SCT Cup Qtr-Final Results

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 19 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


SCT Cup Quarter Final Results

Done. And. Dusted. The four semi finalists are now decided with all remaining teams in the top 1000. Alright, one of them isn’t but they’re tracking onwards and upwards.


(1) Power rangers 2253 + 2469 = 4722 WIN

(8) Merky’s Premiers 2135 + 2114 = 4249 LOSE by 473pts

An enormous victory, especially at this stage of the competition. In fact, I went back through the Cup and it’s the 4th largest victory in Cup history. Merky had a bunch of under-performing premos to blame – Harbrow (43), Zorko (55), Rocky (57), Lynch (58), Howe (65), Rance (66), Dahl (76) and Grundy (77). Power rangers pumped out a massive score with 10 guys scoring 120+ and now looks like the new team to beat for the Cup.


(2) Griggsy FC 2247 + 2370 = 4617 WIN

(7) Rockliff_Nroll@SCT 2322 + 2258 = 4580 LOSE by 37pts

What an impressive effort from Griggsy FC to overturn the week one deficit to stay alive in the cup. 8 guys scoring 120+ definitely sets up a big SC score. The big difference in this close H2H was that Parsons (32) took the field for Rockliff_Nroll. If Parsons had pumped out a respectable 70 or Parsons had been upgraded to a premo, then this contest would’ve gone the other way.


(3) Bunchakhuuunts 2343 + 2320 = 4663 WIN

(6) MaccasMaulersSCT 2222 + 2285 = 4507 LOSE by 156pts

Pretty comprehensive victory in this won with Buncha winning both weeks of this contest to storm into the Cup semi finals. Maccas put up a brave fight to get this far in the tournament but his run ends here.


(4) Bustling Barrys 2200 + 2374 = 4574 LOSE

(5) The Phat Side @SCT 2379 + 2361 = 4740 WIN by 166pts

The Barrys bustled back after a H2H1 touch up to win H2H2 but Yiorgakis (Phat Side) got the Big W and is headed for the semi finals.


** Semi Final Match-Ups coming up shortly – Schwarzwalder **




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3 thoughts on “SCT Cup Qtr-Final Results”

  1. Thanks for running the comp RB! Awesome concept even if it did make me burn a few trades I wouldn’t normally have!!

    Sad end for the Maulers having to field at least one donut in each of the last 3 games with no bench cover – cost me this match up and a berth in the semi final in the end. Late outs really hurt when you can’t move your DPP rookie bench covers!!


    1. Well aware of the obstacles you faced, Macca. Sorry again for your loss! Unfortunately too many hurdles thrown in front of you in the SCT Cup. I know you’ll be back better than ever next year…….



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