

Not much to discuss here cause both teams have these players but it’s more a learning tool for all of us. I’ve only got seven players the same as these two teams which explains why I’m coaching a team of potatoes. Lynch is out for both teams this week and Witherden is likely to miss.



Power rangers PODs: Fyfe (140), Kreuzer (131), Adams (127), Greenwood (114), Hurley (100), Merrett (95), Buddy (42)

Fyfe has spat and spluttered through stages of this season but he sure went wooshka when it mattered most for his coaches. Seems hard to fathom now that we were having the weekly Fyfe polls mid-season.  Nathan would be super impressed that Kreuz not only got up but he went waaaay large too. Greenwood continued to press for rookie of the season honours too [not a bad idea for a poll Schwarz ;)]. Nathan would be massively disappointed by Buddy’s dismal effort and equally disappointed by Merrett’s ‘love tap’ that sees him miss this week.


Bunchakhuuunts PODs: Gawn (160), Sloane (151), Gray (101), Nank (84), Selwood (82), Shaw (79), Lloyd (59)

Gawn went very large to justify the trade required to get him into the side and Sloane’s season of peaks and troughs continued. Lloyd was back but didn’t deliver on his mid-season form line. Nank and Shaw have settled into a consistently mediocre scoring range and Gray managed to somehow score 101 as a forward in a massive thrashing.




Both teams are down a premo (Merrett vs Selwood) and had Danger in their teams before his suspension. Is it as simple as bringing Danger in for these guys or do Nathan and Michael have a sneaky trade or two up their sleeve to get a little more creative? Further, Lynch is out for both teams as may Witherden. How does this effect both teams? 22 on the park might be enough to get the W here with all the outs at the moment. Do they have the options to cover all these holes or is a Thelma and Louise style finish to the season looming with Nathan and Michael driving into the SuperCoach ravine together?


Does anyone still have Danger?

Let’s not assume that both teams have Danger sitting on their pine. Nothing stands out as being overly different in Buncha’s 22 so it’s likely that he has Danger to come back. For the opposition, Ryder seemed to be a new member of the Power rangers squad and could’ve come as either a JPK or Danger replacement. Time will tell.



Why do I bother with a tip?! I thought Buncha would be 50 the good after H2H1 but he’s 46 to the bad. Anyway, I’ll give it another try. Come Sunday night someone will be toasting to a brilliant SuperCoach victory. I’m tipping Power to outscore Buncha this week by 50 odd and win the GF by around 100pts.


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2 thoughts on “SCT Cup GF Results – Rd1”


    Power rangers: 2385 + 2354 = 4739
    Bunchakhuuunts: 2339 + 2118 = 4457

    Congrats to Power rangers on winning the inaugural SCT Cup. That means the cash is yours as is a place in the SCT Hall of Fame.

    Full review to come later in the week!!!!!



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