SCT Premier League 2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 23 2019

Those familiar with this site know I love a new gimmick, a new comp .. it’s kinda my niche on the site. I’ve been wanting to get this comp up and running for a couple of seasons now and I’ve been biding my time but I feel 2019 is the year to kick off SCT Premier League 1 and 2. This is a comp for the greatest of all SCT coaches, those that grace our Hall of Fame, those that have reached the highest of heights. This comp will run from 2019 into eternity with promotion and relegation each season.


Here’s the details.

* SCT Premier League 1 and 2 are 10 team comps.

* The two non-finalists from Premier League 1 will be relegated to Premier League 2 in 2020.

* The minor premier and the GF winner (or GF loser, if the minor premier wins the GF) from Premier League 2 will be promoted to Premier League 1 in 2020.

* The two non-finalists from Premier League 2 PLUS the lowest ranked loser in finals week one (6th, 7th or 8th) are out of the comp in 2020.

* The 2019 SCT Cup Winner, SCT Group Winner and LoEC1 Champion all earn a spot in the 2020 Premier League 2.

* In the event that someone already in Premier League 1 or 2 is the 2019 SCT Cup Winner, SCT Group Winner or LoEC1 Champion, less teams will be relegated out of Premier League 2.


Here’s the entry list and their illustrious reason for entry.


SCT Premier League 1

2018              SCT Cup Winner – Kyuubi

2017              SCT Cup Winner – Power Rangers

2018              SCT Group Winner – Lisa (The Amazons)

2017              SCT Group Winner – Wognuts

2016              SCT Group Winner – Raj

2018              LoEC1 Champion – Griggsy FC (Simon)

2017              LoEC1 Champion – Yiorgakis

2016              LoEC1 Champion – @FootyAficionado

2015 & 2014              LoEC1 Champion – Leo Messi

2013              LoEC1 Champion – Catta

2012              LoEC1 Champion – Roo Bloke [ah, now this comp makes a lot more sense]

That’s 11 coaches so it’s a fight to not be the one who misses out. First in, best dressed.


SCT Premier League 2

Whoever misses out on Premier League 1 plus….

2018              LoEC2 Champion – Mr Parker’s 9As

2017              LoEC2 Champion – DaTBird187

2016              LoEC2 Champion – Jonathon

2015 & 2014              LoEC2 Champion – sodes

2013              LoEC2 Champion – Omen

2012              LoEC2 Champion – Koray

2015              Overall 3rd – nickoless

2017              Overall 8th – Frankie

2015              Overall 14th – Andy B

2018              Overall 15th – Weeties22 (William)

2018              Overall 21st – Nateo

That’s 12 coaches so it’s a similar scramble here to make sure you don’t miss out! Again, first in best dressed.              


Finally, if you’re not one of these teams, please don’t enter these leagues and ruin the fun for everyone else. I don’t want to have to deal with deleting teams from incorrect entrants. I’m currently in both leagues but once coaches start populating Premier League 2 I’ll jump out and hand the reins of keeping an eye on proceedings to someone else.


Codes are as follows:

SCT PremierLeague1 – 238385

SCT PremierLeague2 – 958937


As we come closer to the season if we still have a spot or two to fill (which I strongly doubt) I’ll look to LoEC3 and LoEC 4 winners from seasons past to populate these spots.


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20 thoughts on “SCT Premier League 2019”

  1. Brilliant concept mate. And something for us mere mortals to strive for.
    With that, I’ll happily donate $100 (split as you see fit) to get these two esteemed Leagues started.
    Great work RB and look forward to seeing this play out. Should be ultra-competitive looking at some of those teams 🙂


    1. allsaints, your generosity is amazing. Brilliant from you.

      In true SCT style I’ll put it to the thumbs for a vote.

      TU – $100 to Premier 1 and $0 for Premier 2
      TD – $75 to Premier 1 and $25 for Premier 2
      Comment – 50/50 or something else


      1. Thought similar so good on the thumbs.

        $75 to the Premier League 1 GF winner + Hall of Fame status
        $25 to the Premier League 2 GF winner + Hall of Fame status + Promotion to Premier League 1.

        In the words of Big Kev … I’m excited!!


  2. Brilliant concept Roo Bloke but I have to question taking Loec1 and Loec2 champions from 7 years ago ahead of Loec3 champs from 2018 and 2017… mostly because I’m one of them.

    Booo! But bravo on the constant innovation.


    1. Going off the SCT Hall of Fame on this one JimmyDee otherwise I’ll have all sorts of stats being thrown my way. Plus the LoEC 3 winners would hunt me down if I bumped them any further down the pecking order. Sorry.


  3. For those questioning the entry order I was never going to please everyone so as the say, if you can’t please everyone, you’ve got to please yourself. Big apology to nickoless in particular whose effort in finishing 3rd overall is outrageous and something we’re all envious of. To me, winning the SCT group, SCT Cup and LoEC1 are pretty special in these realms so they got the nod in the initial Premier League 1. It’ll balance out over the next few years as the truely regal SCT coaches make Premier League 1 they’re own and the chaff blows away in their wake.


    1. You don’t need to please everyone RB, just me! 😉

      Great idea, thanks for your efforts with the many comps you run!


  4. Was away for the weekend, home a couple of hours, and thankfully checked in see what was new on this site – another comp (thanks Schwarz) and I’m invited to enter, mad panic as the comp was posted yesterday….But I didn’t miss the cut off – Bonus!

    Looking forward to another league comp, a great concept for all the regulars on this site, and thanks to AllSaints for his generous donation!


    1. This one is all RB, he sprung it on me…..but it’s a great idea long-term. You’re more than a worthy Coach with your track record. Good luck, Lisa!


  5. Great concept rb, you can’t please all of the people all of the time! Most of us can only aspire to make it to this level.


  6. Ripper idea RB – As i’ve Said previously, I’m going to be holding on to my 2012 nugget for a long time!


  7. I’ve only just discovered this site and love it,,,how do I get my team in these comps in the future? Are there any comps I can join now? 124890 anyone is welcome to join only myself and son is in the league at the moment. Cheers,,,Dave.



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