SCT Leagues Update – Rd20

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 9 2017

I’ve been keeping a list of all our top Leagues (any that were formed here) going around.  It’s not always accurate so double-check to see if your League gets a mention here.  I’ll update the post as soon as possible, thank you!

SCT Leagues In The Top500 Rankings

Leeuwin League 2 –22

SCT LoEC1 –38

CattasSCTchallenge –109

The Looney Mooneys –114

Top 20k Of SCT –126

SCT1 –132

Pound The Priest –152

The TEAM@SCT2 –218

TalksCheapSosYaMrs –224

SC-2017 –245

The TEAM@SCT9 –249

SCT LoEC3 –251

Jacks Pro League –254

SCT Contributors –318

SCT LoEC2 –341

The TEAM@SCT1 –342

man can dream –374

SCT Abroad –395

The TEAM@SCT3-407

SCT4 –417

The TEAM@SCT6 –447

The TEAM@SCT5 –462

SCT3 –469

SCT2 –475

GoGetMyProspectus! –479

Last Minute Guns –492

(Salamander Oil –508)

(Bruce McAvaney Cup -509)

(AllTeethNoPies – 529)

(SCT8 -533)

(The TEAM@SCT7 -548)

(The TEAM@SCT10 – 576)

As always a big shout-out to our two Leagues in the Top100, Leeuwin League & LoEC1.  I know I always harp on about our League Of Extraordinary Coaches but consider for a moment that they weren’t even in the Top500 after Rd7 (at#506), quite a remarkable recovery!  26 SCT Leagues still in the Top500.  Hopefully we can sneak a few more in there over the next three weeks.



Tim is flying the SCT flag inside the Top100 (as is ‘Frank‘ at #11) while Wognuts still has a handy lead coming into the last three weeks.  Hot on his heels is Michael with his Scrambled Legs, but he admitted recently (in Thommo’s Review) that he’s out of trades.  Can he mount one more challenge?  Well done to Jeff with ThaitanicJeff is a regular of our SCT Abroad League, great effort to get so high in the Rankings!



Barry & his Jumper Punchers continue to lead the way in the Tech League.  While Motts is still lingering at #3, he’s been passed by Krakouer Fat who is now 81 pts behind the leader.  Anyone got any trades left?



SCT Contributors League is still hovering at #318Yiorgi had a massive week and would’ve led the SCT Cup Final Round if he had gotten through – ouch!


Big effort needed over the last three weeks.  Let’s see if we can get back up to 30 Leagues in the Top500.  All the best, Coaches!!




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9 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Rd20”

  1. Several formerly top-500 leagues that I am in are now just outside the top 500. I think I may be personally dragging them down…


  2. It’s quite an honour to be in the top 2 leagues this year. To think I finished top 4 in almost every league I am in yet could only manage 13th in both leeuwin league and LOEC1 says a heck of a lot about the competition!


    1. I’m probably going to sound like an idiot here, but what are these LOEC leagues I keep hearing about? What does the acronym stand for?



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