Sneak Previews – Bryce Gibbs (Carl)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 10 2016


Starting Price: $444 600

SC Scoring History
2015 – 82 points per game from 10 games played
2014 – 106ppg (22)
2013 – 95 (19)
2012 – 95 (22)


The Man…….The Hair……The Bun………The Man Bun. Is it a coincidence that Gibbsy’s SC output dropped considerably with the introduction of that thing on top of his noggin? I think not!! You could just feel his disappointment in missing the Hipster Beard Trend of 2014, so he jumped on the Metro-Sexual-Man-Bun Bandwagon early in 2015. As punishment the SC Gods cursed his entire season 😉 Don’t believe me?

From his nine seasons at AFL level, Gibbs has managed a 93+ Supercoach average on seven occasions (four times over 100+!). There was his debut year, which can be forgiven. And then last season, that Man Bun cannot be forgiven. The #1 Draft Pick of 2006 played a remarkable 177 of a possible 182 games before the Curse of the Man Bun finally set in. Truth be told, Gibbs had a number of back and pectoral issues that prematurely ended his 2015 season after only ten games. There was also the contentious tackle that knocked out Robbie Gray and ended in a two-week suspension. When I say contentious, I meant only for Carlton supporters…….everyone else knew he’d cop a few weeks 😉

Gibbs has never had a problem finding the ball. In 2009 he had the 9th most disposals in the League (615). He’s had more than 500 disposals in an additional three seasons. However, one of the most contributing factors are his ‘clangers’. When he’s minimized his clangers (under 10% of total disposals) then he’s managed a 100+ SC season average.

In all seriousness Gibbs is a talented player, always has been. He has however been criticized (even from his own supporters) for his lack of defensive pressure and at times, a complete lack of intensity. If he still had his Dual Position Status as a MID/DEF (2010) then he’d feature in every starting line-up, without a doubt. Although as a MID only, there might just be a handful of players at better value with similar output (Libba, B.Crouch, O’Meara and so on).

There’s an easy way to settle this. When watching the NAB Challenge, check to see if Gibbsy has paid a visit to his local barber over the off-season. If he’s still sporting a certain tuft of hair up there, put a line through him 😉

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7 thoughts on “Sneak Previews – Bryce Gibbs (Carl)”

  1. Gibbs is smack bang in the middle of my radar right now. Last year’s injury wasn’t the type to recur, he also had off-field stuff going on last year that took his focus off footy (the birth of a kid), Cripps will take the pressure off him, and with any luck a new coach will recognise his talents and play him where he’s a natural – following the ball.


  2. While Gibbs is likely to get back on track this season there is a lot of value in the midfield too good to not miss out on, Libba, crouch, O’Meara and Trengove is back to training with the main group aswell so that’s a lot of value for 4 very good SuperCoach players barring they are all fit and ready to go by round 1 that is



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