SCT Prize Monies in 2020

Written by Motts on February 10 2020

All the writers associated with SCT spend the hours we do creating content because we love it and we love the response we get from you.

Over the years we’ve formed a number of competitions on the site to keep things interesting. Comps like our Leagues of Extraordinary Coaches, the SCT Tech Leagues, the SCT Cup and when groups were formed, the SCT Group.

In the early days, one of our kind readers, Hawker, who worked for Blundstone, would donate 5 pairs of boots annually for the winners of these comps. This awesome gesture unfortunately came to an end a couple of years ago when he unexpectedly passed away. RIP mate.

So we were left with a huge hole in what we could offer the winners of these comps. It was really stressing us for awhile there.

Fortunately, incredibly generous members of our community came forward with cash donations to ensure our best and brightest coaches were rewarded for their efforts through their association with our little website.

And so it has proven again this year. Just yesterday I was contacted by a benefactor wishing to remain anonymous who pledged $500. How good is that?!?  What’s more, it was in my account this morning!

So without further ado, I’d like to advise that the prizes for this year’s SCT Competitions are as follows:

  • LoEC1 – $100
  • LoEC2 – $50
  • LoEC3 – $50
  • SCT Cup – $250
  • SCT Tech League – $250
  • SCT Group – $350

To all those who have donated, we say thank you. Not just the SCT writing team but the entire community. Your generosity gives us something extra to play for and we all appreciate it!

For information on how to apply for/join/qualify for any of these competitions, click here. Details on our Tech Leagues & Group will be provided by comp administrator, JimmyDee, over the coming weeks. If anyone else would like to donate prior to the season starting we’re more than happy to revise these prize monies upwards! Please email Motts at SuperCoachTalk dot com.


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11 thoughts on “SCT Prize Monies in 2020”

  1. SCT on the move, onward and upward.

    Fabulous prizes for all the comps and big cash incentives to enjoy our coaching and the site that bit more -it is so much appreciated and provides that little extra over bragging rights at the end of the day.

    Thanks heaps to the donors and the massive numbers of people playing and using this site that attracts these benefactors. Have a super coaching season.


  2. I have been so glad I have found such a wonderful supercoach page. The amount of people willing to put their own time and effort to contribute to help others. Then these remarkable people willing to offer their own money as a reward, just shows what a community this has become!

    This is beautiful to see and what another brilliant year this will be!



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