SCT Cup: Rd Of 16 – Rd1

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 28 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


Since we’re down to the crème de la crème of the SC world I thought that I’d step it up. No longer am I providing just the insights but much like the Monday footy shows I’m looking behind the scenes to try and provide some real insight into what’s happening. I’ve included where each coach is currently ranked in the SCT Group plus I’ve included coach’s top 5 and bottom 5 from their starting 22.


(1) Griggsy FC 7th 2220 TRAILS (16) Dougys Diggers@SCT 116th 2231 by 11pts

Top 5 – Danger, Bont, S Martin, Greenwood, Macrae … Gray, Danger, JPK, Greene, Rance

Bottom 5 – Scooter, Nank, Shaw, Lynch, Selwood … Wallis, Priddis, Nank, T Stewart, Lynch

Well well! Griggsy has been passed by Power rangers in the rankings and Dougy is taking it up to our #1 seed in this H2H. Selwood’s head knock was a major difference in H2H 1 as was Gray’s day out at the ‘G.

TIP – Griggsy by 100pts


(2) Power rangers 5th 2327 LEADS (15) DashingDonkeys@SCT 121st 2000 by 327pts

Top 5 – Danger, Merrett, Bont, Greenwood, Macrae … Danger, Greene, JPK, Macrae, Dusty

Bottom 5 – Roberton, Scooter, Laird, Nank, Lynch … Roughy, Stewart, Lynch, Bolton, Selwood

DashingDonkeys JUST cracked the 2K mark this week which is simply not enough at this stage of the competition. Selwood’s 3 hurt big time but Dashing’s side isn’t near to full premo yet whereas Power rangers look like they’re almost there.

TIP – Power rangers by 600pts


(3) WeDoNotForgive@SCT 8th 2264 TRAILS (14) Merky’s Premiers 55th 2322 by 58pts

Top 5 – Danger, S Martin, Greenwood, Greene, JPK … Danger, Bont, Greenwood, JPK, Howe

Bottom 5 – Murphy, Laird, Shaw, Swallow, Selwood … SPP, Laird, Scooter, Zorko, Lynch

Merky’s flying. Simple as that! His bottom 5 had 3 guns in it so his score this round could’ve been enormous. Plus WeDoNotForgive could have a Selwood enforced trade/doughnut if the Cats skipper doesn’t get up.

TIP – Merky by 155pts


(4) Bunchakhuuunts 15th 2286 LEADS (13) Star Stuff 75th 2145 by 141pts

Top 5 – Danger, Bont, Greenwood, JPK, Macrae … Danger, Bont, Greenwood, Macrae, Doch

Bottom 5 – Sloane, Laird, Shaw, T Stewart, Lynch …  Nank, Shaw, Heppell, Bolton, Selwood

Buncha has some serious star quality in the bottom 5. Once again this is a tale of Selwood’s KO. Add 100 back into this score and the contest tightens up greatly. Some things you just can’t control as a SC.

TIP – Buncha by 200pts


(5) Bustling Barrys 27th 2192 TRAILS (12) JC@SCT 63rd 2205 by 13pts

Top 5 – Danger, Bont, Macrae, Doch, Heeney … Danger, S Martin, Greenwood, Macrae, Oliver

Bottom 5 – Laird, Scooter, Nank, T Stewart, Lynch … Laird, Scooter, Nank, Barrett, Beams

Our closest contest at the ½ way mark, this one could all come down to JC’s replacement for Beams. If she has cash to burn and can pick anyone she could snare a missing star (doesn’t have Doch, Bont, Dusty, Zach) but if she has $0 kitty the options are still there but it might require some creative thinking.

TIP – JC by 50pts


(6) MaccasMaulersSCT 28th 2271 LEADS (11) Hired Goons 57th 2242 by 29pts

Top 5 – Danger, Bont, S Martin, Greenwood, Macrae … Danger, Bont, S Martin, JPK, Greenwood

Bottom 5 – Sloane, Laird, Nank, T Stewart, Selwood … Laird, Nank, Williams, Lynch, Selwood

I feel your pain Goons. I too am on the Zac Williams rollercoaster. It’s a heck of a ride. Top 5’s are similar as are the bottom 5’s. This one could come down to the captain’s choice. Get it right and you’re through. Get it wrong and you’re Cup run will be over.

