SCT Group Competition 2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 1 2019

Hey Schwarz,

Happy New Year

I tried to email you but with no success as it bounced back to me, I got on to Motts though. Just letting you know I’m back with $250 for the winner of the @SCT competition in 2019.

Thought I’d let you legends know early, let’s get a record amount of coaches using the suffix @SCT on their team names in 2019

Cheers Catta


The SCT Group Prize was an initiave created by Catta to have the ‘@SCT’ suffix on as many SC teams as possible (a bit of advertising for the site).  The rules are still the same in the Group competition………attach the ‘@SCT’ suffix to your team name and enter the SCT Group before Rd1.  The Coach with the highest ranking (with the @SCT suffix) wins $250 from Catta plus an extra $100 from us at SCT.  In which other group would you win so much cash?

Long-time SCT Coach, Lisa took out the prize in 2018.  Officially she finished #215 overall and 12th in our Group……..but the highest ranking Member with the ‘@SCT’ suffix.

So what are you waiting for?  Join up to the SCT Group #900763 before the season, add the suffix and you’re away!

** If anyone out there feels like donating to the SCT Group competition, get in touch with: schwarzwalder ‘at’ supercoachtalk ‘dot’ com.   A spot in the Hall Of Fame awaits………….**


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17 thoughts on “SCT Group Competition 2019”

    1. Cheers Hutta

      Small token gesture for all that’s done on this amazing site by many of you legends behind the scenes, 100’s maybe 1000’s of us SC coaches would be lost without the SCT site 🙂


  1. So the new year brings the same old ‘top bloke’ Catta….Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to ol’ nemesis…


    1. Lol

      HNY, #1 nemesis

      Always keep a sneaky but ( very keen ) eye on when our clashes are on the SC calendar, as always looking forward to them in 2019 Bearded one 😉


    1. Yep, whack ‘@SCT’ onto the end of your team name and join the SCT group (code: 900763) to be automatically included.


  2. Completely separate from the above competition, but I plan to run a few Leagues comprised purely of Supercoachtalk Coaches that are using the @SCT Suffix in their team name.

    First League is full.

    Second League 240113 – @SUPERCOACH TALK 2, is open for business. Good luck.


  3. And so it begins…another year of Supercoach, and I hope to defend my title from last season – and actually improve on my overall 12th position in the Group placings.
    The $500 that I won in the 2018 SCT Group was thoroughly appreciated, and I spoiled myself by buying a new watch, replaced a blown up hairdryer & most excitedly – purchased a 3 game Collingwood membership, which includes ANZAC Day – very pumped as I’ve never been to an ANZAC Day match before.

    A huge thanks to the team @SCT for even more reasons to get those supercoach teams entered for the 2019 season – maybe this year we’ll see the overall winner being one of the SCT coaches!


  4. Can someone let me know what I’m doing wrong. When I plug in the 900763 in to the league code I wish to join it says it doesn’t recognise the code. I guess I need to put this number somewhere else? Thanks.


    1. TFC,
      It’s a GROUP code, not a League code. Don’t forget to put the ‘@SCT’ suffix on your team 😉



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