SCT Cup Semi Final Match-Ups

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 19 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


SCT Cup Semi Final Match Ups

No one has Pendles so that’s a non-factor. Who’s got trades left? Who’s got the best coverage for Danger if he misses? Who’s got loophole options for these rounds in the def and fwd lines? Lots of variables that will alter the final 22s but I’ve looked at the 22s from this round just gone and investigated the PODs in each H2H.


(1) Power Rangers #209 vs (4) The Phat Side @SCT #1065

The two hot teams left in the cup are pitted against each other in this semi. Both teams are smashing out 2300s like clockwork. Lots of PODs in this one.

POD Watch

Power Rangers: Oliver, Treloar, Fyfe, Hurley, Heeney, Roberton, Hibberd, Steele, Lynch

Yiorgakis: Dusty, Neale, Selwood, Ryder, Goldstein, Simpson, Lloyd, Newman, Aimsworth

Power Rangers have an inform Fyfe and Hurley combo but still have Steele in the team and an unreliable Lynch. Yiorgakis scores a huge advantage with Dusty as a POD but is still playing rookies on the field in position 21 and 22. Will Power bring in Selwood to nullify one of Yiorgakis’ PODs?


(2) Griggsy FC #388 vs (3) Bunchakhuuunts #868

Whilst Griggsy has been high in the rankings all season, this winning score was the lowest of all four semi-finalists so Buncha would be liking their chances of beating the higher ranked team.

POD Watch

Griggsy: Dusty, Merrett, Selwood, Adams, Rocky, Martin, Greenwood

Buncha: Oliver, Sloane, JPK, Ryder, Roberton, Witts, Gray

Less PODs in this one which increases the significance of those that exist. Griggsy’s cream is sweet with Dusty, Merrett and Selwood all likely to pump out 110+. On the flip side Scott Selwood might be the key even though he’s in neither squad! If he plays this week he’ll lock down on Sloane and Buncha will be right up against it from there. Buncha really needs Gray to have one of his monster games and Witts to ton up. Will Buncha bring in a dirt cheap Selwood and nullify one of the PODs?


** Good luck, Coaches!! – Schwarzwalder **


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3 thoughts on “SCT Cup Semi Final Match-Ups”

  1. Great stuff RB! Still amazed I made it this far. Ryder on one leg, Goldy under-performing, and NEWMAN!! and Ainsworth stinking it up, plus I’m off overseas for 5 weeks this Friday. Advantage Power Rangers.



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