TIP – TIE. Macca wins on countback.


(7) The Phat Side @SCT 37th 2249 TRAILS (10) Katfish 39th 2306 by 57pts

Top 5 – Danger, Merrett, Greenwood, JPK, Macrae … Danger, Greenwood, JPK, Macrae, Dusty

Bottom 5 – Simpson, Laird, Nank, Shaw, Selwood … Buddy, SPP, Laird, Nank, Pickett

Yes, Pickett. You read it right. Pickett. Not sure the story here but Nank’s in the ruck for Katfish so I reckon this could be the net result of covering a 211 sized hole. Yiorgakis probably has the best bottom 5 you could find too!! If Selwood plays Yiorgakis has the definite advantage. If Selwood doesn’t play does he burn a trade on a one week concussion? Probably not. Wonder what’s on his bench. I could ‘rat’ on him as I can see his full 30 ‘cause I’m in his league but that wouldn’t be fair. Can’t tip a team with Pickett in it! Picket!! Wow!!

TIP – Phat Side by 210pts


(8) All Stars 22 68th 2094 TRAILS (9) Rockliff_Nroll@SCT 49th 2257 by 163pts

Top 5 – Danger, S Martin, Greenwood, Greene, Macrae … Danger, S Martin, Greenwood, Howe, Macrae

Bottom 5 – Tuohy, Laird, Nank, Zorko, Selwood … Simpson, Nank, Zorko, Lynch, Barrett

All Stars Bottom five is probably better than I can muster for my top 5! This contest is still alive but if Selwood hadn’t got concusses and Zorko and Laird didn’t have stinkers this would’ve been a blow out result in H2H 1. Rockliff_Nroll will need to nail the captaincy to give themselves any chance.

TIP – All Stars by 360pts


**  Love the added analysis for the last 16 teams! Thanks, Roo Bloke! – Schwarzwalder **


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17 thoughts on “SCT Cup: Rd Of 16 – Rd1”

  1. Thank you Roo Bloke.

    Thanks to you.

    Dumb luck.

    And my own stupidity

    Now I know what its like to have your pants pulled down by a guy in a colourful shiny suit!

    Lets hope my Donkeys can” kick” back and only loose by a respectable 250.

    Its been fun while it lasted!


    1. Not an impossible task for the Donkeys……but pretty bloody close to it 😉 You had a good run………..”And now, the end is near”………


      1. Aaaah well.

        I will just have to come up with some other cunning plan to make the SC Hall of Fame.

        Any chance you might consider a ‘Brisbane like’ 2nd round priority pick?


    2. Come on FT. I’ve been on the Dashing Donkey bandwagon since you defeated me. Pull out a miracle this week!


  2. Good Luck to everyone still in the running to win the Inaugural SCT Cup!

    I think at this stage you have to barrack for someone though. I am cheering for Yiorgi a SCT legend and , i am involved in a league with him. I think we meet in Round 17 Yiorgi and i will need a 1st minute KO to take him down me thinks.

    Also cheering for Macca as he knocked me out and , i am also in a couple of the same leagues as him.

    Anyone else got a favourite SCT coach they are cheering on?


    1. I have to go for ‘Star Stuff’ first and foremost (considering I was knocked out by this team) until knocked out (looks likely due to J.Selwood) other wise like you, will be going for Macca.

      In 2 leagues together and already had 2 close match ups this year and I just pipped him in the final of CattasSCTchallenge last year. Always a good match up with him.


    2. Thanks TDA! I’ve had enough of those 1st minute knockouts! Look forward our match up in a few weeks. Will be close no doubt!

      P.S. I don’t think I’ll be trading Joelwood if he misses 😉


  3. Awesome stuff RB!! You do realise that this SC cup is making me burn crazy trades to stay in it??!!


      1. yeah, figured I can’t catch up with the leaders of OA, I’ve easily got Mottsy and the other Contribs league coaches covered (cough choke splutter!!) so I might as well chase the Cup!!

        Still, it would be nice to get well inside the top 500 too … so hmmm!!


  4. Are we tipping All Stars by 360 despite trailing Rockliff_Nroll@SCT currently by 163 or is it a typo?


    1. Well spotted. Scores are right but my comment is all out of whack. This is what happens when you write stuff when you should be catching zzz’s.



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